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Cleaning Supplies

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Aqueon Algae Cleaning Magnet
Starting at $1.99
…on the magnetic cleaner will become worn down and will not clean effectively. Replace the pads every 3 months with Aqueon replacement cleaning pads, which are available from your favorite pet supply retailer. Product FeaturesIf the cleaning magnet becomes separated from the outside magnetic handle,…
Mag Drive Pumps with Fractionating Impeller
Starting at $62.49
…solvents.Reverse steps to reassemble. If rubber O-Ring becomes detached, clean it and press it back around the track on the motor housing.Troubleshooting Problem Possible Cause Solution Pump stops working or runs slowly Bad power supply. Check all power connections, GFCI, and circuit breakers.Test…
Hydor ETH In-Line Heaters
Starting at $56.99
…only.Check voltage to verify that the voltage reported on the heater label corresponds to your electrical supply.DO NOT use if either the cable or the heater are damaged.This device is not submersible (for in-line use only).DO NOT immerse unit when cleaning.DO NOT disassemble unit when cleaning.
Eugene Danner Supreme Fractionating Impeller Assembly
Starting at $13.39
…rubber O-ring detaches, clean it and press it back around the track on the motor housing.Mag Drive Pumps with Fractionating Impeller Models 9.5, 12, & 18Maintenance/Impeller ReplacementThis pump does not require any lubrication or special maintenance. Periodically cleaning the Impeller will maintain…
Fluval® PROVAC Powered Aquarium Gravel Cleaner
Starting at $9.99
…suction. No batteries required. *Dual-density filter pad traps large and small particles *Spotlight LED makes it easier to clean hard-to-see areasExperience pro-level cleaning ability and consistent, powered suction with the Fluval® PROVAC Powered Aquarium Gravel Cleaner. The plug-in, powered…
Hydor Centrifugal Pumps (formerly Pico Evolution Mini Pumps)
Starting at $7.49
…function. Do not operate the pump completely out of water. Running the pump dry will cause structural damage to the rotor.MaintenanceNote: Regular cleaning and maintenance of the pump will guarantee better performance and durability. Before any kind of intervention, always disconnect the pump and…
Hydor Koralia 3G 3rd Generation Circulation and Wave Pump
Starting at $68.49
…sure to clean the surface before attaching the magnet support.Adjust flow direction as desired.Connect to electrical supply.MaintenanceNote: Before any kind of intervention, always disconnect electrical supply of the pump and any other appliance placed in the water.Regular cleaning and maintenance…
Eshopps Pacific Reservoir Tank
Starting at $109.99
…aquarium top off process. Eshopps Pacific Reservoir Tank features a built-in float valve that attaches to your water source ensuring a continuous supply of clean, fresh water to replenish evaporated aquarium water. Large reservoir opening with cover allows convenient access to reservoir interior for…
Pond Mini Vac
Starting at $5.99
…full ON position. Vacuum, placing brush or wheel nozzle against surface to be cleaned. When cleaning is completed, remove bag and empty.Hints for use Be sure you have adequate water pressure to ensure proper cleaning. Be sure you have enough garden hose to reach the farthest corners. This makes it…
Marineland 3-foot Artificial Bamboo Plant
Starting at $7.49
…water before installation and periodically for cleaning. To install: Rinse plant under warm water before placement. You may also wish to soak plant in hot water to help restore fullness lost in packaging. To clean: Simply transfer plant to a clean container, allow it to dry overnight, and remove…
Hydor Professional External Aquarium Filters
Starting at $8.49
…the cleaning brushes available on the market. Each time maintenance is carried out, the impeller and its holder, the priming chamber and the various water passages should be cleaned. Turn the head of the filter and unscrew the lid of the motor. Take out the rotor from the holder and clean it, using…
Pondmaster HY-Drive Pump with Rotating Connector
Starting at $169.99
…and Intake Strainer with fresh water or vinegar solution only - never any solvents. Rinse clean completely with clean water.Reverse steps to reassemble. If rubber seal becomes dislodged, make certain it is clean and place it back into the recess on the Motor Cover.Align the Impeller plate with the…
HY-Drive Waterfall Pumps
Starting at $304.99
…into water to remove plug. The National Electric Code requires that a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) be installed in the branch circuit supplying fountain or pond equipment. Never Remove ground pin from plug.Warning: For your protection, always unplug the unit from its power source before…
Turbo-Twist UV Sterilizers
Starting at $143.99
…Quartz Sleeve should be cleaned periodically To ensure superior UV "kill-rate."Cleaning the Quartz Sleeve Disconnect UV Sterilizer from outlet and turn off the water supply pump. Allow the water to drain out of the Turbo-Twist UV Sterilizer before cleaning the Quartz Sleeve. Unscrew…
IceCap Reef-Cam Underwater HD Camera
Starting at $199.99
…with iOS and Android mobile devices. Includes camera, mount suction cup, optional external mounting arm, Wi-Fi hub, power supply, X2 silicone camera jackets, cleaning cloth, Wi-Fi mounting hook-and-look fastener, and suction cup cable clip. Technical Specifications Display…