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Blue Green

240 products
Blue/Green Reef Chromis
(Chromis viridis)
Starting at $6.49
…the Blue Green Reef Chromis does best in similar environments and will actively swim at all levels of the aquarium water column. In fact, small schools of the Blue Green Reef Chromis add a dazzling and dramatic shimmer of beauty to almost any well-established reef system.Overall, the Blue Green Reef…
GloFish®, Cosmic Blue® Tetra
(Gymnocorymbus sp.)
Starting at $10.99
…Fluorescent GloFish® have expanded to also include the new line of Tetras which also come in six neon colors: Starfire Red®, Electric Green®, Sunburst Orange®, Cosmic Blue®, Galactic Purple® and Moonrise Pink®. GloFish® are not dyed and their color, which is inherited from their parents, does not…
Borealis Acropora Coral, Aquacultured ORA®
(Acropora sp.)
Starting at $48.99
…with a green background and radiant, light blue growth tips. The ORA ® Borealis shows outstanding polyp extension and movement in strong current. Similar to Blue Voodoo, it differs by having shorter and tighter branches as well as a brighter green polyp and base coloration and lighter blue tips.…
Central Pacific Blue/Green Reef Chromis
(Chromis atripectoralis)
Starting at $12.99
…This member of the Pomacentridae family is most recognizable by its gorgeous light aqua dorsal side that slowly fades into a majestic iridescent green belly. Lacking the black blotch at the base of the pectoral fin the juvenile Central Pacific Blue/Green Reef Chromis chromis are often confused with…
Green Eyed Blue Monster Echinopora Coral - Aquacultured
(Echinopora pacificus)
Starting at $49.99
Green Eyed Blue Monster Echinopora Coral produces sweeper tentacles at night that can harm more docile corals and invertebrates. Be sure to provide sufficient space between the Aquacultured Green Eyed Blue Monster Coral and other corals because of its semi-aggressive temperament.The Green Eyed Blue
Green Mandarin
(Synchiropus splendidus)
Starting at $20.99
The head and body of the Green Mandarin, also known as the Striped Mandarinfish or Green Mandarinfish, are a mazelike combination of blue, orange, and green. Males may be distinguished from females by their more-elongated first dorsal spine. It is extremely popular with aquarists because of its…
Green Terror
(Andinoacara rivulatus)
Starting at $3.99
The Green Terror is a beautifully marked cichlid. Its body is a greenish white with many electric blue spots on the chin area. The males of this species have a longer tail fin, which is outlined in red. The Green Terror requires an aquarium of at least 50 gallons, with a sandy bottom, and rock work…
Sporn® Green Caulerpa Taxifolia
Starting at $9.99
…glows under actinic blue lighting *Realistic, free flowing movement in the current on your aquarium *Suction-cup base allows drift-free placement in freshwater or saltwater setupsCreate a fun, yet realistic aquarium landscape with artificial Caulerpa taxifolia. Sporn Green Caulerpa Taxifolia glows…
Lime Green Mantis Shrimp
(Gonodactylaceus spp.)
Starting at $19.99
…Lime Green Mantis Shrimp is included in the Smashing Mantis Shrimp group. It is a very interesting shrimp that resembles the praying mantis insect. It has large colorful eyes that are either blue or green rimmed and its body exhibits many bright colors. The main part of the body is brown with green
Green Eyed Cup Coral
(Mycedium sp.)
Starting at $49.99
…stony (LPS) coral, and is often referred to as the Green Eyed Cup, Plate, or Peacock Coral. The most commonly imported species is Mycedium elephantotus, dubbed "Elephant Nose," from the Fiji Islands. A blue to green base color with bright green polyps is the standard color variety available.…
Sleeper Green Banded Goby
(Valenciennea randalli)
Starting at $25.99
…Sleeper Blue Dot Goby, Sleeper Railway Glider Goby and the Sleeper Gold Head Goby to which the Sleeper Green Banded Goby shares a striking resemblance. Though lacking a showy golden head, this graceful Sleeper Goby is a lovely beauty sure to turn heads. The body color of the Sleeper Green Banded…
Colony Polyp, Mean Green
(Zoanthus sp.)
Starting at $59.99
The Mean Green Colony Polyp adds a graphic punch of color that won't go unnoticed. The dark blue and purple coloration contrasts sharply against the vibrant-green coloration for a bold, out-of-this-world combo. The repeating, colonial nature of the Mean Green Colony Polyp accentuates this dramatic…
Blue Gudgeon Dartfish
(Ptereleotris heteroptera)
Starting at $17.99
The Blue Gudgeon Dartfish, commonly referred to as the Blacktail Goby or Blacktail Dartfish, originates from the reefs of Fiji. They have an elongated body, which is pale blue or green in color with a prominent black spot on their tail. They enjoy being in pairs, and make a wonderful fish for a fish…
Electric Blue Jack Dempsey
(Nandopsis octofasciatum)
Starting at $34.99
…aggressive than its popular counterpart. The Electric Blue Jack Dempsey is a freshwater fish that originates in the murky warm waters of Central America. It has a base color of electric blue to gray, and displays many iridescent blue and green spots, giving this fish a spectacular look. When…
Blue Gudgeon Dartfish, Lyretail
(Ptereleotris hanae)
Starting at $31.99
The Lyretail Blue Gudgeon Dartfish is also known as the Threadfin Dart Goby, and originates from the rubble zones of Cebu. They have an elongated body, which is pale blue or green in color, with a long flowing split tail. In the wild, this species commonly inhabits the burrow of pistol shrimp, but…