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Algae Sheets

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Yellow Blotch Rabbitfish
(Siganus guttatus)
Starting at $49.99
…are generally reef-safe if they are well fed. If not, it is possible for them to nip at and consume some species of LPS and soft corals. Their diet should consist of algae sheets and other foods formulated for algae-eating fish.Approximate Purchase Size: Small 1" - 2-1/2"; Medium 2-1/2" - 3"
Ocean Nutrition Marine Seaweed Selects
Starting at $5.99
…size piece from the convenient sheets, and attach them to a vegetable clip or rubber band it to a rock to let your fish graze in a natural fashion. Each pack contains 10 large (6" x 7.4") and 10 small (2.2" x 7.4") sheets. Choose from 30 grams Green Marine Algae or 30 grams Red Marine Algae.Ocean…
One Spot Foxface
(Siganus unimaculatus)
Starting at $44.99
…and soft coral polyps.The diet of the One Spot Foxface should include fresh vegetables and algae. Provide a variety of prepared herbivore foods rich in vegetable matter and supplement diet with algae sheets to help reduce potential nipping damage to soft and hard coral polyps.Approximate Purchase…
Abalone, Aquacultured
(Haliotis sp.)
Starting at $19.99
…ample hiding locations and should not be kept with aggressive, snail-eating crabs, invertebrates, or fish. While its diet is almost exclusively algae, supplement their diet with dried seaweed, blanched lettuce, spinach, or spirulina sheets/tablets.Unlike its wild counterparts, aquacultured Abalone…
Hikari Seaweed Extreme
Starting at $7.79
…health while helping maintain coloration. Highly aromatic wafers and pellets instantly attract herbivorous species and is a great alternative to sheet algae. Hikari Seaweed Extreme is also great for most omnivorous marine aquarium species, including Clownfish, Damsel Fish and Butterflyfish.Note:…
Two Little Fishies VeggieMag
Starting at $20.94
* Secure a variety of aquarium foods with this easy-to-use magnetic feeding clip * Clip on seaweed sheets and more for aquarium herbivores * Powerful magnets ensure convenient aquarium placement Diversify food offerings for aquarium inhabitants-without the wet mess! Two Little Fishies VeggieMag…
Lifegard Aquatics AQUASTEP® Pro UV Sterilizer
Starting at $80.73
…design TRIPLES UV light exposure of incoming aquarium water to eliminate the spread of disease-causing microbes and free-floating green water algae. Lifegard Aquatics AQUASTEP Pro UV Sterilizer features an internal step design that directs water back and forth across high-intensity UV light…
Innovative Marine Auqa Gadget Gourmet Grazer Seaweed Feeder
Starting at $24.99
…Gourmet Grazer Seaweed Feeder measures 2.75" x 5.2" long.Features:For fresh and saltwater fish (herbivores and omnivores)Can hold up to 10 sheets of precut seaweedReduces waste and maintains water qualityFeed multiple fish simultaneouslyCan be placed vertically or horizontallyLow profileMagnetically…
AUQA Gadget SnappGrid Interlocking EggCrate and Risers
Starting at $5.99
…the tank bottom *Customizable, interlocking system will work with almost every aquarium *Grids snap together to create a seamless, interlocking sheet Raise your corals, raise your equipment and raise your expectations with AUQA Gadget SnappGrid Interlocking EggCrate and Risers system. Egg crate…
AquaFX Engineering RO Replacement Filters
Starting at $24.99
…RO/DI Systems.50 & 100 GPD Membranes (Stage 3)TRUE Thin Film Composite (TFC) Reverse Osmosis Membrane from Aqua FX. Dow Chemical Company TFC sheets have been tested as being the best material for membrane applications and are the ONLY membranes used by Aqua FX. 50 GPD is rated for 50 gallons…
Vegi Clips
Starting at $2.11
sheets, flakes or chunks of dried macroalgae that are now on the market. These veggies are often digested much more completely than foods derived from "land-based" vegetables, like lettuce, and most fish will accept them with gusto. Aquarist should feed their herbivores brown, green, and red algae
Abalone, Tropical
(Haliotis sp.)
Starting at $29.99
…attaches very firmly, so use extreme caution if attempting to remove it from glass or rocks.The Abalone is useful in reef aquariums because it eats algae. The Abalone has a calcium-based shell which protects it from most predators, but requires the maintenance of proper calcium levels in the water…