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Coralife BioCube® 29/32 Gal Aquarium Stand
Starting at $169.99
*Sleek, black stand is designed specifically for the 29 or 32 gallon Coralife BioCube *Features cut-out holes in the back for routing electrical cords*Includes shelf for convenient storage of tools, equipment and foodShowcase your aquatic habitat on this sleek, black pedestal stand designed…
Marineland Magniflow Canister Filters
Starting at $99.99
… Specifications Model Gallons Per Hour Aquarium Capacity Dimensions 160 160 gph Up to 30 gallons 12.2" x 9.17" x13.62" high 220 220 gph Up to 55 gallons 12.2" x 9.17" x 16.25" high 360 360 gph Up to 100 gallons 14" x 11.02" x 18" high Attention:…
Coralife LED BioCube 32 All-Inclusive Aquarium
Starting at $203.99
…aquarium system upgraded with vibrant LED hood capable of supporting corals and plants with low to medium light requirements. Coralife LED BioCube 32 All-Inclusive Aquarium kit employs the latest in LED technology for a smart, energy-efficient lighting system with integrated 24-hour timer with three…
Fluval SEA PS2 MINI Protein Skimmer
Starting at $59.99
…skimmer for your nano aquarium? The Fluval SEA PS2 MINI Protein Skimmer provides the perfect solution for marine and reef aquariums between 5 and 20 gallons that require efficient removal of dissolved organic compounds. Compact, yet powerful skimmer employs a 32-needle wheel impeller that generates…
Starting at $10.73
…active Vitamin C than any other fish vitamin. Use directly in the aquarium or add several drops to fortify dry, frozen, or live foods. Use 1 drop per gallon once a week and several drops on food five times a week.Benefits of Vita-Chem:Reverses and cures lateral line diseaseBrings out intense natural…
Marineland Glass Canopies
Starting at $10.99
…LengthMeasured Front to Back 16"Item #114877 5-1/2 gallon 15-11/32" 7-15/32" 20"Item #114888 10 gallon 19-1/4" 8/23/32" 24"Item #114903 15 gallon / 20H 23" 11-11/32" 30"Item #114916 20L / 29 gallon 29-5/32" 11-11/32" 36"Item #114929 30 gallon / 40H 35-3/16" 11-13/32" 48"114942…
Nano Cube 28 gallon Cabinet Stand
Starting at $149.99
gallon Nano Cube aquarium. Cabinet-style stand raises your aquarium 32-1/2" and positions it for optimal viewing. Also helps ease accessibility for routine aquarium maintenance. Features two shelves - one removable from inside the aquarium stand cabinet and one stationary just below your 28 gallon
Titan Eze Metal Double Stands
Starting at $36.99
…Dimensions 10 Gallon 22-1/2"L x 31"H x 10-1/2"W 15/20H Gallon 26-1/2"L x 31"H x 13"W 20L/29 Gallon 32-1/2"L x 32"H x 13"W 30 Gallon 38-1/2"L x 29"H x 13"W 55 Gallon 50-1/2"L x 32"H x 13"W 65 Gallon*(30/40/50gallon breederaquariums) 38-1/2"L x 32-1/2"H x 18-1/2"W 75 Gallon 50-1/2"L x…
Starting at $22.29
…growing stony corals and coralline algae. Packaged in two 500 ml (16 oz) or 946 ml (32 oz) bottles or as a concentrate in two 3785 ml (1 gal) bottles. 16 oz doses 1,900 gallons; 32 oz doses 3,800 gallons; 1 gallon concentrate doses 15,222 gallons.Directions for useUsing the measuring caps provided,…
Drs. Foster & Smith PhosPure® Filter Media
Starting at $10.99
…300-micron filter media bag included for convenient application.PhosPure® Suggested Use:Freshwater: 1 tablespoon per 50 gallons of water, monthly.Saltwater: 1 tablespoon per 25 gallons of water, monthly.PhosPure® plus Zeolite & CarbonCombination chemical filter media for total phosphate removal and…
Fritz Pro Aquatics A.C.C.R. Dry Ammonia, Chlorine, Chloramine Remover
Starting at $45
…not affect dissolved oxygen levels nor affect biological filtration. 1.25 lb treats 4,700 gallons.Dosage1 teaspoon will treat approx. 40 gallons (151 L) or 32 g per 1,000 L (264 gallons).Using this dosage, 1.0 mg/L ammonia will be instantly eliminated, as well as chlorine and chloramines. A.C.C.R.…
Ruby Reef Kick-Ich /Rally Combo Pack
Starting at $29.99
…plants, corals. and invertebrates. For reef, marine, freshwater and planted aquaria.32 oz Ruby Reef KICK-ICH treats 80 gallons. 32 oz Ruby Reef RALLY treats 50 to 100 gallons. Kick-Ich DirectionsFreshwater and SaltwaterThree Step Treatment ProgramSTEP 1Turn OFF protein skimmer and UV sterilizer.…
Ruby Reef KICK-ICH
Starting at $19.99
…okay).STEP 2Determine the total water volume including filtration system.STEP 3Beginning on Day 1, Add 2 ounces (60 ml) of KICK-ICH for each 25 gallons (95 liters) of water. Repeat on Days #3, #7, #10, and #13 WHETHER OR NOT SPOTS CONTINUE TO BE VISIBLE (For heavy infections, repeat on Days #3, #5,…
Aqueon Versa-Tops
Starting at $8.99
…16"Item #930780 5-1/2 gallon 15-17/32" x 2-7/8" 15-17/32" x 2-7/8" 20"Item #930793 10 or 20 gallon 19-11/32" x 3-25/32" 19-11/32" x 3-25/32" 24"Item #930816 15 gallon, 20H, 30X, 33L, 40L, 55 gallon 23-3/16" x 4-9/16" 23-3/16" x 4-9/16" 30"Item #930819 20L, 29, 37 gallon 29-3/16" x 4-17/32"…
Ruby Reef RALLY
Starting at $19.99
…system.STEP 3FRESHWATER: Add 1 ounce (30ml) of RALLY per 5 gallons (19 liters) of total water volume. If the pH is above 8.0, add 1 ounce (30ml) per 10 gallons (38 liters) of total water volume.MARINE: Add 1 ounce (30ml) per 10 gallons (38 liters) of total water volume.Apply RALLY once per day for…