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Black Eye

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Assorted Pseudomugil Rainbow
(Pseudomugil sp.)
Starting at $8.99
…fish, with the males being larger than the females and having a longer first dorsal fin. Rainbowfish are known for their characteristic large eyes, black or silver band that runs through the middle scale rows, deeply forked mouth, and two dorsal fins.This moderately aggressive fish is best housed…
Big Eye Black Bar Soldierfish
(Myripristis sp.)
Starting at $24.99
The Big Eye Black Bar Soldierfish, also known as the Blackbar Soldierfish, is bright red with thin white outlines on the fins. The eyes are very large and the center pupil is black, giving this fish a unique look.A 70 gallon or larger aquarium with large amounts of live rock for hiding will provide…
Red Eye Tetra
(Moenkhausia sanctaefilomene)
Starting at $1.39
The Red Eye Tetra adds a sophisticated touch to the larger freshwater community aquarium. The distinguished color pattern of black and silver is accented with an eye-catching red marking above its eyes. The elegant Red Eye Tetra creates an impressive display when kept in a school of six or more…
Emerald Eye Rasbora
(Rasbora dorsiocellata)
Starting at $3.79
The Emerald Eye Rasbora is a beautiful species of Rasbora that originates from the streams and tributaries of Asia. They have an elongated body shape with a prominent dorsal fin. The dorsal fin is yellow in coloration with a black dot in the center. They are a peaceful, schooling fish that will add…
Pearl Eye Clarkii Clownfish, Captive-Bred
(Amphiprion clarkii)
Starting at $27.99
…spot outlined in black behind its eyes with three white stripes; the second stripe continuing into its dorsal fin. The tail is both yellow and white. The Captive-Bred Black Pearl Eye Clarkii Clownfish has the same white spot outline in black but its base color is dark brown to black. This member of…
Black Back Butterflyfish
(Chaetodon melannotus)
Starting at $34.99
The Black Back Butterflyfish, also known as the Melannotus Butterflyfish, has a white body with a series of black diagonal stripes on the sides. The fins are yellow and it has a yellow face with a black eye band.The Black Back Butterflyfish should be the only butterflyfish, unless it has a mate, in…
Black Bandit Angelfish
(Apolemichthys arcuatus)
Starting at $999.99
The Black Bandit Angelfish is also known as the Black-banded Angelfish because of the swatch of black that extends horizontally from over the eye to the end of the dorsal fin. It is also known as the Hawaiian Pearlyscale Angelfish due to the shimmering whites to grays making up the majority of body…
Orange and Black Dragonet
(Dactylopus kuiteri)
Starting at $34.99
…pelvic fin enabling the fish to walk about the tank, and at night they will often bury themselves in the sand with just their eyes protruding from the substrate.Orange and Black Dragonets prefers a reef aquarium of 50 gallons or larger with lots of live rock to hide in and graze from. The substrate…
Yellowtail Black Blenny
(Ecsenius flavipes)
Starting at $19.99
…behavior.The Yellowtail Black Blenny is more elegant in appearance with softer features with a rounded head as opposed the blunted, blockier shaped head of the Bicolor Blenny. Also, the Yellowtail Black Blenny lacks the antennae-like cirri found between the higher set eyes of the Bicolor Blenny.…
Black Neon Tetra
(Hyphessobrycon herbertaxelrodi)
Starting at $1.49
…iridescent Black Neon Tetra is an elegant blend of deep obsidian black paired with a contrasting bright, neon horizontal stripe of yellow-green. A fluorescent orange marking above its eyes completes the telltale markings of the Black Neon Tetra. Praised for its peaceful nature, the Black Neon Tetra…
Black Sailfin Blenny
(Atrosalarias fuscus)
Starting at $18.99
The Black Sailfin Blenny is prized for its voracious appetite for nuisance microalgae. But the Black Sailfin Blenny is most recognizable for its stark black coloration on both body and fins. Since the Black Sailfin Blenny eagerly perches upon live rock to feed, Atrosalarias fuscus truly creates an…
Heniochus Black & White Butterflyfish
(Heniochus acuminata)
Starting at $39.99
The Heniochus Black & White Butterflyfish, also known as Longfin Bannerfish, has a very elongated white dorsal filament. It has a base color of white with two wide black stripes. The soft dorsal and caudal fins are yellow, and there are black marks above the eyes. Members of the Heniochus genera are…
Black and Blue Rili Shrimp
(Neocaridina davidi)
Starting at $9.99
Black and Blue Rili Shrimp make eye catching and functional additions to any peaceful freshwater aquarium. Its dazzling coloration adds a beautiful ornamental quality while its purposeful pursuit for algae and organic debris makes the Black and Blue Rili Shrimp an invaluable aquarium cleanup crew.…
Black Neon Dottyback, Captive-Bred ORA®
(Pseudochromis aldabraensis x Pseudochromis springeri)
Starting at $39.99
…Captive-Bred Black Neon Dottyback appears to inherit the body color of the Springeri Dottyback but demonstrates a unique ability to alter coloration on its flanks from nearly jet black to a rust color, depending on mood and environment.The ideal setup for the ORA Captive-Bred Black Neon Dottyback…
Red Sea MAX® E-Series 260 - Black
Starting at $2299
…close stainless steel hinges. The cabinets are ventilated to provide convection cooling for a chiller. Offered with black or white exteriors, all cabinets have a black interior, which maintains its clean appearance over time. Red Sea MAX E-Series 260-Black Features Specifications…