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Beginner Frags

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LiveAquaria® Certified Beginner SPS Frag Pack, Aquacultured
(Various sp.)
Starting at $89.99
The LiveAquaria® Certified Beginner SPS Frag 4 Pack contains different color forms of some of our easiest to keep Small Polyp Stony Coral Frags. This pack contains a total of four captive grown coral frags. These could include Pavona, Seriatopora, Stylophora, Porites, or Pocillopora. Our packaging…
Beginner Hardy 5 Pack-Aquacultured, ORA®
(Assorted sp.)
Starting at $119.99
…With the ORA Beginner Hardy Pack, you can be assured of receiving some of the finest aquacultured coral frags available. ORA's professional team hand selects each of the four aquacultured SPS species to ensure you receive a prime mix of their popular SPS coral frags.ORA coral frags will thrive in…
LiveAquaria® Certified Soft Coral Frag Pack, Aquacultured
(Various sp.)
Starting at $99.99
…reef tank, and we are confident that the beginner to the advanced marine aquarist will enjoy these corals for years to come. If you are looking for exciting Certified Captive Grown Soft Corals and would like to see what LiveAquaria® Aquacultured Soft Coral Frags can do for your marine aquarium, this…
Bicolor Goniastrea Coral, Aquacultured
(Goniastrea sp.)
Starting at $39.99
…LPS collectors as well as any reef aquarium enthusiast.Care for Goniastrea Brain Coral is relatively easy, making it an excellent choice for the beginner to expert hobbyist. The Goniastrea Brain Coral requires moderate lighting combined with medium water movement within the aquarium. Similar to its…
Aquaforest® Coral Fix
Starting at $13.99
*Special, two-part epoxy adhesive perfect for small aquarium projects*Secure smaller live rock pieces or coral frags for custom aquascapes*Nontoxic adhesive is safe for aquarium fish and reef invertebratesQuick setting two-part epoxy portioned right for nano reefs and smaller aquarium projects.…