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Cichlid Rocks

76 products
Underwater Gal Cichlid Stone 10-piece Big Rock Box
Starting at $64.99
Cichlids, plecostomus, corydoras, loaches, freshwater sharks, as well as nocturnal or cave-dwelling fish species. The spacious interior encourages exploration, while providing secure breeding niches and a defensible refuge, which helps reduce stress. The RLF Design Cichlid Stone 10 piece Big Rock
Duboisi Cichlid
(Tropheus duboisii)
Starting at $29.99
…or Malawian cichlids. Incorporate plenty of rocks and African driftwood in order to build caves. Provide a sandy bottom of aragonite to maintain the necessary high pH and alkalinity. The Tropheus Duboisi Cichlid is a mouth brooder, and breeding is more difficult than most of the cichlids. This is a…
Anubias coffeefolia
(Anubias coffeefolia)
Starting at $5.29
…species are primarily found in rivers, streams, and marshes. Anubias plants are ideal when planted in substrate or placed on harder surfaces, such as rocks or driftwood. They have medium light requirements but need regular fertilization with iron-based supplements for optimal growth. Interestingly,…
Anubias Congensis
(Anubias afzelii)
Starting at $6.99
…available as a rare import from West Africa, Anubias Congensis, Anubias afzelii, is quickly becoming a farm-raised favorite in planted aquariums and cichlid setups. Like other Anubias plant species, this variety is hardy, relatively undemanding, and robust under ideal growing conditions. Native to…
Rainbow Cichlid
(Herotilapia multispinosa)
Starting at $14.99
…and may also have a brilliant blue tint. The Rainbow Cichlid, Herotilapia multispinosa genus is monotypic, meaning it is the only species in this genus.The Rainbow Cichlid requires a minimum tank of 50 gallons with a fine gravel bottom, and rocks and roots for hiding. Hardy, well-rooted plants are…
Hagen Marina Naturals Rock Outcrop
Starting at $16.99
…chemistry. Resin Rock Outcrop offers a lightweight and convenient choice for creative aquarium landscape design. Exceptional shape and texture plus faux finish make it difficult to distinguish it from real rock. Use multiple pieces of different sizes to create an amazing cichlid aquarium display or…
Mbuna Mixed Cichlid
(Pseudotropheus sp.)
Starting at $3.29
…to enjoy these beautiful cichlids at a great price.Provide a large aquarium with plenty of rockwork, caves, ledges and hiding places for Mbuna Cichlids. Recreating the shallow, rocky shores of Lake Malawi can be achieved easily by using limestone or any type of inert rock as the main aquascaping…
Synodontis Zebra Hybrid
(Synodontis sp.)
Starting at $15.19
…with a warm stable temperature and plenty of rocks and plants is a suitable environment. The Synodontis Zebra Hybrid is a very peaceful tank member and appreciates having several hiding places. It co-exists well with larger Tetras and most African Cichlids similar in size.When netting, one must be…
Electric Blue Jack Dempsey
(Nandopsis octofasciatum)
Starting at $34.99
…pleased to offer the Electric Blue Jack Demsey, an uncommon but natural variant of Nandopsis octofasciatum. Adorned in brilliant blue, this showcase cichlid is typically smaller and reported to be less aggressive than its popular counterpart. The Electric Blue Jack Dempsey is a freshwater fish that…
Demasoni Cichlid
(Pseudotropheus demasoni)
Starting at $16.49
The Demasoni Cichlid, Pseudotropheus demasoni, is a relatively rare cichlid, which originates from a specific rocky point called Pombo Rocks, within the waters of Lake Malawi located in Tanzania, Africa. The male of this species has dark blue or black vertical stripes with alternating lighter…
Underwater Gal Large Cichlid Stone Boulder Rock
Starting at $7.99
…and hand-glazed to eye-catching, natural look perfection*"Identical to the original Underwater Galleries Cichlid Stones - from the same factory and designer"These Eco-Friendly, man-made Cichlid Stones are molded with care and hand-glazed to eye-catching, natural look perfection, then heated to more…
Tretocephalus Cichlid
(Neolamprologus tretacephaleus)
Starting at $9.99
Cichlid, comes from the coastal waters of Lake Tanganyika, Africa. The appearance of the Tretocephalus is similar to that of the Frontosa, but has only 5 stripes.The Tretocephalus should be maintained in an aquarium of at least 50 gallons with other aggressive cichlids. Provide plenty of rocks with…
Bumblebee Cichlid
(Pseudotropheus crabro)
Starting at $10.49
…Hornet Cichlid, or Chameleon Cichlid comes from deepwater caves in Lake Malawi, Africa. The coloration of the Bumblebee is a golden yellow background with vertical brown to black bars running the length of its body. The Bumblebee will do best in a cichlid community aquarium. Provide numerous rocks
Salvini Cichlid
(Nandopsis salvini)
Starting at $7.99
…running along the forehead.Salvini Cichlids require a tank of at least 50 gallons with a fine gravel or sand bottom. It does not burrow or destroy plants, which are recommended to use as territories. The Salvini Cichlid should be provided with numerous rocks and roots for use as hiding places.…
Calvus Cichlid
(Altolamprologus calvus)
Starting at $24.99
…large mouth gives them a menacing look. The Calvus Cichlid should be maintained in an aquarium of at least 30 gallons if in a species aquarium, and a larger aquarium if maintained with other smaller Tanganyikan cichlids. Incorporate plenty of rocks, shells and African or other type of driftwood that…