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Beneficial Bacteria

130 products
Microbe-Lift Bacterial Aquarium Balancer by Ecological Labs
Starting at $3.57
…prevents "new tank" syndrome * Beneficial bacteria offer rapid reduction of organic waste in aquariums * Maintains nitrification and aquarium balance to reduce fish loss Introduces millions of beneficial bacteria into your aquarium ecosystem. The beneficial bacteria work to reduce organic waste on…
Marineland Bio-Spira® Freshwater Bacteria
Starting at $4.99
*Proprietary blend of beneficial bacteria for freshwater aquariums*Nitrifying & heterotrophic cleaner bacteria boost aquarium biolfilter*Use to cycle new aquariums or to keep existing aquariums cleanerGive your aquarium biological filter a beneficial boost to effectively remove harmful ammonia and…
Drs. Foster & Smith Live Nitrifying Bacteria
Starting at $9.29
…life to new setups for aquarium success! Drs. Foster and Smith Live Nitrifying Bacteria quickly establish biological filtration with LIVE nitrifying bacteria. Use Drs. Foster and Smith Live Nitrifying Bacteria to cycle new aquariums or to maintain efficient biological filtration in established…
Hikari Aquarium Solutions Bacto-Surge Foam Filter
Starting at $3.29
…per square inch to support significant levels of beneficial bacteria. In addition, the unique air dispersion design maximizes uplift to pull aquarium water through the foam at a higher rate resulting in optimal conditions for beneficial bacteria AND thorough aquarium filtration.Hikari Aquarium…
Reef BioFuel
Starting at $15.15
…method to microbial activity enhancement. Easy-dose Reef BioFuel promotes growth of beneficial microbes to naturally reduce phosphate and nitrate in all marine and reef aquariums.Reef BioFuel supports beneficial microbial growth and reproduction to increase the rate of phosphate-reduction and…
Dwarf Red Tip Hermit Crab
(Clibanarius sp.)
Starting at $1.29
…systems with sand substrates in which they can forage and dig. Its feeding methods also help aerate the sand bed and promote the growth of beneficial bacteria. The Dwarf Red Tip Hermit Crab should ideally be kept in a well-established system with plenty of algae and live rock to graze upon.Making…
Tetra® Cleaning Bacteria for Freshwater Aquariums
Starting at $4.99
…Cleaning Bacteria for Freshwater Aquariums works to maintain a clean aquarium and healthy water. Aquariums rely on beneficial bacteria to filter pollutants, like ammonia, and reduce organic waste. Bacteria colonies fluctuate and can be reduced during routine maintenance. Tetra Cleaning Bacteria for…
FilStar Bio-Chem Stars
Starting at $15.69
beneficial bacteria * Efficient biological filtration breaks down harmful aquarium ammonia and nitrite Specially designed biological filtration media for optimum biological filtration. Made of porous polymer material, FilStar Bio-Chem Stars provide a substrate for the optimum growth of beneficial
Aqueon Bio-Balls Filter Media
Starting at $6.99
…use*Geometric surface area ideal for beneficial bacteria growth *For use with different types of filters canisters and wet/dry Aqueon Bio-Balls are compact in size and are geometrically designed to provide a large surface area for beneficial bacteria to grow. Space-saving, one inch round…
Aqueon Bio-Ceramic Media Rings
Starting at $5.99
…freshwater and saltwater use*Porous surface ideal for beneficial bacteria growth *Ceramic rings trap micro particles and debris from your aquarium's water Designed with an abundant surface area to foster propagation of beneficial bacteria, Aqueon Bio-Ceramic Media Rings are a great biological media…
Fluval Cycle Concentrated Biological Booster
Starting at $5.99
…powerful team of live beneficial bacteria. Fluval Cycle Concentrated Biological Booster rapidly establishes a safe biological aquarium environment allowing the IMMEDIATE ADDITION of fish to a new freshwater or saltwater aquarium. Massive amounts of beneficial Cycling Bacteria quickly consume toxic…
Replacement Fluval Biomax
Starting at $1.99
…colonization of beneficial bacteria *Enhances the elimination of fish wastes, resulting in a healthier aquarium environment The Replacement Fluval Biomax provides important stage 3 biological filtration. Its large surface area provides optimal colonization of beneficial bacteria and enhances the…
CaribSea AquaBiotic Botanical with Barley Extract
Starting at $6.99
*2-in-1 water conditioner for cleaner, clearer freshwater aquarium*Barley extract & beneficial bacteria combo eliminates murky water*Reduces aquarium ammonia, nitrite, nitrate as well as phosphatesLiquid aquarium maintenance kit in a bottle! CaribSea AquaBiotic Botanical with Barley Extract takes a…
Clear-Up Natural Water Clarifier by DrTim's Aquatics
Starting at $21.04
…chemicals*Skimmer-friendly formulas for saltwater or reef aquariums100% natural beneficial bacteria blend clears cloudy white water quickly and safely. Developed by Dr. Timothy A. Hovanec, the renowned expert on nitrifying bacteria. Clear-Up Natural Water Clarifier contains no harmful chemicals and…
Aqueon Coarse Foam Pads
Starting at $4.99
*Provides surface area for beneficial bacteria to grow *Coarse foam pads trap large particles, debris, and solid waste *Biological and mechanical filtration for freshwater and saltwater use Replacing your filter media is essential for maintaining optimal canister filter performance. Aqueon Coarse…