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Seachem Acid & Alkaline Buffer
Starting at $7.57
* Buffering agent great for conditioning freshwater planted aquariums * Use Acid & Alkaline Buffer together to achieve optimum aquarium pH * Maintain stable aquarium pH levels for healthy aquarium inhabitants Acid BufferThis phosphate-free buffer lowers and stabilizes pH in the acid range of 4.0…
Seachem Malawi/Victoria Buffer
Starting at $7.3
…before use. Use when setting up an aquarium or making water changes and between water changes, as needed, to maintain desired pH.Seachem's Malawi/Victoria Buffer is formulated to maintain a pH between 7.8 and 8.4, depending on the amount used. To attain a higher pH than 8.4, use Tanganyika Buffer.
Aquaforest KH Buffer
Starting at $11.99
…your reef aquarium with Aquaforest KH Buffer. A sudden drop of carbonates concentration in your aquarium may entirely stop the nitrification process. That's where Aquaforest KH Buffer. It resolves quickly and is easy to use.Dosage: dissolve 80 g of KH Buffer in 1000 ml RODI water. Dosage should be…
Tetra EasyBalance Plus
Starting at $6.99
…organic pollutants and provides nutrients required by nitrifiers * Removes phosphate from tap water * Supplies a continuous buffer that prevents pH decline An innovation in aquarium maintenance, regular use of EasyBalance Plus extends the period of time you can go before…
Seachem Reef Buffer
Starting at $7.3
* Reef buffer for convenient aquarium pH maintenance * Use Reef Buffer to safely raise the pH of your reef system * Raises pH and carbonate alkalinity to help simplify reef care Reef Buffer is primarily intended for use in a reef system where the maintenance of a pH of 8.3 is often difficult. When…
Reef Builder
Starting at $7.3
…agents, to make essential elements biologically available.To control pH and alkalinity, use, Seachem Reef Buffer, but to promote active growth of corals, use Reef Builder alone, or with Marine Buffer. 300 grams treats 4,800 gallons of saltwater.Why it's DifferentUnlike the competition, Seachem Reef…
Kent Marine Pro-Buffer dKH
Starting at $6.99
…strength buffer for all saltwater marine aquariums * Liquid buffer raises alkalinity and maintains aquarium pH at 8.3 * Maintain stable water parameters for healthy marine aquariums Streamline alkalinity and pH maintenance in all saltwater marine aquariums. Professional strength buffer increases…
Starting at $7.9
…acid (C) (min): 1,500 mg/oz.IngredientsPurified water, Ascorbic acid, and Buffering agents.OverviewThe easiest way to fortify marine diets with highly-concentrated Vitamin C. Simply saturate food in buffered Vitamarin-C solution before feeding. Ideal supplement for coral propagation,…
Red Sea Reef Foundation ABC Reef Supplement Multipack
Starting at $23.99
…or high calcium can lead to alkalinity drops.Excessive dosing of calcium or buffer (without dosing magnesium) - Adding too much calcium (to saturation levels) can lead to a sudden drop in alkalinity. Adding too much buffer to an aquarium with calcium at saturation levels will cause precipitation,…
Tanganyika Buffer
Starting at $7.3
…as needed to maintain pH. Remember, Seachem s Tanganyika Buffer is formulated to maintain a pH between 9.0 and 9.4, depending on the amount used. To achieve a lower pH in your African cichlid aquarium, use Malawi/Victoria Buffer (pH 7.8 8.4), either alone or in combination with Tanganyika Buffer.
Seachem Marine Buffer
Starting at $7.3
* Marine buffer safely raises and maintains a pH of 8.3 * Will not raise pH above 8.3 even if inadvertently overdosed * Maintains both pH and alkalinity (KH) without disrupting the natural ionic balance of marine water Easy-to-use marine buffer safely raises and maintains a pH of 8.3. Contains a…
Seachem Discus Buffer Water Conditioner
Starting at $7.71
…for aquariums containing live plants.General Information:Discus Buffer helps replicate the ideal water conditions for Discus, low pH and low GH (General Hardness). Discus Buffer will lower pH and keep it lowered. Discus Buffer will also soften water by precipitating calcium and magnesium. Use…
Microbe-Lift Freshwater pH Buffer Stabilizer by Ecological Labs
Starting at $4.92
…fish.Directions: Pre-dissolve buffer in a small amount of dechlorinated water. To lower pH and hold at 6.5: Add one scoopful of buffer per 10 gallons. To raise pH and hold at 6.5: Adjust pH to target with an increaser (item #781031) and then add 1 scoopful of this buffer to 10 gallons of water.…
Microbe-Lift African Cichlid pH Buffer Stabilizer by Ecological Labs
Starting at $4.92
…desired, double the usage of this buffer per 30 gallons to achieve a slightly higher pH target for Tanganyika species.Directions: Pre-dissolve buffer in a small amount of dechlorinated water. To raise a low pH and hold it at about 8.5: Add 1 level scoop of this buffer per 30 gallons. To lower a high…
Microbe-Lift Reef/Marine pH Buffer Stabilizer by Ecological Labs
Starting at $4.92
buffering salts gently conditions aquarium water * Ensures a proper pH for your reef or marine aquarium Gently stabilize your aquarium's pH to the best possible levels for your reef or marine tank inhabitants. Also acts as a KH Alkalinity supplement. Sets saltwater at a pH of 8.2. Powdered buffers