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Air Line

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94 products
Lee's Flexible Standard Airline Tubing
Starting at $19.49
…to the surface for dissipation. Bubble disks, bubble wands, and air curtains let you create a gorgeous display of bubbles. Flexible air curtains fit in corners, around ornaments, or in any desired location. Powerheads with an air intake tube perform double duty. They incorporate oxygen into aquarium…
Aqueon Flexible LED Bubble Wands
Starting at $11.99
…airline tubing, or purchase an air pump with adjustable airflow. Always use an inline check valve. For suction cups to adhere properly, the surface must be completely clean. When cutting airline tubing, add an extra few inches to the length to allow for slack in the line. This will help the bubble…
Eheim "Feed-Air" Digital Automatic Feeder
Starting at $25.99
…order to prevent the Feed Container from stopping in a downward position.ProgrammingThe "Feed Mode" offers 3 options, which are shown in the upper line of the Display, to the right of the Feed Digits (1-4).No Arrow = The Time is stored but no feeding occurs.1 Arrow = The Feed Container rotates…
Vinyl Airline Tubing
Starting at $3.99
…airline tubing for multiple aquarium uses*Connect air-driven aquarium equipment to your air pump*1/4" ID tubing accommodates air pumps with larger outletsHeavy-duty airline tubing accommodates air pumps with larger outlets. Rugged construction of Vinyl Airline Tubing allows secure placement…
Eshopps S-Series Premier Line Protein Skimmers
Starting at $299.99
…corals. Water Condition: Make sure to use reverse osmosis water. Blockage: Make sure to inspect the air venturi, silencer, and air hose for any debris or salt creep deposits. Also, make sure the air hose is not bent preventing airflow into the pump. How do I stop the skimmer from overflowing?…
Fusion Air Pumps
Starting at $5.99
…the air hoses are free from blockages and restrictions, and check the pressure and air on all air valves. If the air-driven accessories in the aquarium are not outputting air, remove the air line from the pump to ensure that air is being produced. If the air pump is not outputting air, the likely…
Marina Extendable Air Stone
Starting at $2.99
…in desired position in aquarium.Weight airstone down or cover with gravel if required.Use an air valve to properly regulate air flow.Use a check valve to prevent water from back siphoning through air line.For multiple units, remove Plug from outlet and connect additional extendable air stone(s).
Whisper Air Pumps
Starting at $6.99
…a Whisper Air Pump with two ports for alternate installation. NOTE: Use a Tee connector with your two-port Air Pump for applications that require only one source of air.Air-control valves create multiple air sources. Use the valves to route the air from the Whisper Air Pump to different…
Fluval Q2 Air Pump
Starting at $29.99
…impossible for the pump to produce air for aeration purposes. Always inspect the diaphragm first before replacing other parts in the pump.Removing the pumpImportant: Whenever the air pump must be shut off and removed from the aeration system, always take off the air line before unplugging the pump.…
Air Control Kits from Two Little Fishies
Starting at $5.72
…great for connecting liquid feed lines for metering pumps, fertilizing systems, and drip irrigation of water gardens and paludariums. 12-piece set.Air Control Kit - Everything you need to operate a number of air-controlled devices from a single air source. Contains 5 air control valves, 4 T-valves,…
TetraPond APK-100 Pond Air Pump Kit
Starting at $44.99
…and electrical connections.Air Inlet is blocked. Check Air Inlet Filter and if the Felt Pad is very dirty, it should be replaced.Diaphragm is worn or split. Replace worn or split diaphragm.Air tubing is kinked or blocked. Check tube line. If it is brown on the end (close to the pump), cut the end…
Eshopps X-Series Mid-Level Line Axium Protein Skimmers
Starting at $259.58
…features maximize aquarium waste removing capability * Easily fine tune water & air mixture level to suit your skimming needs Power, precision, and ease-of-use define the newly designed Eshopps X-Series Mid-Level Line Axium Protein Skimmers. Innovative fourth generation in-sump protein skimmers…
Laguna Aeration Kit
Starting at $34.99
…the air line between the air pump and the pond to prevent back-siphoning.Once the air pump has been installed:Attach one end of the air line tubing to the air outlet on the air pump.Run the air line tubing through the Styrofoam float and then attach the air stone to the end of the tubing.Put the air
HM Digital DM-2 Dual In-Line TDS Monitor
Starting at $22.75
…will get a reading. Make sure the T-Fitting is completely filled with solution and there are no air bubbles. THIS STEP IS CRITICAL FOR PROPER CALIBRATION.If the reading on the monitor (for either line) does not match the Solution, adjust the reading up or down by gently turning the plastic Orange…
Aqua Fizzzz Airstones
Starting at $1.49
…for use (sold separately). Installation InstructionsAttach airline to airstone Inlet.Place in desired position in aquarium.Weight airstone down or cover with gravel if required.Use an air valve to properly regulate air flow.Use a check valve to prevent water from back siphoning through air line.