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Air Stone

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Aqua Fizzzz Airstones
Starting at $1.49
…airstones produce loads of decorative and functional air bubbles. Marina Air Stones create a dazzling underwater scene thanks to their large size that supplies your aquarium with plenty of bubbles for improved aeration and water circulation. Diffused air increases surface agitation to promote proper…
Sweetwater® Silica Airstones
Starting at $2.99
…an air pump and airline tubing for use (sold separately).Directions for use: Attach the Silica Airstones to the airline tubing of your air pump. Note: Be sure the air pump is turned off. Place airstone in the aquarium. If needed, hold airstone down with a rock or other weighted object. Turn air pump…
Tetra GloFish LED Bubbling Air Stone with Color-Enhancing Lights
Starting at $9.99
…the GloFish LED Bubbling Air Stone. Complete with six LED lights, the LED Bubbling Air Stone enhances the color of your GloFish, making the already beautiful colors even more vivid and bright. The bubbling feature also improves the circulation and oxygenation of the water. Air pump, airline tubing,…
Protein Skimmer Kit for 28 gallon Nano Cube
Starting at $39.99
…container, such as a plastic 2-liter soda bottle. A drain hole and hose is provided for the latter option. Air pump and tubing are included, as well as a replaceable wooden air stone. The Collection Cup holds approximately 0.30 liters of skimmate. The water level in the protein skimmer reaction…
Marina Extendable Air Stone
Starting at $2.99
…decorative & functional air bubbles*Rising bubbles enhance vital aquarium aeration & water movement*Use multiple extendable air stones for an impressive aquarium displayEnhance aquarium aeration and water movement with an expandable wall of bubbles. Marina Extendable Air Stone provides a simple and…
Lee's Premium Undergravel Filter
Starting at $2.99
…gravel per gallon of water (gravel not included). For use with an air pumpAdditional airline tubing will be required to connect the undergravel filter to the air pump outlet. To initiate the filter operation, make sure to plug in the air pump. For use with powerheadsFollow instructions 1-3. Other…
Fritz Aquatics Mardel Herbal Treatments Bactershield
Starting at $10.99
…some sessile invertebrates will retract for the first several hours. This condition will be temporary and may last for up to 24 hours. Tested on Stone Polyp, Brain Favites, Mushroom (Rhodactis), Ricordea Sp., Favia Fragum, Plate Coral Sp., Tubastraea Sp., Knobby Leather Sp., Acropora Sp., Finger…
ReVive Coral Cleaner
Starting at $10.48
…in a bucket or other container suitable for bathing the coral. Wash coral in this mixture for a few minutes while gently swirling it or use an air stone for agitation. After the bath, remove coral from ReVive/saltwater mixture and place it in a saltwater aquarium with moderate water flow. The…
Sicce Voyager Stream Pump Models 2, 3, & 4
Starting at $54.63
…resonances and vibrations, do not put the pump in contact with the lateral surfaces nearby or at the bottom of the tank to avoid sand or small stones to be sucked by the pump.To connect the magnetic support to the pump, insert the pump into the staple overlapping the holes. Insert the handle in…
Sicce Voyager Nano Circulation and Stream Pump
Starting at $36.54
…to install the pump:Attention: before make the product working, verify the integrity of all its Parts.To avoid resonance, vibrations and sand or stones being sucked into the pump, position it with adequate clearance to the sides and base of the tank.Insert the joint, positioned on the back of the…
Fluval Q1 & Q2 Air Pumps
Starting at $17.99
…life of the air stones, help keep back pressure to a minimum, maximize air pressure output, and extend the life of the air pump diaphragm.Troubleshooting TipsIf the air pump fails to produce air, check the following: Ensure that the air pump is plugged in. Ensure that the air hose has no blockages…
Tetra Whisper Deepwater Pumps
Starting at $37.99
*Aquarium air pump perfect for deep water applications *Tremendous power to easily drive multiple devices*Limited lifetime manufacturer's warranty Powerful aquarium air pumps for deep-water applications. These pumps have tremendous power to easily drive multiple air stones and other air-driven…
Starting at $15.55
…will clean stains from red cyanobacteria in aquariums.Instructions Aquarium oxygen levels MUST be increased using heavy aeration or large air stones. Turn OFF UV Sterilizer, Ozonizer, and remove Chemi-pure, or carbon during treatment. Continue using protein skimmer, although skimmer…
SeaView Brilliant Backgrounds
Starting at $4.99
…decorate your aquarium or to conceal unsightly cords or aquarium equipment. Reversible aquarium backgrounds are available in Aqua Garden/Bright Stone and Seascape/Natural Mystic. Trim precut aquarium backgrounds to custom fit your aquarium.For best results, mount Brilliant Backgrounds with SeaView…
Two Little Fishies FlorAffix Cyanoacrylate Adhesive Gel
Starting at $8.75
*Cyanoacrylate adhesive gel for planted aquarium landscapes*Glue and secure live plants onto driftwood & stones with ease*Three 3gram tubes supply small or large planted aquariumsSimplify creation of gorgeous planted aquarium landscapes. Two Little Fishies FlorAffix Cyanoacrylate Adhesive Gel offers…