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Hydor Koralia Evolution Pumps
Starting at $41.99
…water pump provides vital water movement * Connect to a timer for custom aquarium water movement * Improve aquarium water circulation with less energy use NEWLY upgraded next generation Koralia pumps boast greater energy-efficiency and enhanced features. Improved impeller…
Tunze Turbelle Nanostream 6040 Circulation Pump
Starting at $140.3
…controllable German-made electronic circulation pump * Delivers variable aquarium water movement between 53 & 1,188 gph * 360-degree rotatable deflector directs gentle, penetrating water flow Tunze's smallest speed-controlled circulation pump loaded with high-end features…
Tunze Turbelle Nanostream 6020 Circulation Pump
Starting at $42.92
* Very compact, German-made 660 gph aquarium circulation pump * Provides vital water movement & preserves aquarium aesthetics * Special flow deflector delivers gentle yet far-reaching circulation Compact circulation pump designed for discreet placement delivers gentle,…
Hydor Koralia Pumps
Starting at $103.99
* Submersible aquarium pump expands water circulation options * Articulating ball joint allows a wider range of aquarium water movement * Suction cup and magnet mounting system allows versatile aquarium placement Dynamic, fully submersible water pumps revitalize…
Viper Shrimp
(Atya gabonensi)
Starting at $14.99
…peaceful fish and sufficient water flow. Since they prefer oxygen rich water and strong current, use a submersible pump to keep water in constant circulation. Feed sparingly using very fine floating food like algae powder or dried small crustaceans shortly before turning the lights off. Approximate…
Coralife BioCube Circulation Pump
Starting at $23.99
…water circulation pump for BioCube Aquarium Systems * Provides crucial water movement in aquariums up to 30 gallons * Simulates natural reef and river currents in your nano aquarium Compact circulation pump enhance vital water movement in your BioCube Aquarium System. Coralife BioCube Circulation
Hydor Pico Evo-Mag Circulation Pump
Starting at $20.99
…tight corners in your aquarium!Connect the timer-controllable Evo-Mag Circulation Pump to a timer or wavemaker (sold separately) for amazing custom water movement in your nano-reef aquarium! To transform the Evo-Mag Circulation Pump into a timer-controllable wavemaker, simply attach the Hydor FLO…
Sicce Voyager Nano Circulation and Stream Pump
Starting at $36.54
circulation pump boasts extreme energy efficiency and compact size without sacrificing quality or power. Sicce Voyager Nano Circulation and Stream Pump operates on just 3W of electricity while delivering an impressive 530-gph flow rate! Roughly, the size of an egg, the Sicce Voyager Nano Circulation
Tunze Turbelle Nanostream Water Circulation Pumps
Starting at $40.18
…to deliver superior flow patterns. Tunze Turbelle Nanostream Water Circulation Pumps boast wide stream propeller technology that generates beneficial water flow that reaches further into aquariums. Energy-efficient circulation pumps are powered by an innovative synchronous motor for low heat…
Tunze Turbelle Controllable Nanostream and Stream Electronic Water Circulation Pumps
Starting at $185
…pumps automatically optimize performance for reliable, energy-efficient use. Tunze Turbelle Controllable Nanostream and Stream Electronic Water Circulation Pumps feature an electronic motor that adapts its speed automatically to the pump load. "Intelligent" electronic pumps always seek the best…
Hydor Koralia 3G 3rd Generation Circulation and Wave Pump
Starting at $68.49
… Stylish propeller pump boasts high flow rate, greater energy efficiency, and enhanced mounting system. Hydor Koralia 3G 3rd Generation Circulation and Wave Pump directs vital water movement virtually anywhere in your aquarium with greater ease thanks to the patented Dual Magnetic Support…
Eheim Water System Installation Sets
Starting at $32.79
…or Eheim metrictubing. 16/22 mm sets fit 5/8" tubing or Eheim metric tubing. Installation Set 1 is an intake strainer for safe and complete circulation of deep aquariums. Approximately 17" long.Installation Set 2 is a spraybar output for better surface agitation. Spraybar is approximately 12-1/2"…
Directional U-Tube
Starting at $5.99
… aquariums * Adjustable flare nozzle directs aquarium water flow to desired area * Simple and inexpensive way to improve aquarium water circulation Multipurpose return outlet system offers an inexpensive and practical way to redirect water flow. Adjustable ball-joint articulation with flare…
Penguin Powerheads
Starting at $2.99
…height allowance, keep in mind that Impeller Housing and Diffuser must be completely submerged to operate properly. For maximum aeration and circulation, position power head so flow slightly breaks water surface. Cut Undergravel Lift Tube as needed. Make certain Lift Tube is cut straight so that…
Tetra GloFish LED Bubbling Air Stone with Color-Enhancing Lights
Starting at $9.99
*Enhances the special GloFish colors in your aquarium*Bubbles improve the circulation and oxygenation of your aquarium's water*Features six LED lightsGet the most out of your aquarium with the GloFish LED Bubbling Air Stone. Complete with six LED lights, the LED Bubbling Air Stone enhances the color…