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Assorted Apistogramma
(Apistogramma sp.)
Starting at $12.99
The Apistogramma, commonly known as the Dwarf Cichlid, is a dainty, often brightly colored cichlid. This genus contains approximately 70 species, 20 of which are still waiting for scientific evaluation.The Apistogramma should be kept in a tank that is 30 gallons minimum, with densely planted…
Dwarf Cockatoo Cichlid
(Apistogramma cacatuoides)
Starting at $8.49
The Apistogramma cacatuoides is commonly known as the Cockatoo Dwarf Cichlid or Big Mouth Apistogramma. The Apistogramma originates in the streams and backwaters of South America. This strain has been selectively bred for its brilliant orange coloration. The body of these fish is elongated, with a…
Double Full Red Agassizi Cichlid
(Apistogramma agassizii)
Starting at $15.99
The Apistogramma agassizi is known in the hobby as the Double Full Red Agassizi Cichlid which originates within the Amazon Basin of South America. This variation is tank-raised and has been bred for its brilliant red coloration within the dorsal and caudal fins. The body of these fish is elongated…