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Bright Colored Fish

252 products
Royal Gramma Basslet
(Gramma loreto)
Starting at $19.99
The Royal Gramma Basslet brings an explosion of color to any saltwater aquarium. It has a bright purple to violet colored anterior contrasted by a vibrant yellow posterior. Coveted for both its unique color pattern and relatively small adult size, Gramma loreto is well suited for small nano reef…
Neon Blue Dwarf Gourami
(Colisa lalia)
Starting at $7.99
The Neon Blue Dwarf Gourami, is a color variation of the Dwarf Gourami, and is a peaceful, shy fish. If in a pair the two fish will swim together. The Neon Blue Dwarf Gourami has a bright iridescent sheen to its body, more prominent in the male. The coloration of the male is a vivid turquoise blue…
Pineapple Platy
(Xiphophorus maculatus)
Starting at $1.29
…is a very peaceful fish and makes an excellent addition to the freshwater community aquarium. Any other peaceful fish can be housed with them. The Pineapple Platy is a livebearer capable of reproducing at three to four months of age. The male is smaller and more brightly colored than the female, and…
Fluval ECO BRIGHT LED Light Fixture with Remote Control
Starting at $105.99
…ECO BRIGHT LED Light Fixture with Remote Control is a smart choice for freshwater aquarium hobbyists new to LEDs. This sensibly priced fixture boasts low energy consumption while delivering natural shimmering effect and brilliant illumination that help bring out rich coloration of your fish and…
Tetra GloFish Color Booster
Starting at $2.99
bright and colorful as they day you brought them home. The Color Booster formula works to provides ideal conditions to support maximum color and health in your GloFish and features an easy-to-use formula that's scientifically designed to enhance the color proteins, keeping your fish's vivid colors
TetraPond Pond Food Color Flakes
Starting at $4.59
*Color enhancing flake food for koi and ornamental pond goldfish*Bring out vibrant reds and yellows for brightly colored pond fish*Nutritious flakes are easier for smaller koi and pond goldfish to eatQuality color-enhancing nutrition smaller koi and pond goldfish will devour. Easier-to-eat Pond Food…
Saki-Hikari Professional Color Enhancing Koi Diet
Starting at $54.79
…Also conditions fish waste for minimum impact on water quality and filtration. Saki-Hikari Color Enhancing Diet contains select color-enhancing ingredients to promote bright, vivid coloration without affecting the white area of your koi for clean, brilliant coloration. Medium size pellets.…
NYOS® Wild Goji Organic Fish Food
Starting at $9.99
…artificial colors and flavorsNYOS® Wild Goji Organic Fish Food is an organic, balanced food, perfect for ornamental saltwater fish! The medium-sized, soft pelleted food is the ideal size for most clownfish, tangs, blennies, damsels, angels, or other fish that do not have a small mouth. Bright red,…
Tetra GloFish Special Flake Food For Enhanced Coloration
Starting at $2.99
…which makes these alrady eye-popping fish even brighter and more vibrant. As an added bonus, blue and black lights react with this fish food to make feeding time a ton of fun. InstructionsFeed two to three times daily, in small amounts, only as much as your fish can consume in a minute or so. …
GloFish® Color-Changing Coral
Starting at $9.99
*Colors change for a new look under black lights*Blue light reveals fluorescent colors on the coral for a eye-popping display*Color changing is most impressive when viewed in a dark room The GloFish Color-Changing Coral adds that perfect finishing touch you've been seeking for your GloFish Tank.…
TetraColor Tropical Flakes
Starting at $8.98
color enhancing flake food for tropical aquarium fish * Supplement staple diet to bring out vibrant fish coloration * Fortified with Vitamin C and other vitamins and nutrients Many tropical fish have bright, natural colors which tend to fade in an aquarium environment. To bring out these colors,
Saddle Valentini Puffer
(Canthigaster valentini)
Starting at $23.99
…Valentini Toby, or Saddled Toby. Members of the Canthigaster genus are called Sharp-nosed Puffers or Tobies. The Saddle Valentini Puffer is a bright and colorful fish with dark brown bands across the midsection, brownish-orange spotting on the lower half, yellow fins, and blue striping running along…
Blue Paradise
(Macropodus opercularis)
Starting at $5.99
The Blue Paradise, also known as the Paradise Fish, is a brightly colored member of the Labyrinth Fish group. The body has alternating turquoise blue and orange stripes that extend into the fins and tail. There is a spot on the gills, and a pattern of dark scaling on the head reaching over the back…
Licorice Gourami
(Parosphromenus deissneri)
Starting at $11.49
The Licorice Gourami is one of the smallest and most beautifully colored labyrinth fish. The male is much more brightly colored than the female, especially during courtship. The male has vertical stripes in black and silver with iridescent turquoise blue and red in the fins and tail. The female is…
Evansi Anthias
(Pseudanthias evansi)
Starting at $39.99
A bright and colorful marine fish, the Evansi Anthias is also known as the Yellowtail Goldie or Evan's Anthias. It is predominantly violet, the flanks are sprinkled with yellow dots, and an orange line runs laterally from nose to pectoral fin.With a peaceful nature, this fish does well with other…