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Algae Water

827 products
Gold Algae Eater
(Gyrinocheilos aymonieri)
Starting at $2.29
…back. The Gold Algae Eater originates from Northern India and can grow up to 12". An aquarium of at least 30 gallons, with plenty of plants, rocks, and driftwood for hiding, is recommended for the Gold Algae Eater. Though it can adjust to various aquarium conditions, water parameters should…
Hikari® Algae Wafers
Starting at $7.29
…clouding aquarium water. Vegetable-rich Algae Wafers are also great for saltwater fish and other marine herbivores.Sinking Mini Algae Wafers are the perfect size for small Plecostomus and other algae eaters, including marine herbivores and ornamental shrimp.Hikari® Algae Wafers measures…
Freshwater Neon Blue Goby
(Stiphodon sp.)
Starting at $14.99
…filtration and water movement. Also, avoid high water temperatures to ensure greater dissolved oxygen content. To create a natural habitat for the Neon Blue Goby, aquascape with ample amounts of river rocks of varying size and shape to replicate a tumbled streambed. Algae and other food items…
Marineland Algae Eliminator
Starting at $6.99
…green water algae AND algae on aquarium surfaces*Use as directed for safe use in aquariums containing live plantsEliminate green water algae to restore aquarium aesthetics. Marineland Algae Eliminator is a broad-spectrum algaecide that combats algal blooms (green water) as well as inhibit algae
Green Finger Algae
(Codium sp.)
Starting at $34.99
…ease of care make the Green Finger Algae a great aquascaping option for marine fish aquariums, mixed reef aquariums, refugiums or seahorse systems.In addition to its aesthetic benefits, like all macroalgae, the Green Finger Algae provides natural water quality benefits through nutrient export…
Marineland Algae Wafers
Starting at $3.99
…wafer food rich in zucchini and algae meal for veggie-loving bottom-feeding fish*Highly nutritious and fortified with Vitamin C for superior fish growth and long-term fish health*Easy-to-feed Marineland Algae Wafers will not affect water clarityZucchini and algae meal make these extra-large sinking…
Dragon's Tongue Algae
(Halymenia dilatata)
Starting at $39.99
…visual interest. The Aquacultured Dragon's Tongue Algae makes a dramatic addition that immediately energizes any marine aquarium landscape.In addition to its aesthetic benefits, the Aquacultured Dragon's Tongue Algae provides natural water quality benefits through nutrient export and oxygenation…
Red Bush Algae
(Ornamental gracilaria sp.)
Starting at $6.99
…macro algae nano showcase setup? Add branching crimson drama to your nano reef or marine refugium with Red Bush Algae. Ornamental Gracilaria Algae is a flat leafed, densely branching semi-transparent algae that provides proper nutrient export and oxygenation, helping to naturally boost water quality…
Tufted Joint Algae
(Cymopolia barbata)
Starting at $16.99
Algae. Cymopolia barbata is a segmented, prehistoric looking green macro algae that provides proper nutrient export and oxygenation, helping to naturally boost water quality and balance your aquarium's nitrogen cycle. Mounted on a piece of square cut fossilized coral skeleton, Tufted Joint Algae
Easy Cleaning Algae Mitt
Starting at $3.69
…your hand and watch as the algae is easily removed! 8-1/2" x 6". Directions for Use: Before each use, wet the pad, and then gently rub surfaces to be cleaned. Avoid getting sand or gravel on the pad as these will cause scratches to surfaces. Rinse pad with tap water after each use. Lay flat…
Chinese Algae Eater
(Gyrinocheilos aymonieri)
Starting at $1.49
…of keeping algae under control.A minimum of a 30-gallon aquarium is recommended with plenty of plants, rocks, and driftwood for hiding. It can handle different water conditions but water quality should remain constant to avoid stress. In smaller community tanks the Chinese Algae Eater will defend…
Cobalt Aquatics Algae Grazers
Starting at $79.99
…the USA. Cobalt Aquatics Algae Grazers measure approximately 5/8" in diameter. Ingredients: Fish Meal, Wheat, Rice Flour, Wheat Bran, Dehulled Soybean Meal, Wheat Germ Meal, Dried Spirulina, Dicalcium Phosphate, Dried Alfalfa Meal, Carrot, Celery, Beets, Parsley, Water Cress, Spinach, Brewers…
Starting at $12.49
…green water algae in ponds with live fish and plants Control green water algae and promote a cleaner, clearer pond environment. MICROBIAL ALGAE CLEAN contains patented bacteria to offer an alternative approach to algae control. Use this biological inhibitor of green water algae in…
Hikari Mega-Marine Algae Frozen Food
Starting at $3.99
…no harmful bacteria, parasites, or foul odors. Packed in pure water and available in convenient "no touch" cube packs. Ingredients: Sea algae, sea urchin, plankton, krill, shrimp, squid, sea worms, spirulina, carrot, algae extract, cod liver oil, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E supplements,…
Algae Attack Pack - Standard
(Miscellaneous sp.)
Starting at $51.99
Algae Attack Packs are designed to establish a natural means of controlling algae growth, along with maintaining crystal-clear water in marine aquariums. The number of cleaners in each package is based on our years of experience, and is tailored to provide enough cleaning power for the size of…