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10 Gallon Aquarium

535 products
Aqueon 10-Gallon Economy LED Aquarium Kit - Black
Starting at $44.99
…bring the aquarium to life. Energy saving low-profile LED hood features cool white modules for total illumination, a convenient feeding door in the front and breakout sections in the back for popular accessories. Kit includes: Size 10 Glass Aquarium, Low Profile LED Hood, QuietFlow 10 Power Filter,…
Basic & Deluxe Caribbean Reef Packages
(Miscellaneous species)
Starting at $59.99
…of species per aquarium size (gallons) Package Contents 30 55 75-90 125+ 30 Dlx 55 Dlx 75/90 Dlx 125+ Dlx Scarlet Reef Hermits 10 20 30 50 10 20 30 50 Dwarf Blue Leg Hermits 15 30 45 60 20 30 50 60 Astraea Turbo Snails 15 30 45 60 20 30 40 50 Nassarius Snails 10 20 30 40 10 20 30 40 Cerith…
Dwarf Seahorse
(Hippocampus zosterae)
Starting at $44.99
…species-only aquarium and does best in groups of 4 or more. When maintaining only one or two Dwarf Seahorses, a 5-gallon aquarium is suitable; when maintaining more than 10 Dwarf Seahorses, use a 10 gallon aquarium. The smaller aquarium size helps concentrate the food. The aquarium should have a…
Dwarf African Frog
(Hymenochirus curtipes)
Starting at $1.99
…more agile fish to consume all the food intended for the Dwarf African Frog.The Dwarf African Frog should be housed in an established aquarium no smaller than 10 gallons in size. The ideal setup should be aquascaped using soft or smooth substrate and lots live plants, driftwood and rocks to provide…
Innovative Marine Nuvo 10 Gallon Black Rimless Aquarium
Starting at $69.99
*Rimless aquarium kit features smoked rear panel glass with minimal clear silicon*Uses ultra thick 6mm high clarity flat polished glass with a polished diamond edge*Ideal for freshwater, saltwater, and reptile enclosuresFeaturing a modern, stylish design, the all-new Nuvo Black 10 Gallon Black…
Crosshatch Triggerfish
(Xanthichthys mento)
Starting at $1199.99
…back of the gill plate. The fins of the Crosshatch Trigger are a beautiful blue color with yellow borders, and the tail is red.A 180 gallon or larger aquarium with rocks and caves provides a good habitat. It will rearrange the landscaping and rocks as it wanders in and out of the caves. It vocalizes…
Innovative Marine NUVO Aquarium Fusion Nano 10 Kit w/18W LED SKKYE Light
Starting at $200
…Nano 10 available separately.-->Nano reef hobbyists, upgrade your NUVO Fusion Nano 10 with an Innovative Marine Aqua Gadget SkimMate Ghost Recirculating Protein Skimmer! Choose the DeskTop Model (Mfg# 7203), CD-90438 to enhance aquarium water quality.Innovative Marine NUVO Fusion Nano 10 Aquarium
Marineland BIO-Wheel LED Aquarium Kit
Starting at $77.99
…gal Kit* 84 White/6 Blue 0.11 9.02 990 620 *55 gallon aquarium comes with 2 24" LED hoods.Equipment Specifications Size Filtration ReplacementCartridge Heater(FullySubmersible) AquariumDimensions 10 gal Kit Penguin 75 Rite-Size A#900131 50W 20" x 10" x 12" high 20 gal Kit Penguin 150 Rite-Size…
Aquarium Plant Pack - Standard
(Miscellaneous species)
Starting at $34.99
…Cryptocoryne, Water Sprite, Hornwort, and Cabomba.The species contained in the Standard Aquarium Plant Pack do not require intense lighting, but should be offered 10 to 12 hours of light per day of 2 to 4 watts per gallon using standard, Power Compact, VHO or T-5 Fluorescents with a spectrum of 5000…
(Nemateleotris magnifica)
Starting at $13.99
…to jump out of your aquarium. As such, house the Firefish Goby in aquarium systems with a lid. Hobbyists who use a halide system with an open top should construct a Plexiglas "edge" around the trim, at least 10" tall.Along with algae and zooplankton growing in the aquarium, the diet of the Firefish…
Tetra GloFish® 10-Gallon Aquarium Kit
Starting at $99.99
…Decorative Plants,Black Backing, Filter Cartridge, Premium Fish Food Sample, Water Conditioner Sample. GloFish and fluorescent décor creates a colorful, neon display in your home the whole family can enjoy. Aquarium measures 20" x 10" x 12."GloFish and gravel are not included in the aquarium kit.
Cobalt Aquatics Microvue3 10 Nano Aquarium Kit - 2.6 gallon
Starting at $84.99
…cube aquarium kit with internal filter & LED light*Suitable for planted, freshwater, marine, or reef aquarium setups*Stylish cube aquarium lends itself to modern aquascape designsExplore modern aquarium possibilities in miniature. Cobalt Aquatics Microvue3 10 Nano Aquarium Kit - 2.6 gallon offers…
JBJ Cubey Nano All-In-One Aquarium - 10 Gallon, Black
Starting at $263
…Stand - Black (10 Gallon) gives your JBJ Cubey the prominence it deserves for an exceptional aquarium presentation while providing lots of functional storage space. BUY THE KIT AND SAVE! JBJ Cubey Nano All-In-One Aquarium & Cabinet Stand Kit - 10 Gallon, Black offers the 10 gallon Cubey Nano,…
JBJ Cubey Nano All-In-One Aquarium - 10 Gallon, White
Starting at $263
…All-In-One Aquarium - 10 Gallon, White with a stylish, matching cabinet stand. JBJ Cubey Nano Cabinet Stand - White (10 Gallon) gives your JBJ Cubey the prominence it deserves for an exceptional aquarium presentation while providing lots of functional storage space.Nano Aquarium TipsCompact aquarium
Tetra GloFish LED Light for 10-Gallon Aquariums
Starting at $24.99
… Included in the BoxLED Light (waterproof)Frame ClipCord Routing Clips (2)Light SwitchLow Voltage TransformerInstallationClip LED light into the front of the aquarium frame. Hide wires with routing clips. Plug in and make a drip loop for safety. Place light hood or glass canopy on aquarium.