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Caulastrea Coral

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7 products
Caulastrea Coral, Aquacultured
(Caulastrea furcata)
Starting at $29.99
The LiveAquaria® Aquacultured Caulastrea Coral is a large polyp stony (LPS) coral and often referred to as Bullseye, Candy, or Trumpet Coral. Blue Spruce color variety is blue to green and the Candy Cane is red with a green center. It is a peaceful coral in the reef aquarium, and the only…
Trumpet Coral
(Caulastrea curvata)
Starting at $34.99
…strontium, and other trace elements to the water. This and other species of Caulastrea sp. can be sensitive to metal halide lighting, so take time in acclimating these corals to this type of lighting. Simply place the coral low in the aquarium for a few weeks until it opens fully and slowly move the…
Candy Cane Coral
(Caulastrea furcata)
Starting at $19.99
The Caulastrea Candy Cane Coral is a large polyp stony (LPS) coral often referred to as the Trumpet, Torch, Candy, or Bullseye Coral. Its genus name, Caulastrea, comes from the Latin kaulos (stalk), and aster (star) describing its skeletal structure consisting of tubular stalks with stars on each…
Coral Pack Beginner LPS
(Miscellaneous species)
Starting at $134.99
…origin. Package Contains 1 Candy Cane Coral - Medium orTrumpet Coral - Medium 1 Button Coral Scolymia - Medium orPlate Coral, Green Short Tentacle - Medium orPlate Coral, Asst. Short Tentacle - Medium 1 Brain Coral, Pineapple - Medium orBrain Coral, Favites - Medium Approximate Purchase…
Big Pipe Trumpet Coral, Green
(Caulastrea echinulata)
Starting at $59.99
Coral is a large polyp stony (LPS) coral that often shares the common names Torch Coral, Candy Coral, or Bullseye Coral. As such, proper identification of Caulastrea echinulata is often a topic of conversation. Compared to Candy Cane Corals (Caulastrea furcata), the Green Big Pipe Trumpet Coral
Blastomussa Coral, Aquacultured USA
(Blastomussa merletti)
Starting at $34.99
The Blastomussa Coral is also referred to as a Pineapple or Branched Cup coral. This variety is aquacultured and is red with neon green centers. They can be confused with the Candy Cane coral (Caulastrea sp.), but has a more compact and a more dome-like appearance. The neon green centers of this…
Cobalt Aquatics C-Vue Complete Aquarium Kit, 40 gallon, Black, Reef
Starting at $169.99
…JESTER GOBY3 x PAJAMA CARDINAL2 x WATCHMAN GOBYEASY LARGE POLYP STONEY CORAL PACK1 x Caulastrea Coral1 x Lobophyllia Brain Coral1 x Favia Brain Coral1 x Euphyllia Coral1 x Pachyseris CoralEASY POLYP, MUSHROOM & SOFT CORAL PACK1 x Maricultured Colt Coral1 x Mariculted Finger Leather Coral1 x…