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Silver Arowana
(Osteoglossum bicirrhosum)
Starting at $44.99
Arowana prefers a 250-gallon tank with a fine gravel bottom, loosely planted, and soft, peaty water with lots of open space above for swimming. The aquarium must be fitted with a tight, heavy cover because the Arowana will jump, particularly when after prey.After breeding, the male Silver Arowana is…
Aqueon® Monster Fish Medley Fish Food
Starting at $6.99
*Floating fish food ideal for Catfish, Arowana, Oscars, and other large Cichlids*Irresistible ingredients support immune health and proper growth*Ideal as a primary food or a supplement to other fish foodsHelp your big fish stay happy and healthy with Aqueon Monster Fish Medley Fish Food. A…
Hikari Jumbo CarniSticks
Starting at $37.29
*Floating carnivore stick food ideal for large Arowana, top-feeding "monster" aquarium fish *Extremely flavorful, color enhancing diet for aquarium carnivores*Nutritious live food alternative has the caloric equivalent of one live goldfish Deliver irresistible nutrition where surface-feeding…
API 5 in 1 Aquarium Test Strips
Starting at $12.99
…desired General Hardness (GH) for certain common tropical fish and live plants. ppm (mg/L) °dGH Type of Fish 30 1.7° Discus, arowanas, elephant nose, neons, cardinals, live plants 60 3.4° Most tropical fish including angelfish, tetras, botia, community aquarium fish,…
Fritz Aquatics FritzZyme MONSTER 360
Starting at $12.99
…gallons.Fritz Aquatics FritzZyme MONSTER 360 has been specially formulated to handle the organic waste produced by MONSTER fish including Oscars, Arowana, Freshwater StingRays, Piranha, Peacock Bass, Arapaima, Gar, etc.; as well as heavily stocked African Cichlid tanks.FeaturesPromotes a Clean,…
CaribSea Instant Amazon Blackwater Solution
Starting at $3.99
…tropical blackwater conditions throughout the world. Instant Amazon is ideal for use with discus, bettas, tetras, corydoras, angelfish, gouramis, arowanas, barbs, as well as freshwater shrimp inhabitant soft water conditions.8 fl oz CaribSea Instant Amazon Blackwater Solution treats 474 gallons. …
TetraCichlid Jumbo Sticks
Starting at $11.99
…healthy fish growth. Ideal for large cichlids such as Oscars, Green Terrors, and Dempseys as well as large carnivorous fish such as Piranhas and Arowanas. Also great for large marine fish including Lionfish, Triggerfish, Angels, and Groupers. 7.40 oz. Pellets measure approximately 1 inch in length. …