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Bio Spira

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Instant Ocean BIO-Spira
Starting at $2.49
*Marine aquarium water conditioner with live nitrifying bacteria*Reduces fish loss in marine aquariums due to ammonia and nitrite toxicity*Use BIO-Spira in newly setup saltwater aquariums to make it fish safe*Allows immediate addition of fish!Essential water conditioner when setting up new marine…
Marineland Bio-Spira® Freshwater Bacteria
Starting at $8.99
*Proprietary blend of beneficial bacteria for freshwater aquariums*Nitrifying & heterotrophic cleaner bacteria boost aquarium biolfilter*Use to cycle new aquariums or to keep existing aquariums cleanerGive your aquarium biological filter a beneficial boost to effectively remove harmful ammonia and…
Marineland® Magnum® Polishing Internal Canister Filter
Starting at $43.99
*Internal aquarium canister filter for continuous use or water polishing*Enjoy powerful 3-stage aquarium filtration or efficient micron filtration*Achieve crystal clear aquarium water for eye catching display setupsThe secret to professional displays with crystal-clear aquarium water! Marineland…
Tetra EasyBalance Plus
Starting at $6.99
* Reduces phosphate, improving water quality * Biodegrades organic pollutants and provides nutrients required by nitrifiers * Removes phosphate from tap water * Supplies a continuous buffer that prevents pH decline An innovation in aquarium maintenance, regular use of…