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Kent Marine Liquid Calcium
Starting at $10.99
* Marine calcium supplement great for hard and soft corals * Easy-to-use concentrated liquid calcium formula * Calcium helps maintain a high pH needed in marine aquariums Provides necessary calcium to enhance the growth of hard corals, soft corals, and other reef invertebrates. Great for tube…
EcoSystem Reef Solution
Starting at $16.99
…In reef systems, polyp extensions on corals are phenomenal. In fish-only aquariums, color returns to even faded specimens. With regular use, your coral and fishes will become vibrant and healthy.No other additives are needed when using Reef Solution (excluding calcium supplement and dkH Buffer).
Drs. Foster & Smith Calcium Chloride
Starting at $11.99
calcium level with just 1 teaspoon per 10 gallons of water*Achieve the essential balance of calcium and alkalinity beneficial to coral health Drs. Foster and Smith Calcium Chloride bulk additive lets experienced aquarists easily maintain the calcium level in aquarium water. Just 1 tsp of Calcium
Aquaforest AF Build for Coral
Starting at $9.99
*Speeds up the adsorption of calcium and carbon required for building up coral skeleton*Lowers the levels of undesirable hair algae*Prevents the growth of pathogenic blue-green algae Speed up the adsorption of calcium and carbon that help build up coral skeleton with Aquaforest AF Build. Containing…
Pinpoint Calcium Monitor
Starting at $14.99
* Easy-to-use portable digital calcium monitor * Precise LCD readout - displays calcium levels in ppm * Convenient calcium testing for reef hobbyists High-tech, digital calcium monitor simplifies routine testing. Just dip calibrated probe in water sample for quick and accurate measurement. No more…
Red Sea Reef Foundation ABC Reef Supplement Multipack
Starting at $23.99
…of calcium and carbonates, which will lead to their depletion from the water, causing a drop in calcium and alkalinity.Unbalanced salt mixture - low magnesium or high calcium can lead to alkalinity drops.Excessive dosing of calcium or buffer (without dosing magnesium) - Adding too much calcium (to…
Microbe-Lift Calcium Concentrate plus Buffer by Ecological Labs
Starting at $12.21
…liquid calcium supplement great for reef aquariums * Bio-available calcium helps ensure healthy coral growth * Buffered reef supplement also helps maintain aquarium pH Concentrated calcium solution produces stronger skeletons for better coral growth. Vitamin D fortified Calcium Concentrate…
Fluval Bug Bites Granules for Tropical Fish
Starting at $12.99
…larve, salmon, fish protein concentrate, green peas, potato, wheat, dicalcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, DL-methionine, lecithin, choline chloride, L-lysine, vitamin E supplement, biotin, niacin, calcium L-ascorbyl-2-monophoshate, calendula, zinc oxide, manganous oxide, d-calcium pantothenate,…
Starting at $22.29
…Little Fishies is a two-part, calcium and alkalinity maintenance system that adjusts calcium, magnesium, and strontium ions to natural seawater ratios, and achieves a balanced ionic residual. Makes replenishment of calcium and alkalinity easy, and keeps your calcium and alkalinity in perfect…
Seachem Reef Advantage Calcium
Starting at $8.58
* Dry calcium supplement for coral growth in marine reef aquariums * Helps restore and maintain calcium to levels found in natural seawater * Raises calcium levels and also maintains magnesium and strontium Seachem Reef Advantage Calcium is a buffered (pH 8.3-8.6) optimized blend of calcium,
Kent Marine Turbo-Calcium
Starting at $12.99
…necessary calcium to reef aquariums * Supplements calcium levels necessary for healthy coral growth * Mix with water to prepare calcium solution for use in drip-dosing systems Great for experienced reef keepers who desire to rapidly raise the calcium level in their aquariums. This dry calcium
Green Stylophora - Aquacultured, ORA®
(Stylophora pistillata)
Starting at $44.99
…coral, we recommend metal halide lighting. For continued good health, they will require the addition of a two part calcium and buffer supplement in order to maintain a calcium level of 400-450 ppm and dKH of 8-12. They will also benefit from additional food fed weekly in the form of micro-plankton…
API KH/Carbonate and Calcium Test Kits
Starting at $5.79
calcium levels drop as invertebrates use calcium in aquarium water. Why Test for Calcium?Monitoring calcium levels is essential for keeping a successful reef aquarium. Reef organisms use calcium to build a calcium carbonate skeleton. Over time, as the calcium in the water is utilized, the calcium
Starting at $35.66
* Coarse calcium reactor media composed of fossilized coral remains * Coral skeletons sustainably harvested from the Western Pacific Ocean * Replenishes calcium, carbonate alkalinity, and other elements for coral growth Unique calcium reactor media composed of fossilized coral…
Seachem Reef Calcium
Starting at $7.22
…system.Reef Calcium may be used alone to maintain calcium but will provide enhanced levels of coral growth when used in conjunction with an ionic calcium supplement such as Reef Complete (#923027) or Reef Advantage Calcium (#434561). Reef Calcium is intended to maintain calcium levels. If calcium