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Aussie Plum Coscinarea Coral - Aquacultured
(Coscinaraea sp.)
Starting at $39.99
Aussie Plum Coscinaraea Coral is a plum deal for collectors of extraordinary coral specimens. The infrequent appearance of Genus Coscinaraea in the aquarium trade enhances the desirability of this uncanny beauty. Propagated here at our Coral Farm & Aquatic Life Facility, the Aquacultured Aussie Plum…
Flowering Aussie Turbinaria - Aquacultured
(Turbinaria bifrons)
Starting at $34.99
…and water quality, the Flowering Aussie Turbinaria will benefit from moderate water movement with strong intermittent water flow to prevent detritus from settling within its folds, best accomplished with a wavemaker and multiple powerheads.The Flowering Aussie Turbinaria is a peaceful reef…
Lordhowensis Coral, Aquacultured USA
(Micromussa lordhowensis)
Starting at $49.99
Acans or Micromussa lordhowensis corals are highly desirable stony corals that boast many different stimulating color combinations that will excite the senses. While the addition of these beautiful Acan lord corals injects spectacular colors and textures to the reef aquarium, it is also known to…