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Anthias Fish

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Blotched Anthias
(Odontanthias borbonius)
Starting at $299.99
…crevices and caves for the Blotched Anthias to seek refuge. However, be sure to maintain open areas and plenty of surface area for proper water oxygenation. An environment with low to moderate lighting conditions is ideal for the Blotched Anthias, but these fishes adapt well to more intense lighting…
Princess Anthias
(Pseudanthias smithvanizi)
Starting at $69.99
…members of your aquarium with other peaceful fish. The Princess Anthias should be introduced into your aquarium before other more active, territorial fishes so they can settle in with limited stress. As with many anthias species, the Princess Anthias can be kept singly but does best in small shoals…
Bimaculatus Anthias
(Pseudanthias bimaculatus)
Starting at $66.99
…along the body, making this fish one of the most gorgeous of all Anthias. The females of the species are pink with a yellow dorsal, anal and caudal fin. These unique Anthias are beautiful fish for the fish only, invertebrate, or reef aquarium.The Bimaculatus Anthias does best when kept with its…
Fathead Sunburst Anthias
(Serranocirrhitus latus)
Starting at $99.99
The Fathead Sunburst Anthias also known as Fathead Anthias, is a colorful fish, predominantly pink, with heavy yellow-to-orange scale margins and facial markings. Pectoral and anal fins are fringed in blue.The Fathead Sunburst Anthias prefers to live at the bottom of the tank, so the deeper the…
Lori's Anthias
(Pseudanthias lori)
Starting at $59.99
…of Anthias if kept in the same aquarium together. Groups of Anthias should be limited to all juveniles or females, and only one male. Numerous caves and other hiding places should be provided so that the more passive fish among the group can find shelter.Once acclimated to a new aquarium, anthias do…
Lyretail Anthias
(Pseudanthias squamipinnis)
Starting at $23.99
Anthias is the social butterfly of marine aquariums. This eye-catching fish is incredibly active and helps draw out shier fish that share the aquarium. The Lyretail Anthias is also known as the Scalefin and the males have bright red coloration of varying hues while the female Lyretail Anthias tends…
San Francisco Bay Brand Frozen Reef Plankton
Starting at $2.99
…Feeds fish, corals, and invertebrates simultaneously in your reef aquarium. Stimulates appetite, promotes proper growth, resistance to stress, and a long healthy life. Great for reef aquariums, corals, feather dusters, flame scallops, shrimp, anemones, damsels, clownfish, anthias, and more.Feeding…
Red Fairy Anthias
(Pseudanthias kashiwae)
Starting at $59.99
The Red Fairy Anthias is one of the Anthias groups that is moderately easy to keep. Once thought to be the same fish as the Striped Anthias, this was resolved by territorial identification with the Striped Anthias being endemic to the Red Sea, while the Red Fairy Anthias is found in the Red Sea,…
Bicolor Anthias
(Pseudanthias bicolor)
Starting at $79.99
…hardier of the Anthias and make a wonderful addition to the saltwater reef or fish only aquarium.The Bicolor Anthias does best when kept with its own species in an aquarium of at least 125 gallons, but is also a beautiful fish for the fish only, invertebrate or reef aquarium. The Anthias dwell in…
Slender Whitleyi Anthias
(Luzonichthys whitleyi)
Starting at $39.99
…passive fishes. They enjoy being in numbers of 5 or more which seem to give them a sense of security, and should ideally be the dominant anthias species in the display, and added prior to the introduction of larger or more active fishes. Do not house these anthias with aggressive or overactive fish,
Red Striped Anthias
(Pseudanthias fasciatus)
Starting at $54.99
The Red Striped Anthias, also known as the One-Stripe Anthias, makes a beautiful addition to the fish-only, invertebrate, or reef aquarium. Adults are adorned with a prominent red lateral stripe outlined by light pink bands. The Red Striped Anthias does best when kept with its own species in a tank…
Blood Spot Anthias
(Pseudanthias luzonensis)
Starting at $59.99
…Blood Spot Anthias, also known as the Yellow Lined Anthias, makes a beautiful addition to the fish-only, invertebrate, or reef aquarium. Males have three yellow lines and a red spot on their dorsal fin. The red head fades to a vibrant yellow extending to the tail. The Blood Spot Anthias does best…
AlgaGen ReefPods
(Assorted species)
Starting at $15.49
…offer six new zooplankton starter cultures for use in marine aquariums and ornamental fish breeding. Experiment with different combinations of pods for different types of feeders. Mandarins and Seahorses, Anthias and Gobies, NPS Corals and Gorgonians, Acropora, Crinoids, Basket Stars, and more. …
Resplendent Anthias
(Pseudanthias pulcherrimus)
Starting at $34.99
…and deep pink edges on their pectoral fins.Resplendent Anthias generally stay in the middle levels of the tank, but also require plenty of caves, ledges, and other hiding places. Although a 70-gallon tank will suffice for one fish, if keeping a group of one male and several females, a 125-gallon…
Carberryi Anthias
(Nemanthias carberryi)
Starting at $27.99
…portion of the fish. Carberryi Anthias are very active marine fish that naturally help draw out shier fish that share the aquarium with them. Carberryi Anthias tend to occupy the midwater region of a tank but appreciates the availability of several hiding places.Carberryi Anthias do best when kept…