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Acan Coral

5 products
Acan Brain Coral
(Acanthastrea echinata)
Starting at $79.99
The Acan Brain Coral wakes up tired reef aquariums with a jolt of exhilarating orange or red coloration. This color morph of the popular large polyp stony (LPS) coral demonstrates the exceptional range of vivid coloration displayed by Acanthastrea echinata. The Acan Brain Coral boasts coloration…
Lordhowensis Coral, Aquacultured USA
(Acanthastrea lordhowensis)
Starting at $49.99
Acans or Micromussa lordhowensis corals are highly desirable stony corals that boast many different stimulating color combinations that will excite the senses. While the addition of these beautiful Acan lord corals injects spectacular colors and textures to the reef aquarium, it is also known to…
Lordhowensis Coral, Double Color
(acanthastrea lordhowensis)
Starting at $199.99
…Lordhowensis Coral is a lovely color variety of the popular Acanthastrea lordhowensis Coral. The namesake dual coloration is at once visually stimulating and soothing thanks to the rhythmic and geometric growth habit of this attractive colonial coral. The Double Color Lordhowensis Coral can range in…
Lordhowensis Coral, Rainbow Color
(acanthastrea lordhowensis)
Starting at $279.99
The Rainbow Lordowensis Coral is an exquisite color variety of the popular Acan or Micromussa Lordhowensis Coral exploding with vivid colors. In addition to the festive celebration of color, the Rainbow Lordowensis Coral introduces beautiful architectural structure to the reef aquarium thank to…
Lordhowensis Coral, Tri Color
(Acanthastrea lordhowensis)
Starting at $229.99
The Tri Color Lordhowensis Coral is a striking color variety of the popular Acanthastrea lordhowensis Coral delivering triple the visual thrills with its unique color combinations. This highly architectural colonial coral immediately increases visual interest to the reef aquarium with its rhythmic…