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Ammonia Test Kit

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Seachem Ammonia Alert Device
Starting at $7.82
…Monitors ammonia level in fresh or saltwater aquariums * Faster and more convenient than an ammonia test kit Innovative color-coded monitoring device for continuous detection of toxic ammonia. Seachem Ammonia Alert Device alerts you to high levels of free ammonia without need for a test kit. The…
Salifert Ammonia Test Kit
Starting at $16.99
* Professional ammonia test kit favored by champion reef aquarium hobbyists * Accurately measures total ammonia and ammonium in aquarium water * Precision ammonia test kit detects total ammonia levels as low as 0.5 ppm Salifert Ammonia Test Kit accurately measures total ammonia (NH3 and NH4+).…
Fluval® Ammonia Test Kit
Starting at $16.99
*Fast and accurate liquid test to measure ammonia levels in your aquarium*Essential for optimal water conditions *Store in a cool, dry place Accurately measure ammonia levels in your freshwater or saltwater aquarium with the Fluval Ammonia Test Kit. Ammonia is produced when uneaten food and waste…
API Ammonia, Nitrite & Nitrate Test Kits
Starting at $7.49
…180 tests per kit. For fresh/saltwater.Nitrate Test Kit Measures nitrate levels in both fresh & saltwater aquariums. Tests nitrate levels from 0 to 160 ppm. 90 tests per kit. For fresh/saltwater. Ammonia Test Instructions Nitrite Test Instructions Nitrate Test Instructions Ammonia Test
Fluval® Nitrite Test Kit
Starting at $16.99
…with the Fluval Nitrite Test Kit. Nitrite develops when beneficial bacteria break down ammonia. This becomes extremely toxic to fish when high levels of nitrite persist in the aquarium for more than a week. Test weekly. 75 tests per kit. For freshwater and saltwater. Kit includes:1 x NO2/NO3 (17…
Fluval® Nitrate Test Kit
Starting at $19.99
…Nitrate Test Kit. Nitrate is created when nitrite is broken down during the final stage of the nitrogen cycle. High levels of nitrate can lead to algae growth and algae blooms. Test weekly. 80 tests per kit. For freshwater and saltwater. Kit includes:1 x NO3 (10.5 ml)1 x Pipette1 x Glass test tube…
Fluval Mini Master Test Kit
Starting at $49.99
…*Offers essential testing of PH, Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate, and Phosphate Accurately measure parameters and help maintain a healthy environment for fish and plant life in your aquarium with the Fluval Mini Master Test Kit. The test kit offers essential testing of PH, Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate, and…
API Freshwater Master Test Kit
Starting at $21.99
…weeks).Detoxifying Ammonia Using Ammo-LockTo detoxify ammonia, use Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Ammo-Lock to instantly lock up ammonia. Ammo-Lock does not remove ammonia; it simply converts toxic ammonia to a nontoxic form. Ammonia test kits will still test positive for ammonia, even though it is…
Seachem Nitrite/Nitrate Test Kits
Starting at $14.78
* 75 tests in each kit * Test reference included * High sensitivity levels ensure precise results An economical solution for making sure your aquarium's chemical and mineral levels stay in balance. Each kit includes 75 tests with supplementary test references. High sensitivity levels for each…
API Saltwater Master Liquid Test Kit
Starting at $21.99
…fish. Long-lasting kits contain tests for pH (180 tests), ammonia (90 tests), nitrite (150 tests), and nitrate (75 tests). The enclosed instruction booklet explains how to use test kit in an easy-to-understand manner for precise test results. Refills available for Ammonia, Nitrite & Nitrate and…
Fluval ® pH Wide Range Test Kit
Starting at $11.99
…concentration of toxic ammonia is greater. When pH is below 7.0, most of the ammonia is in a nontoxic form. The amount of toxic ammonia increases dramatically when the pH is over 8.0. It is highly recommended to test pH to determine if any toxic ammonia is present.HOW DOES THE TEST WORK?1. Take a…
API Reef Master Liquid Test Kit
Starting at $22.99
…Long-lasting kit contains tests for calcium (70 tests), carbonate hardness (number of tests varies by water hardness), phosphate (150 tests), and nitrate (110 tests). Included instructions explain how to use the tests in an easy-to-understand manner for precise test results. Kit contents: 7 test
Seachem Saltwater Basic Test Kits
Starting at $34.77
…each test ensure precise results. Special test plates let you run multiple tests simultaneously for ideal efficiency. Marine Basic Kit is great for the beginning saltwater hobbyist. Includes 75 tests each for pH, alkalinity, free/total ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate.Marine Basic KitWhy test for pH…
Microbe-Lift Ammonia Remover by Ecological Labs
Starting at $25.99
…chlorite-based treatments. Nessler's Total Ammonia test kits will give false high or off-scale readings. Winkler dissolved oxygen test kit will give false low or zero readings. Use indigo-carmine dissolved oxygen tests or DO meters. For Total Ammonia testing, use only salicylate-based (indolphenol)…
Drs. Foster & Smith Instant Ammonia Remover
Starting at $5.99
…levels of ammonia commonly found during the start-up of a newly set-up aquarium but a 25% water change should be performed between repeated dosings.Note: Drs. Foster and Smith Instant Ammonia Remover is not compatible with ammonia test kits utilizing Nessler's reagents. The use of kits based on the…