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Bubble Tip

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Rose Bulb Anemone
(Entacmaea quadricolor)
Starting at $99.99
The Rose Bubble Tip Anemone is a less common form of the Bubble Tip Anemone which is often referred to as the Four-colored, Bulb Tentacle, Bulb Tip, or Bulb Anemone. At rest, the enlarged tip at the end of the tentacles is a rose to red color. The Bubble Tip Anemone is usually found in coral rubble,…
Bulb Anemone
(Entacmaea quadricolor)
Starting at $29.99
…occasional green specimen is found. By contrast, the Bulb Anemones from Singapore are typically green in color with a deep maroon base.The Bulb or Bubble Tip Anemone is found in oceans around the world. The Bulb Anemone attaches its pedal disc deep within dead coral amongst rubble or on solid,…
Bubble Coral, Pearl
(Physogyra sp.)
Starting at $59.99
…Small Bubble Coral, or Octobubble. Its genus name, Physogyra, comes from the Latin words physa (air bubble) and gyros (wide circle), which describes its retractable, circular, bubble-shaped polyps. Its polyps are white to tan or green and look like a cluster of grapes or balloons with pointed tips
Haitian Reef Anemone
(Condylactis sp.)
Starting at $13.99
The Haitian Reef Anemone, also known as the Pink-Tip Condy, is found near Haiti, in lagoons or on inner reefs, as individuals, or loose groups. It is never found in connected clusters. It has a red column with long, tapering, pink-tipped tentacles. The tentacles may occasionally develop a…
The Hair & Bubble Algae Caribbean Cleaner Package
(Miscellaneous species)
Starting at $89.99
The Hair & Bubble Algae Cleaner Package contains a variety of beautiful, beneficial crabs. Voracious scavengers, these crabs provide an invaluable "cleaner" function as they consume both undesirable algae and detritus. They naturally control algae, stir your aquarium sand, and help maintain…
Condy Anemone
(Condylactis gigantea)
Starting at $11.99
…This species has diverse color variations. The base color is usually brown to white and the tentacles may or may not have magenta, purple, or green tips on its long tapering tentacles. The tentacles may occasionally develop a bubble-like appearance to them. It prefers to bury its base in the sand or…
Tamsco 5 Piece Aquarium Landscaping Kit
Starting at $23.39
…and convenient storage of aquascaping tools.Kit includes: 10" Double Ended Spatula, 11" Straight Tip Serrate Tweezers, 11" Angle Tip Serrated Tweezers, 10.5" Straight Tip Scissors and a 10.5" Curve Tip Scissors. Planted Aquarium Aquascaping TipsCaring for your maturing planted aquarium is both…
Algae Attack Pack - Ultimate
(Miscellaneous species)
Starting at $107.99
…the following tank cleaners: Scarlet Reef Hermit Crabs, Mexican Turbo Snails or Margarita Snails or Zebra Turbo Snails, Dwarf Red Tip Hermit Crab or Dwarf Yellow Tip Hermit Crab or Dwarf Zebra Hermit (Hawaii), Abalone or Banded Trochus Snails or Turban Snails, Court Jester Goby or Black Sailfin…
ISTA Professional C02 Supply Set - 1L
Starting at $69.99
…requiredNow it's easier than ever to take your planted aquarium to the next level.ISTA Professional C02 Supply Set arrives complete with regulator, bubble counter, diffuser, tubing - even your first refillable C02 aluminum cylinder. Tool-free assembly means your system will be up and running the…
DR Instruments Aqua Scaping Kit
Starting at $29.99
…stainless steel construction. Also great for coral propagation.Aquascaping kit includes: 11" Straight Tip Forceps 11" Curved Tip Forceps 11" Straight Tip Plant Scissors 11" Curved Tip Plant Scissors 11" Double-sided SpatulaPlease note: Clean and rinse tools well in fresh water and dry thoroughly…
Fluval Pressurized CO2 Kit
Starting at $2.74
…the Bubble Counter and to connect the Bubble Counter to the Diffuser. Tip: Measure and calculate the length of Airline Tubing Hose required according to where you will be placing the CO2 Cartridge and Bubble Counter. You will end up with two lengths of Airline Tubing Hose. Open the Bubble Counter,…
Drs. Foster & Smith Deluxe Fully-Automatic CO2 System
Starting at $599.99
…movement. Keep the tip submerged - otherwise the controller may stay on permanently, regardless of the water pH.Plug the CO2 regulator with solenoid into outlet #1 on the pH controller.Adjust the output of the CO2 needle valve so you can start counting bubbles flowing through your bubble counter. As…
Pinpoint Conductivity Monitor
Starting at $59.99
…liquid and allow a minute for any temperature compensation to take place. Swirl the probe and be sure to be sure that NO air bubbles have accumulated under the probe tip. Using a miniature screwdriver, turn screw #3 until the display matches the value of your calibration fluid. DO NOT adjust screw…
Whisper Air Pumps
Starting at $6.99
…x 6.25" 60 up to 60 gallons 2 outlets 5" x 3.375" x 8.375" 100 up to 100 gallons 2 outlets 5" x 3.375" x 8.375" Tips from our TechsThese pumps are ideal for creating a bubble wall in tall aquariums. They're strong enough to easily push air into deep aquariums, helping release toxic gasses and…
Salifert Magnesium Test Kit
Starting at $24.99
…seconds.Place the plastic tip firmly on the 1 ml syringe and draw into this Mg-3 reagent until the lower end of the black syringe part is at the 1.00 ml mark. Ensure that during this process that the plastic tip is submersed in the Mg-3 reagent to avoid drawing in air bubbles instead of liquid. An…