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Bush Fish

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Leopard Ctenopoma Captive-Bred
(Ctenopoma acutirostre)
Starting at $16.49
The Leopard Ctenopoma, also known as the Spotted Climbing Perch, is part of the Bush Fish group of the family Anabantidae. These "climbing fish" are patient predators often remaining still among plants waiting for food to pass by. The Leopard Ctenopoma is one of the more colorful species of the…
Dragon's Tongue Algae
(Halymenia dilatata)
Starting at $39.99
…aquariums, refugium or seahorse systems. However, if growing for display purposes, it may not be suitable in systems housing large herbivorous fish and invertebrates, as they will delight in dining on the Aquacultured Dragon's Tongue Algae.Mounted on a piece of square cut fossilized coral skeleton,…
Fish Mate Pond/Fountain Pumps
Starting at $99.99
…of trouble-free operation. Easy-to-clean, removable filter cage is less prone to blockage for reliable performance and convenient maintenance. Fish Mate submersible, solids-handling pond pumps feature a 2-way outlet with flow adjuster to control flow rate to suit your particular water fountain,…
Fish Mate Pressurized UV+Bio Pond Filters
Starting at $15.99
…filter. Remove electrical lid by removing 6 screws. Carefully remove the UV Lamp by pulling the UV Lamp away from the Lamp Holder. Make sure your new Fish Mate UV lamp wattage is the same as the UV Lamp being replaced by checking the wattage on the UV Lamp. Fit lamp by pushing new UV Lamp into Lamp…