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Yup! Pipe Aquarium Décor
Starting at $18.99
…and feel of real, weathered metal plumbing. Hollow design increases beneficial habitat for aquarium fish to explore, seek refuge or secure as a breeding niche. Excellent daytime refuge for shy or nocturnal species. Safe for freshwater or marine aquariums. Pipe Dimensions # ofOpenings AverageOpening…
Hikari Aquarium Solutions Bacto-Surge Foam Filter
Starting at $3.29
breeding aquariums, as they:Include no moving parts to harm the fryProvide an efficient form of biological filtrationAllow water flow to be adjusted to meet the needs of the fryAre easily cleaned in aquarium water, preserving beneficial bacteriaIn addition to a sponge filter in your breeding
Cobalt Aquatics Breeding Cone
Starting at $20.7
…saltwater aquarium fish a desirable site to lay eggs*Great for aquarists breeding Discus, Angelfish, or marine ClownfishEncourage spawning success with a safe place for aquarium fish to lay their eggs. Cobalt Aquatics Breeding Cone provides a desirable spawning site for freshwater Discus, Angelfish,…
Lee's AQ2 Aquarium Divider System
Starting at $11.99
…quick-install divider system lets you create separate compartments in your aquarium*Easily protect injured fish or young fish, create a safe breeding area, and/or provide separate quarters for aggressive fish*Unobtrusive clear plastic divider screen will not affect aquarium heat circulation…
Blue Velvet Shrimp
(Neocaridina davidi)
Starting at $5.99
…Blue Velvet Shrimp will most likely breed. The female will carry a clutch of yellowish eggs under her tail until they hatch in about 30 days. The newly born shrimp will look like miniature adult shrimp and will eat the same thing as the adults. If breeding these shrimp, it is important to keep…
Banded Coral Shrimp, Yellow
(Stenopus cyanoscelis)
Starting at $11.99
The Yellow Banded Coral Shrimp, also known as the Caribbean Boxing Shrimp, has a yellow body and legs, while the chelae and abdomen have red and sometimes white and red bands. Members of the Stenopodidae are called "Boxing Shrimp" because of the large pinchers on their third set of legs. They often…
Black Ice Ocellaris Clownfish, Captive-Bred
(Amphiprion ocellaris)
Starting at $69.99
The Captive-Bred Black Ice Ocellaris Clownfish is a relatively new strain of clownfish developed from breeding a Black Ocellaris Clownfish with a Snowflake Ocellaris clownfish. These fishes have an orange base coloration, with three white stripes edged in black, with the center stripe having an…
Redtail Botia Loach
(Botia modesta)
Starting at $6.99
…when it sleeps. They are also a natural predator of snails, and will aid in their control in the aquarium. The breeding habits of this species are not known, and successful captive breeding has yet to be recorded. The Redtail Botia Loach requires small amounts of food several times a day. Feed them…
Zig Zag Yellow Tail Eel
(Macrognathus pancalus)
Starting at $7.49
…rearrange decorations. A tight lid should be used for any long slender fish, as they will often try and jump out of the aquarium.Unfortunately, the breeding habits of the Zig Zag Yellow Tail Eel have not been documented.A carnivore, live foods such as earthworms and black worms, as well as frozen…
Tire Track Eel
(Mastacembelus armatus)
Starting at $16.39
…gallons of water for the Tire Track Eel. This fish should be kept with other large fish that the eel will not consider as food.Unfortunately, the breeding habits of the Tire Track Eel have not been documented.A carnivore, the Tire Track Eel should be fed live foods such as earthworms and black…
Rod's Food Breeder Blend Frozen Fish Food
Starting at $20
* Frozen fish food blend to condition breeding aquarium fish * Higher fat content formulation with Omega-3 fatty acids * Nutrition to support the production of large, viable nests Condition breeding fish with the nutrition they crave. Rod's Food Breeder Blend Frozen Fish…
Serpent Sea Star, Caribbean
(Ophioderma sp.)
Starting at $11.99
…Sea Stars due to their intolerability to changes in water chemistry. It should never be exposed to air while handling.It is extremely difficult to breed in an aquarium with no distinguishing characteristics to help differentiate it from its mate.In the aquarium, it can be fed small pieces of chopped…
Pincushion Urchin
(Lytechinus variegatus)
Starting at $6.99
…of copper-based medications and will not tolerate high nitrates. Poor water quality will cause it to lose its spines.It is extremely difficult to breed in an aquarium, with no distinguishing characteristics to help differentiate it from its mate.If there is insufficient algae for it to graze on, the…
Cobalt Aquatics Large Cichlid Hut Breeding Cave
Starting at $9.87
breeding site for cichlids, catfish, or any egg-laying, cave-breeding species.Place the Cobalt Aquatics Large Cichlid Hut Breeding Cave directly on existing rockwork or incorporate into or near your stacked cave setup for a truly impressive breeding structure. Handmade natural stoneware breeding
Black Axil Chromis
(Chromis atripectoralis)
Starting at $12.99
…Black Axil Chromis in the home aquarium. Interestingly, the body color of mature males, ready to nest, changes to a muted yellow color. However, breeding success requires perfect water parameters in only the largest of non-predatory aquarium systems.Approximate Purchase Size: Large: 3" to 4";…