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Cave Rocks

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123 products
Underwater Gal Cichlid Stone 10-piece Big Rock Box
Starting at $62.99
…The spacious interior encourages exploration, while providing secure breeding niches and a defensible refuge, which helps reduce stress. The RLF Design Cichlid Stone 10 piece Big Rock Box comes with six large stones of three different versions and four medium stones of two different versions.
Tretocephalus Cichlid
(Neolamprologus tretacephaleus)
Starting at $13.99
…Provide plenty of rocks with caves, and a sandy bottom comprised of aragonite to maintain the necessary high pH and alkalinity, and provide room to set up territories.The Tretocephalus is a cave spawner, and breeding is more difficult than most of the cichlids. Provide plenty of caves with sandy…
Underwater Gal Large Cichlid Stone Boulder Rock
Starting at $7.99
*Spacious interior encourages exploration while providing secure breeding niches*Eco-friendly, and won t displace or reduce the amount of water in your aquarium*Molded with care and hand-glazed to eye-catching, natural look perfection*"Identical to the original Underwater Galleries Cichlid Stones -…
Prehistoric Dragon Goby
(Gobioides broussonnetii)
Starting at $12.99
…with purplish lavender body color.The Prehistoric Dragon Goby is ideally kept in a 50-gallon or larger aquarium decorated with plenty of rocks, plants, and caves in order to provide adequate hiding places for this typically timid fish. They prefer hard water with an alkalinity of 10 to 20 dKH and a…
Black Convict Cichlid
(Archocentrus nigrofasciatus)
Starting at $5.99
…tank due to their aggressive tendencies.The Black Convict Cichlid requires a 30 gallon minimum tank, with a gravel bottom, rocks and plenty of hiding places among the rocks or some inverted pots. Floating plants are recommended as a form of cover. Because of their aggressive nature, Black Convict…
Two Little Fishies STAX Aquascaping Rocks
Starting at $26.39
…aquarium with Two Little Fishies STAX Aquascaping Rocks. STAX are flat, porous, oolitic limestone shapes, perfect for building layered aquascapes in marine or freshwater aquariums. Provides a stable structure and limitless creative fun! Each STAX rock is cut so that it has flat surfaces on both…
Cave Transparent Goby
(Fusigobius sp.)
Starting at $23.99
…it is best if it is kept with other docile species.The Cave Transparent Gobies are known to successfully spawn in an aquarium. They typically build a cave under a rock, where they lay their eggs upon the ceiling of the cave.The diet of the Cave Transparent Goby should consist of a variety of brine…
Hagen Marina Decor Cave
Starting at $6.49
* Decorative and functional cave decoration for aquariums * Natural and realistic looking poly-resin aquarium decoration * Provide additional shelter AND improve aquarium décor Add decorative shelter for shy or nocturnal aquarium fish. The Marina Décor Cave makes the perfect daytime shelter for…
Cobalt Aquatics Large Cichlid Hut Breeding Cave
Starting at $4.93
…a secure site in your aquarium for egg-laying cave breeders*Easily incorporate into your breeding or spawning aquarium setupProvide an ideal habitat to encourage spawning of egg-laying cave breeders. Cobalt Aquatics Large Cichlid Hut Breeding Cave offers freshwater and saltwater aquarium fish…
Real Reef Eco Friendly Shelf Rock
(Calcium carbonate)
Starting at $189.99
…placement as well as topping off caves. For aquascaping, it is acceptable to alter the shapes and sizes of the rock with a hammer and chisel. This will not damage the integrity of this manufactured rock. Upon arrival, we recommend placing your "Real Reef" rock in a curing bin of salt water until…
Cobalt Aquatics Cichlid Hut Breeding Caves
Starting at $7.06
…a secure site in your aquarium for egg-laying cave breeders*Stack multiple units for the perfect breeding or spawning aquariumProvide an ideal habitat to encourage spawning of egg-laying cave breeders. Cobalt Aquatics Cichlid Hut Breeding Caves offer freshwater and saltwater aquarium fish breeders…
(Badis badis)
Starting at $7.99
…aquarium with caves, rocks, and driftwood. The Badis is a territorial fish in a species tank, but is more peaceful in a community tank. Family groups are formed and are headed by the male.Badis badis will breed in caves scattering the eggs which become attached to cave walls and the substrate.…
Albino Kribensis Cichlid
(Pelvicachromis pulcher)
Starting at $7.99
…more attracted to the albino female because of the intense red that the albino female displays during breeding. They are a cave spawning species so plenty of rocks and caves should be provided. Feed the fry baby brine shrimp and finely ground flake food.The Albino Kribensis should be given a diet…
Yellow Line Shrimp
(Urocaridella sp. C)
Starting at $29.99
…splits into two stripes.In its natural environment, the Yellow Line Shrimp lives in groups in small caves and crevices on the reef in locations called "cleaning stations." They use a side-to-side rocking dance to advertise the cleaning station to approaching "client fish" in the water column. Yellow…
Red Tail Triggerfish
(Xanthichthys sp.)
Starting at $169.99
…change from their dark color into a red coloration.A 125-gallon or larger aquarium with rocks and caves provides a good habitat. It will rearrange the landscaping and rocks as it wanders in and out of the caves. It vocalizes using a "grunting" sound. The Red Tail Triggerfish are very friendly and…