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Brine Shrimp

857 products
Live Adult Brine Shrimp
(Artemia salina)
Starting at $16.99
Brine Shrimp are non-selective, filter feeding invertebrates, and consume algae, bacteria, diatoms, and microbes. To maintain long term, keep in a small aquarium or 5-gallon bucket by themselves with an air-driven sponge filter. Live Brine Shrimp should be fed liquid Phytoplankton or Brine Shrimp
Ocean Nutrition Instant Baby Brine Shrimp
Starting at $7.99
…delicate fishes and for invertebrates * Brine shrimp immediately ready when your fry need it * As natural as if you had hatched your own baby brine shrimp 100% decapsulated baby brine shrimp (Artemia nauplii) identical to freshly hatched Brine Shrimp - your fish will never know the difference!…
Shrimpery Kits
Starting at $4.99
*Easy-to use brine shrimp hatching kit for feeding aquarium fish*Hatch your own brine shrimp eggs to feed the freshest live food*Inexpensive way to feed aquarium fish as well as corals & invertebratesShrimpery Kit An introductory kit for hatching brine shrimp eggs. Kit contains shrimpery with lid,…
Hikari Bio-Pure Brine Shrimp
Starting at $2.79
* High quality frozen brine shrimp for aquarium fish * Excellent frozen diet for all freshwater & marine fishes * 3-step sterilization process ensures maximum nutrition for aquarium fish Hikari Bio-Pure Brine Shrimp provides maximum nutrition for your fish because they are bio-encapsulated with…
San Francisco Bay Brine Shrimp Eggs
Starting at $3.99
*100% brine shrimp eggs for raising live aquarium fish food*Freshly hatched brine shrimp great for fish, corals, & Invertebrates*Quality product from the supplier of brine shrimp eggs for 40+ years!From FDA-certified solar salt ponds that are known for being rich in algae and diatoms, Brine Shrimp
San Francisco Bay Brand® Frozen Omega Brine Shrimp Fish Food Cubes
Starting at $5.99
…the nutrition of live brine shrimp with less mess *Supports coloration of freshwater and marine fish*Promotes health, breeding, and proper growthA treat for freshwater and saltwater fish alike, San Francisco Bay Brand Frozen Omega Brine Shrimp Fish Food Cubes feature brine shrimp that are collected…
San Francisco Bay Brand® Freeze-Dried Brine Shrimp
Starting at $12.99
*Freeze-dried brine shrimp offer a convenient alternative to live & frozen fish foods*Special liquid-carbon-dioxide freezing process maximizes freshness and flavor*Nutritious brine shrimp add variety to the diet of tropical freshwater or saltwater fishA convenient alternative to frozen brine shrimp,
O.S.I. Brine Shrimp Eggs
Starting at $3.99
…of protein, fatty acids and color-enhancing pigments.Ingredients100% Brine Shrimp Eggs (washed, dried, and vacuum packed) Guaranteed Analysis Protein 52.0% min. Fat 4.0% min. Fiber 9.0% max. Moisture 9.0% max. Brine Shrimp Eggs Hatching Instructions Hatching tank: Use a clear plastic or glass…
Toms Aquarium Continuous Hatch 'N Feeder
Starting at $16.99
*Innovative in-tank brine shrimp hatchery for home aquariums*Inexpensively hatch live brine shrimp to feed aquarium inhabitants*Saltwater in the hatchery never mixes with aquarium waterHatch brine shrimp (sold separately) continuously in your marine OR freshwater aquarium. Unique design means…
Ocean Nutrition Brine Shrimp Plus Flakes
Starting at $4.49
…protein premium brine shrimp flakes from Ocean Nutrition*Nutritious blend of brine shrimp, seafood, plankton, and more*Excellent high protein fish food for carnivorous aquarium fishQuality brine shrimp flakes from the makers of the world's best frozen foods. Nutritious brine shrimp flakes made with…
Cobalt Aquatics Brine Shrimp Premium Fish Food
Starting at $12.49
…diet made in the USA for fresh and saltwater aquarium fish*Premium brine shrimp flakes or pellets support fish health, color, and digestion*Nutritious fish food enhanced with probiotics for improved digestionPremium brine shrimp flakes or pellets support ultimate fish health, color, and digestion…
Dwarf African Frog
(Hymenochirus curtipes)
Starting at $1.99
…African Frogs. A small group consisting of at least three Dwarf African Frogs creates a lively and entertaining setup. The Dwarf African Frog is a carnivore that requires meaty foods such and frozen or freeze-dried bloodworms, tubifex, and brine shrimp.Approximate Purchase Size: 1/2" to 1-1/4".
Tretocephalus Cichlid
(Neolamprologus tretacephaleus)
Starting at $13.99
…to 4 days and the female will remain to protect the young. Feed the fry newly hatched brine shrimp and finely crushed flake food.Their diet should contain both meaty and vegetable based foods such as brine shrimp, bloodworms, Spirulina-based flake and pellet foods.Approximate Purchase Size: 1" to…
San Francisco Bay Brand Frozen Brine Shrimp Flat Pack
Starting at $6.99
* All the nutrition of live brine shrimp with less mess * Great for freshwater and saltwater fish * Brine Shrimp available in 16 oz flat pack San Francisco Bay Brand Frozen Brine Shrimp are a treat for freshwater and saltwater fish alike. Brine Shrimp are collected daily, quickly cleaned in…
Hikari Baby Brine Shrimp
Starting at $4.49
…marine fish, baby brine shrimp are also ideal for small fish and fry. Three-step sterilization ensures unequalled product quality - no harmful bacteria, parasites, or foul odors. acked in pure water and available in convenient "no touch" cube packs. Ingredients:Brine shrimp, water, Vitamin B12…