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Chlorine Remover

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The Fishkeeper Freshwater Formula
Starting at $6.49
…of 76º - 80º.Store at room temperature.Treats up to 480 gallons. Prevent Fish DiseaseDon t over-crowd your aquarium; perform frequent partial water changes maintaining your existing temperature. Remove tap water chlorine and chloramine, don t over feed, and add Fishkeeper weekly per directions.
Tetra GloFish Water Conditioner for Chlorine, Chloramine, and Heavy Metals Remover
Starting at $2.99
*Removes chlorine, chloramine, and heavy metals from your aquarium water*Immune boosters and slime protectant promote health and reduce stress*Scientifically developed to make tap water safeGloFish Water Conditioner is a scientifically developed conditioner with unique immune boosters and stress…
Tap Water Conditioner
Starting at $30.69
…conditioner dechlorinates aquarium water*Instantly removes chlorine & neutralizes chloramines for safe aquarium use*Great aquarium value - Just one drop treats a gallon of tap water!This super-strength water conditioner instantly removes chlorine and detoxifies heavy metals in tap water. Use when…
Starting at $10.29
…water & well water safe for pond fish and plants*Removes chlorine & chloramines and detoxifies heavy metalsEnsure good water quality for a healthy, beautiful pond. API POND CHLORINE & HEAVY METAL NEUTRALIZER instantly removes chlorine and chloramines to make tap water safe for pond fish and plants.…
Drs. Foster & Smith Chlorine Neutralizer
Starting at $15.99
…Foster and Smith Chlorine Neutralizer.Note: Drs. Foster and Smith Chlorine Neutralizer does not remove ammonia from the water. To remove ammonia, please use Drs. Foster and Smith Instant Ammonia Remover (#79366, 79367).General InformationTap water contains high levels of chlorine or chloramines to…
Drs. Foster & Smith Instant Ammonia Remover
Starting at $15.99
…priced to extend your aquarium budgetUse Drs. Foster and Smith Instant Ammonia Remover for all your ammonia emergencies. Triple action aquarium water conditioner instantly removes toxic ammonia, chlorine and chloramines. Safe and effective formulation can be dosed at 3Xs the recommended…
Microbe-Lift Ammonia Remover by Ecological Labs
Starting at $12.99
…(acid-neutralizing capacity) and pH when used to remove very high levels of Total Ammonia.Microbe-Lift Ammonia Remover removes ammonia, chlorine and chloramine rapidly and completely when used as directed.Features Reef safe. Removes ammonia. Removes chlorine. Works immediately and will not delay or…
Microbe-Lift® Concentrated Ammonia Remover for Ponds
Starting at $47.98
…treats 46,080 gallons. DirectionsTo remove and detoxify ammonia, chlorine, and chloramines for water in ponds, add 1 teaspoon of Microbe-Lift Concentrated Ammonia Remover for Ponds per 60 gallons or 1 fl. oz. per 360 gallons of water. To remove ammonia in existing ponds, add 1 teaspoon/60…
Seachem® Water Garden Oasis Pond Prime
Starting at $34.99
…Prime water conditioner removes chlorine and chloramine from tap water*Detoxifies ammonia and nitrite plus heavy metals found in tap water*Stimulates natural slime coat of koi and other pond fish to minimize stressPond Prime is a complete conditioner that removes chlorine, chloramine, and detoxifies…
Microbe-Lift® Dechlorinator + Water Conditioner
Starting at $8.79
…fish can thrive.Dechlorinators or Chlorine RemoversIf you rely on municipal water treated with chlorine, it is crucial to use a dechlorinator or chlorine remover. Though chlorine provides safe drinking water for humans, it is harmful to your fish's gills. Chlorine can harm fish as well as disrupt…
API ® Marine Stress Coat ®
Starting at $8.49
…10 gallons of aquarium water.To remove chlorine, chloramines and ammonia: Add 5 ml per 10 gallons of aquarium water.TipMost artificial salt mixes do not remove tap water disinfectants, like chlorine and chloramines. To assure all tap water disinfectants are removed, use API Marine Stress Coat when…
API Stress Coat ® Plus
Starting at $39.99
*Instantly removes chlorine, chloramines and neutralizes heavy metals*Helps replace the natural slime coating fish need in times of stress*Our best-selling aquarium water conditioner!Improves water quality: Tap water usually contains chlorine, chloramines and heavy metals harmful to fish, and its…
Acrylic Tank Manufacturing Triage Detoxification & Stress Reduction
Starting at $5.35
…agents when they are necessary rather than frequent functions such as water changes. Instructions:Add 5ml per 38 liters (10 gallons) to effectively remove chlorine and chloramines and 1ppm of ammonia. Repeat dosage to remove more than 1ppm of ammonia. Allow at least 2 hours between dosages.
Microbe-Lift Bacterial Aquarium Balancer by Ecological Labs
Starting at $3.57
…ammonia and nitrate. For startup aquariums, first use a chlorine remover. For freshwater and marine aquariums. Treats up to 1,900 gallons.Suggested use: Shake well before using. New tanks: After chlorines and chloramines are removed, add 1 tsp weekly per 20 gallons of water for 3 weeks. Established…
Starting at $21.69
…InformationWhy use API POND STRESS COAT?Instantly removes chlorine and chloraminesDetoxifies heavy metals from tap waterReduces fish stressProtects fish and heals fish woundsAPI POND STRESS COAT completely neutralizes and removes chlorine, chloramines and ammonia associated with the chloramines…