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Bird Wrasse
(Gomphosus varius)
Starting at $99.99
…Green Bird Wrasse, and the female, the Black or Brown Bird Wrasse.A 125 gallon or larger aquarium with large amounts of live rock which furnish food and hiding places provides a good environment. Because the Bird Wrasse is a "jumper," a tight-fitting lid on the tank is necessary. If a pair of Bird
Purple Polyp Green Birdsnest Coral, Aquacultured
(Seriatopora hystrix)
Starting at $29.99
…to any mature reef system that will benefit from great texture and color.The Purple Polyp Green Birdsnest Coral is also referred to as Seriatopora Bird's Nest, Needle, Finger, or Brush Coral. It is a relatively fast growing species of small polyp stony (SPS) coral with very delicate, thin branches.…
Sea Robin
(Prionotus sp.)
Starting at $39.99
…is a blend of browns, reds and whites, and has large wing-like fins. This beautiful fish gets its name from its appearance, which looks like a bird at rest.The Sea Robin also has legs, and spends time hiding on the bottom of a 70-gallon or larger aquarium with a sand bed. An aquarium with live…
African Butterflyfish
(Pantodon buchholzi)
Starting at $12.99
…surface of the water, waiting for prey. The body is dark brown to black and is speckled with lighter colorations. The fins resemble the wings of a bird, giving this fish a look like no other. It does remain relatively small, but caution needs to be exercised, as this fish will swallow anything it…
Green Birdsnest Coral, Aquacultured ORA®
(Seriatopora guttatus)
Starting at $39.99
The Green Birdsnest Coral is also referred to as Seriatopora Bird's Nest, Needle, Finger, or Brush Coral. It is a small polyp stony (SPS) coral with very delicate, thin branches and neon green polyps. This variation of the Bird's Nest is yellow/green in coloration with bright neon green polyps. The…
Birdsnest Coral
(Seriatopora hystrix)
Starting at $69.99
The Birdsnest Coral is also referred to as Seriatopora Needle, Finger, or Brush Coral. It is a small polyp stony (SPS) coral with very delicate, thin branches with needle-like tips. It is found in a variety of shades of pink. These are very delicate, but beautiful corals that offer a variety of…
Pink Thick Branch Birdsnest Coral, Aquacultured
(Seriatopora stellata)
Starting at $29.99
The intricate, bright pink birds nest formation of this SPS coral adds a striking splash of color to the well-lit reef aquarium. As the name implies, its branches are thicker and more tapered than the Thin Branch variety. The parent colony these coral frags was collected in Fiji at a depth of about…
Pink Birdsnest Coral, Aquacultured ORA®
(Seriatopora hystrix)
Starting at $44.99
The ORA® Aquacultured Pink Birdsnest coral is a beautiful species that grows very thin intertwining branches. Its pink coloration will grow darker in the aquarium with age. This is a relatively fast growing species, and because of its delicate branches, care should be taken in the placement of the…
Stylophora Coral
(Stylophora spp.)
Starting at $79.99
The Stylophora Coral is a small polyp stony (SPS) coral commonly referred to as Cat's Paw, Club Finger, Cluster, Brush, or Bird's Nest Coral. It has rounded branches with blunt ends that differentiate it from other closely related SPS corals. It is a beautiful pink in color, and is able to adapt to…
Bird of Paradise Coral, Aquacultured ORA®
(Seriatopora sp.)
Starting at $69.99
…additional food to maintain its health in the reef aquarium, the ORA® Aquacultured Bird of Paradise coral will feed on micro-plankton or foods designed for filter-feeding invertebrates.The ORA® Aquacultured Bird of Paradise Birdsnest coral is attached to a plastic plug and can be easily placed in…
Eshopps Super Spy Corals Viewer
Starting at $6.5
…panel is made of crystal-clear acrylic. Easy to use. Does not magnify.Directions: Simply place Super Spy on water surface of your aquarium for a bird's eye view of your favorite corals or use to isolate a scene in your aquarium for a great photograph. May be left floating in the water or take it in…
Cauliflower Coral, Pocillopora
(Pocillopora damicornis)
Starting at $54.99
The Pocillopora Cauliflower Coral is a SPS coral that is also referred to as Lace, Cluster, or Brush Coral. The appearance of the colonies with polyps extended actually gives this species its more common name, Cauliflower Coral. They have a very fuzzy appearance, and are a very colorful addition to…
Ecological Laboratories Microbe-Lift HC
Starting at $79.99
…fish fecal matter and urineReduces hydrogen sulfide, which creates strong offensive odorsReduces biological oxygen demand (B.O.D.)Reduces buildup of bird droppings, fish feed and dead leavesImproves dissolved oxygen levelsContains photosynthetic bacteria, which reduces cloudy water by precipitating…
Water Poppy
(Hydrocleys nymphoides)
Starting at $7.99
…in a shallow tub with good light, as it is susceptible to even brief frost exposure. Like other floating plants, the Water Poppy helps shade your pond and fish and creates a safe haven and spawning area protected from birds and other predators. Zones 8 to 11.Approximate Purchase Size: 4" to 6"
BenePets BeneReef Reef Food
Starting at $34.99
…These innovative products will bolster immunity, vitamin uptake, parasite control, and bring out the true natural vibrancy in fish, coral, reptiles, birds and other small animals as pets, as breeding stock and as domestically-raised food. BenePets' pioneering ideas could significantly change the way…