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Black Chromis

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Black & White Chromis
(Chromis margaritifer)
Starting at $19.99
The Black & White Chromis range from the Christmas Island and northwestern Australia to the French Polynesian and Line Islands. These fishes are primarily black with the caudal peduncle and caudal fin being white. These fish are one of the more peaceful of all the damselfish species, and make a…
Paletail Chromis
(Chromis xanthura)
Starting at $29.99
…Paletail Chromis does best in similar environments and will actively swim at all levels of the aquarium water column. In fact, small schools of the Paletail Chromis add a dazzling and dramatic shimmer of beauty to almost any well-established reef system. Overall, the Paletail Chromis is very hardy…
Central Pacific Blue/Green Reef Chromis
(Chromis atripectoralis)
Starting at $16.99
…the black blotch at the base of the pectoral fin the juvenile Central Pacific Blue/Green Reef Chromis chromis are often confused with the Chromis viridis. Once the Central Pacific Blue/Green Reef Chromis begins to mature the black blotch will appear. The Central Pacific Blue/Green Reef Chromis is…
Black Bar Chromis
(Chromis retrofasciata)
Starting at $7.99
…vertical black bar where the body meets the tail. Provide a 30 gallon or larger aquarium, with plenty of live rock for these chromis to hide in. They prefer to be in groups of six or more. They are typically a peaceful species, unless they are housed alone. The Black Bar Chromis is an omnivore…
Webers Chromis
(Chromis weberi)
Starting at $18.99
The Webers Chromis is found in schools throughout the reefs of the South Pacific. This chromis is blue with iridescent green sides accenting a sleek body and black-lined lyre tails. Webers Chromis are hardy fish that are ideal for a fish only, or reef aquarium. They do enjoy being kept in schools of…
Blackmouth Bicolor Chromis
(Neoglyphidodon nigroris)
Starting at $5.99
The Blackmouth Bicolor Chromis, also known as the Bicolor Blackmouth Chromis, Blackmouth Chromis, Blackmouth Damselfish, or Behn's Damselfish, is an attractive fish as a juvenile, yellow with two horizontal black bars. The fish changes color to brown and black with maturity.As the fish matures, it…