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Calcium Test Kit

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Seachem Reef Status Calcium Test Kit
Starting at $31.43
* Precision calcium test kit designed for reef aquarium hobbyists * Measure aquarium calcium levels to maintain healthy corals * Accurately measures reef aquarium calcium levels in 5 mg/L increments Professional calcium test kit delivers accurate results in three easy steps. Designed specifically…
API KH/Carbonate and Calcium Test Kits
Starting at $5.79
…or calcium. Each test kit includes reagent(s), glass test tube with cap, and easy-to-follow instructions. Number of tests varies depending on water conditions. KH/Carbonate Test Kit can be used to determine the proper dose of pH buffers. For use in fresh and saltwater aquariums. Calcium Test Kit
Red Sea Calcium Pro Test Kit
Starting at $34.99
calcium titration test kit great for coral reef aquariums * Hand-held titration system streamlines calcium testing process * Enjoy accuracy and convenience testing aquarium calcium levels Keep on top of coral reef aquarium care with hassle-free calcium titration testing. Red Sea Calcium Pro Test
API Reef Master Liquid Test Kit
Starting at $22.99
…Long-lasting kit contains tests for calcium (70 tests), carbonate hardness (number of tests varies by water hardness), phosphate (150 tests), and nitrate (110 tests). Included instructions explain how to use the tests in an easy-to-understand manner for precise test results. Kit contents: 7 test
API Phosphate Test Kit
Starting at $12.19
…may precipitate dissolved calcium and magnesium ions in saltwater aquariums. API Phosphate Test Kit reads 0-10 ppm total phosphate. Use in marine, reef, or freshwater aquariums.Directions for Testing PhosphateSTEP 1 Fill the test tube with 5 ml of water to be tested (to the line on the tube).STEP…
Red Sea Reef Foundation Pro Multi Test Kit
Starting at $17.99
…hobbyistsComprehensive test kit measures three fundamental elements required for coral health. Red Sea Reef Foundation Pro Multi Test Kit takes a fresh approach to greater testing convenience and accuracy. Included Red Sea Calcium Pro, KH/Alkalinity Pro and Magnesium Pro Tests are packaged together…
Salifert Calcium Profi Test Kit
Starting at $21.99
calcium test kit favored by reef aquarium hobbyists * Use to accurately measure and monitor aquarium calcium level * Precision calcium test kit measures in 10 ppm increments Precision calcium test kit for laboratory grade results. Favored by champion reef aquarium hobbyists, Salifert Calcium Kit
Salifert Magnesium Test Kit
Starting at $24.99
…Profi Test makes testing magnesium levels easy and accurate. Reef aquarium enthusiasts have relied on the precision quality of Salifert test kits for years. Monitor and maintain magnesium levels without fear of skewed test results due to strontium or calcium interference. Salifert Magnesium Test kit
Salifert Oxygen Test Kit
Starting at $4.99
…Oxygen Test Kit is a "must-have" test kit for hobbyists with sophisticated aquarium devices such as calcium reactors, CO2 systems, or ozonizers, where regular monitoring of oxygen level is crucial. 50 tests. Use for freshwater or marine aquariums.Range: 2 - 14 ppm This oxygen test can be used…
API GH/KH Test Kit
Starting at $8.29
…pH. The Aquarium Pharmaceuticals KH (Carbonate Hardness) Test measures KH in German degrees (°dKH). To convert °dKH to parts per million (ppm), multiply °dKH x 17.9.What is General Hardness (GH)?General hardness is the measure of calcium (Ca2+) and magnesium (Mg2+) ion concentrations dissolved in…
Salifert Carbonate Hardness/Alkalinity Test Kit
Starting at $16.99
…pH High-end alkalinity test kit for serious aquarium hobbyists. Maintaining proper carbonate hardness and alkalinity is essential for all types of aquariums, especially marine reef aquariums. Carbonate hardness and alkalinity has an intricate relationship with pH, calcium, the buffering capacity of…
Seachem Reef Calcium
Starting at $7.22
…capful will raise calcium by about 3 mg/L. NOTE: Use a calcium test kit to measure calcium. It is not necessary to exceed 380 mg/L total calcium when using this product. Color and clarity may vary between lots. Guaranteed AnalysisAmounts per 1 g Calcium 50 mg. min. Calcium 52 mg. max.…
Pinpoint Calcium Monitor
Starting at $114.99
* Easy-to-use portable digital calcium monitor * Precise LCD readout - displays calcium levels in ppm * Convenient calcium testing for reef hobbyists High-tech, digital calcium monitor simplifies routine testing. Just dip calibrated probe in water sample for quick and accurate measurement. No more…
Kent Marine Liquid Calcium
Starting at $10.99
…Accurate test kits are crucial to help you monitor and maintain water chemistry.Directions for use:For Bottles: Add 1/4 to 1 teaspoon (1/4 to 1 capful or 1.25 to 5 ml) per 50 gallons (190 l) of aquarium capacity each day, depending on animal load. Strive to maintain the calcium concentration…
Red Sea Magnesium Pro Test Kit
Starting at $34.99
…of freshwater will result in approximate increases of 13ppm Ca and 40ppm Mg). Test only with high resolution test kits such as Red Sea's Foundation Program (Calcium, Alkalinity & Magnesium) Pro Titration Kits. All of the Red Sea Reef Care Program supplements have dosing charts (on back of…