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5 Gallon Aquarium

633 products
Fluval SEA EVO Saltwater Kit - 5-Gallon Aquarium
Starting at $109.99
*Stylish 5-gallon aquarium kit great for mini desktop reef displays*Powerful 3-stage filtration & reef-capable LEDs support coral care*Designed to maximize horizontal aquarium landscape possibilitiesCreative possibilities in miniature await for dedicated reef enthusiasts. Fluval SEA EVO Saltwater…
Cardinal Tetra
(Paracheirodon axelrodi)
Starting at $3.69
…brilliant display of activity and color to dress small to large aquarium systems.Native to the slow moving waters of the various, well-vegetated tributaries in South America, the Cardinal Tetra needs at least a 10-gallon aquarium that is densely planted with areas of low or subdued lighting. Though…
Aqueon Versa-Tops
Starting at $8.99
…125, 150 gallon 3 - 22-1/8" x 5" (3X) panels 3 - 22-1/8" x 9" (3X) panels 24" Twin TubeItem #930975 15 gallon, 20H, 30X, 33L, 40L, 55 gallon 23-3/16" x 3" 23-3/16" x 6-3/32" Glass canopies are the best choice for limiting evaporation and keeping jumping fish in the aquarium. They are…
JBJ Cubey Deluxe 3 Gallon Aquarium
Starting at $99.99
…up a freshwater or marine biotope aquarium at home or officeAll-In-one nano aquarium system big on style and high-end features great for hobbyists of all skill levels. JBJ Cubey Deluxe 3 Gallon Aquarium boasts superior 3-stage filtration and a brilliant, 5W controllable RGB LED lighting system…
Cobalt Aquatics C-Vue 40G All-In-One Aquarium
Starting at $254.99
…clean one. Each sock is washable and reusable for maximum efficiency.Also available for your C-Vue 40 gallon tank is the Cobalt Aquatics Glass Lid, designed specifically for the C-Vue aquarium. The lid is made from ultra-low iron glass for optimal clarity and features clear hinges and a customizable…
Innovative Marine NUVO Aquarium Fusion Nano 10 Kit w/18W LED SKKYE Light
Starting at $200
…the bottom of the aquarium DO NOT lift using the aquarium glass edges as this will cause stress on the glass and seals and may cause leakage.The back of the aquarium should be flush with your stand and all four corners are not overhanging the edges.Once you have placed your aquarium atop your stand,…
Nature's Ocean Bio-Active Reef Sand and Reef Substrate
Starting at $19.99
…Nickel Chloride, Potassium Bromide, Sodium Silicate.Directions for UseUse a minimum of 1 lb Bio-Activ Argaonite® Reef Sand or Substrate per gallon of saltwater. Set up filtering system and allow it to circulate. During the first month, introduce no more than 1" of fish per 5 gallons of saltwater.
Brightwell Aquatics Zooplanktos-S 50-300µm Zooplankton Suspension
Starting at $7.58
…to 5 ml per 50 gallons of water in the entire aquarium system in an area of rapid water movement daily for the first four weeks of use; thereafter, the dosage may be increased as desired.NotesAdd no more than 5 ml total of liquid food suspensions per 50 gallons of water in the entire aquarium system…
Marineland Glass Canopies
Starting at $10.99
aquarium accessories. Perfect for tropical or saltwater aquariums.Includes hinge, handle, and back plastic strip. The plastic back strip adds approximately 1-1/2" inches to the length. Canopy Size Fits Tanks WidthMeasured Left to Right LengthMeasured Front to Back 16"Item #114877 5-1/2 gallon
Marineland Emperor BIO-Wheel Powerfilters
Starting at $39.99
…and additives within one level or area of the aquarium. Emperor Size Flow Rate Rite-Size Filter Ideal for 400 16-1/2" w x 6-1/2" d x 10-1/2" h 400 gph 2, "E" Cartridges 30-80 gallon 280 10" w x 6-1/2" d x 10-1/2" h 280 gph 1, "E" Cartridge 25-50 gallon --> Tips from our TechsBIO-Wheels spin fast…
JBJ NanoZapp Inline UV Sterilizer
Starting at $10.55
…means better water quality and clarity in your nano aquarium. JBJ NanoZapp Inline Submersible UV Sterilizer boasts a sleek, compact design for versatile aquarium placement in any JBJ 28-gallon Nano Cube Aquarium or any aquarium less than 30 gallons. Fully submersible miniature ultraviolet sterilizer…
NO-ICH Marine
Starting at $9.99
…reef aquariums experiencing ich infestation * NO-ICH disrupts the life cycle of the marine parasite Cryptocaryon irritans Effectively treat marine ich in aquariums housing corals and anemones. NO-ICH Marine is a copper and Malachite Green free water treatment that biodegrades in 4 to 5
Kent Marine Purple Tech
Starting at $9.99
…and carbonates (alkalinity/buffering capacity) in your saltwater aquarium system. Feeding formula of 0-0-1. Directions:Shake vigorously for 10 to 15 seconds immediately before use. Add 5-10 mL (1-2 teaspoons) per 55 gallons of aquarium capacity directly to an area of high water flow each day until…
Fluval C-Series Power Filters
Starting at $34.99
…area.Stage 5 BiologicalBiological Trickle Chamber with C-Nodes creates an oxygen-enriched environment for biological filter media to quickly reduce toxic ammonia and nitrite for a healthy aquarium. Model Aquariums(up to) Maxgph Mingph C2 30 gallons 119 62 C3 50 gallons 153 80 C4 70 gallons
Pure Water Pebbles® Marine Blue Aquarium Gravel, 5 lb Coated Pebbles
Starting at $4.99
…great for anchoring plants or other decor. Directions for use: Rinsing prior to use to remove dust is recommended. For best results, use approximately 1.5 lb of gravel per gallon of aquarium water Recommended uses: Fresh & Saltwater aquariums, ponds, terrariums, and gardens Grain size: 3.1 - 6.3mm