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Cichlid Food

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192 products
Drs. Foster & Smith Cichlid Flakes Food for all Cichlids including African and New & Old World
Starting at $5.49
…palatability.Drs. Foster and Smith Cichlid Flakes are made in the USA to ensure optimal quality. Contains no artificial colors or preservatives. Will not cloud water. For daily nutrition of all aquarium cichlids (African Cichlids, New World Cichlids, South American Cichlids etc.). Feeding…
Omega One Super Color Cichlid Pellets - Small Sinking
Starting at $9.34
…superior cichlid health, growth, & coloration*Fresh seafood protein formula minimizes pollution & aquarium wasteColor-enhancing pellet food formula delivers natural nutrition with fresh seafood ingredients. Omega One Super Color Cichlid Pellets build upon the Omega One cichlid food line offering…
Fluval Bug Bites Cichlid Formula Fish Food Granules for Small to Medium Fish
Starting at $63.99
…at their preferred depthBig Bites Granules for Small to Medium Cichlid Fish is a complete fish food with a unique, insect-based formula that's enriched with multiple quality proteins and carbohydrates, making it ideal for cichlids. Up to 40% of the Bug Bites is made up of nutrient-rich Black Soldier…
Aqueon® Medium Cichlid Pellets
Starting at $7.99
…bring out your Cichlids' true colors, and provide the essentials for proper growth and vitality. Aqueon Medium Cichlid Pellets also contain added vitamins, minerals, and trace ingredients to support overall health and help your fish thrive. These tasty, sinking fish food pellets are formulated…
Hikari Sinking Cichlid Gold
Starting at $3.19
* Premium cichlid pellets with higher natural protein levels for excellent fish growth and superior form * Cichlid fish food contains stabilized Vitamin C to promote resistance to stress and disease * High levels of carotenoid for superior color enhancement of cichlids Premium sinking pellets…
Firemouth Cichlid
(Thorichthys meeki)
Starting at $5.99
…crushed flakes. The Firemouth Cichlid parents may raise several broods in a year.The Firemouth Cichlid is omnivorous, and will eat most prepared and frozen foods, including freeze-dried bloodworms, tubifex, and ocean plankton, as well as flake food and Cichlid pellets.Approximate Purchase Size:…
Synodontis Multipunctatus Catfish
(Synodontis multipunctatus)
Starting at $44.99
…the Cichlid parents were able to save, and the catfish fry then feed upon the Cichlid eggs. It is advised to remove the catfish fry once all of the eggs have been devoured to reduce the chances of the fry eating each other. Feed the fry baby brine shrimp until they are able to accept larger foods.
Silver Arowana
(Osteoglossum bicirrhosum)
Starting at $44.99
…the large eggs in his mouth where they mature in 50 to 60 days. When young, these fish are easily harassed by more aggressive species such as Cichlids. Knifefish, large Plecostomus, Catfish, and Ornate Bichirs make good tank mates for the Silver Arowana.A carnivore, the Silver Arowana will eat…
Seachem NutriDiet® Shrimp Flakes
Starting at $4.39
…protein and a rich assortment of vitamins & minerals*Added probiotics maximize digestibility and reduce aquarium wastePremium protein-rich flake food ideal for carnivorous and omnivorous marine and freshwater aquarium fish. Seachem NutriDiet Shrimp Flakes provide fish with maximum aquatic protein…
New Life Spectrum Cichlid Formula Sinking Pellets
Starting at $11.19
…aquarium cichlid food with natural color enhancers*Quality nutrition supports color, growth and overall cichlid health*Sinking cichlid pellet food contains no hormones or artificial colorOffer aquarium cichlids nutrition that boosts overall health and natural coloration. New Life Spectrum Cichlid
Cobalt Aquatics Premium Cichlid Food
Starting at $103.99
cichlid food improves digestion and water quality*Staple cichlid diet with ingredients for natural color enhancement*High quality nutrition cichlids need to keep healthy and beautifulProbiotics-enhanced nutrition means clean aquariums for beautiful cichlids. Cobalt Aquatics Premium Cichlid Food
Kribensis Cichlid
(Pelvicachromis pulcher)
Starting at $4.29
…African Cichlids to breed. They have an elongated shape and are black in color with a yellow stripe and red belly. The belly takes on a more vivid red coloration during times of breeding. This is one of the smaller African Cichlids, and is often referred to as a dwarf Cichlid. The Kribensis Cichlid
Hikari Cichlid Staple
Starting at $4.23
* Designed to be an economical daily food for the Cichlid family * Can also be used for goldfish and koi * Floating pellets won't cloud the water Highly nutritional, daily diet rich in Vitamin C promotes stress resistance and disease immunity. Available in Baby, Mini, Medium,…
Omega One Cichlid Flakes
Starting at $7.47
…fish food made with fresh seafood for all cichlids*Natural nutrition supports cichlid health, growth, and coloration*Provides cichlids ideal balance of animal proteins & vegetable matterCichlid flake food formula delivers natural nutrition with fresh seafood ingredients. Omega One Cichlid Flakes…
Demasoni Cichlid
(Pseudotropheus demasoni)
Starting at $16.49
…the eggs for approximately three weeks before releasing the fry. The fry can then be fed newly hatched brine shrimp, daphnia, or crushed flake food.The Demasoni Cichlid needs to be fed vegetable rich foods in the form of flake food, dried seaweed and algae. Approximate purchase size: 1" to 1-1/2"