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Blue Freshwater Fish

242 products
Blue Tang
(Paracanthurus hepatus)
Starting at $44.99
Blue Tangs are best cared for in aquariums at least 6' in length by experienced marine (saltwater) aquarists. If you're a beginner, we recommend a similar-looking fish such as the Marine (Saltwater) Yellowtail Damselfish or Freshwater Boesemani Rainbow.The Blue Tang boasts a vibrant electric blue
Blue Mickey Mouse Platy
(Xiphophorus maculatus)
Starting at $1.59
fish for beginners and accomplished aquarists alike. The Blue Mickey Mouse Platy requires an aquarium of at least 10 gallons that is densely planted with hardy plants like Java Fern and Java Moss. The Blue Mickey Mouse Platy is a very peaceful fish and makes an excellent addition to the freshwater
Halfmoon Butterfly Betta, Blue
(Betta splendens)
Starting at $29.99
…for the best care, the Blue Halfmoon Butterfly Betta should be kept singly in aquariums of at least 1 gallon. The Blue Halfmoon Butterfly Betta also prefers a variety of hiding places amongst the foliage of freshwater plants.For breeding purposes, male and female Blue Halfmoon Butterfly Bettas…
Blue Paradise
(Macropodus opercularis)
Starting at $5.99
The Blue Paradise, also known as the Paradise Fish, is a brightly colored member of the Labyrinth Fish group. The body has alternating turquoise blue and orange stripes that extend into the fins and tail. There is a spot on the gills, and a pattern of dark scaling on the head reaching over the back…
Cobalt Blue Lobster
(Procambarus clarkii)
Starting at $21.99
…splash of brilliant blue color that's sure to draw attention to your freshwater aquarium. The coloration of this blue beauty intensifies as it matures. Due to selective breeding, the Cobalt Blue Lobster will not lose this blue coloration, except in times of stress. The Cobalt Blue Lobster may arrive…
Bitterling - Assorted
(Rhodeus sp.)
Starting at $13.99
…that infect the koi, especially anchor worms. They are very active fish that will also feed upon insect larvae and will help in controlling mosquitos in the water garden. The Bitterlings will spawn into the mantle of a freshwater clam, where they will incubate. Provide a number of Bitterlings in the…
GloFish®, Cosmic Blue® Danio
(Danio rerio)
Starting at $6.99
…you cross one of the easiest-to-care-for freshwater fish with the brightest new breakthroughs in the aquarium hobby? The perfect starter fish for your desktop, kid's room, or specialty setup! Fluorescent GloFish® are the first designer-bred Danios (Zebra Fish) to come in five neon colors: Starfire…
Neon Tetra Jumbo
(Paracheirodon innesi)
Starting at $1.89
The Neon Tetra is often described as the jewel of the aquarium hobby. It is easy to see why it is one of the most popular freshwater tropical fish. With their iridescent blue bodies and bright red tails, Paracheirodon innesi creates an exciting splash of color in any aquarium, especially when kept…
Venustus Cichlid
(Nimbochromis venustus)
Starting at $10.49
The Venustus Cichlid (meaning refined or elegant) is a large cichlid with the male having a blue face with yellow markings across the head and dorsal fin. The female is less colorful with a silver background behind a dark blotched pattern.The Venustus Cichlid requires a large aquarium with plenty of…
Electric Blue Jack Dempsey
(Nandopsis octofasciatum)
Starting at $34.99
…than its popular counterpart. The Electric Blue Jack Dempsey is a freshwater fish that originates in the murky warm waters of Central America. It has a base color of electric blue to gray, and displays many iridescent blue and green spots, giving this fish a spectacular look. When breeding, these…
Electric Blue Ram
(Mikrogeophagus ramirezi)
Starting at $11.99
…ramirezi appears to be an aquarium bulldog. However, this member of the Cichlidae family is actually one of the more social and peaceful freshwater fish. In fact, most Rams will actively swim with equally non-aggressive members of your community aquarium and are known to faithfully pair with…
Freshwater Neon Blue Goby
(Stiphodon sp.)
Starting at $24.99
…Neon Blue Goby is a remarkable fish newly available from the Far East. With its many attractive characteristics, this diminutive fish is sure to cause a sensation among freshwater aquarium hobbyists. The most prominent trait of this freshwater goby is its stunning coloration. The male Neon Blue Goby…
German Blue Ram
(Mikrogeophagus ramirezi)
Starting at $8.49
…one of the more social and peaceful freshwater fish. In fact, most Rams will actively swim with equally non-aggressive members of your community aquarium and are known to faithfully pair with just one other mate. The German Blue Ram is known for its mottled deep blue splotches of color. For the best…
Viper Shrimp
(Atya gabonensi)
Starting at $14.99
Atya gabonensi, commonly known as the Vampire Shrimp, Giant African Filter Shrimp, or Gabon Shrimp, is a uniquely popular freshwater shrimp for the home aquarium. Their fascinating behavior, intense coloration, long life expectancy (up to 5 years under the right conditions!) and relative scarcity in…
Aquatic Life Pack - 45 Gallon Freshwater Fish
(Miscellaneous species)
Starting at $189.99
…45 Gallon Freshwater Fish includes the following fish: Peppered Cory Cat (5), Snakeskin Barb (9), Candy Cane Tetra (9), Black Harlequin Rasbora (9), Neon Blue Gourami (1), Neon Praecox Rainbow (6), Cherry Barb (6), and Bushynose Plecostomus (1). This colorful and diverse selection of fish is ideally…