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141 products
Vegi Clips
Starting at $2.11
…construction safe for fresh and saltwater use Fantastic for feeding herbivores. Large suction cup secures Vegi Clips to aquarium glass for quick and easy access during feeding. Sea Veggies Vegi Clip from Two Little Fishies floats when removed from suction cup, for easy retrieval. Use with Seaweed…
Two Little Fishies VeggieMag
Starting at $20.94
…up to 3/4" thick. This magnetically-coupled feeding clip allows extreme ease of placement and removal unlike conventional aquarium food clips that require hobbyists to stick their arm in aquarium water for secure placement.Floating clip assembly ensures convenient retrieval if it becomes…
Two Little Fishies MegaVeggieMag
Starting at $44.61
…magnetic feeding clips. Powerful ultra-high strength Neodymium magnets withstand the tugging and pulling of large, hungry aquarium herbivores to keep the feeding clip in place.Two Little Fishies MegaVeggieMag features all the convenience of the original VeggieMag including floating clip assembly for…
Aqueon QuietFlow E Internal 3 Extra Small Power Filter
Starting at $8.99
*Extra small power filter efficiently cleans and filters water*Easy to install using suction cups and/or hanging clips on your aquarium *Auto-start pump requires no priming and automatically restarts if power is interrupted Aqueon QuietFlow E Internal 3 Extra Small Power Filter provides chemical,…
Marineland Hidden LED Light Sticks
Starting at $24.99
…beautifully without obtrusive fixtures that may compromise aesthetic aquarium presentations. Waterproof LED light features mounting clips and cord routing clips for easy and clutter-free installation. For use with aquariums with frames.Marineland Hidden LED Light Sticks boast a safe, waterproof…
Whisper Bio-Bags
Starting at $8.59
…begins to overflow excessively from Wonder Tube® chamber.Detach clip from Aerobic Frame and slip a filter bag over Aerobic Frame.Add one pre-measured packet of carbon.Fold both Aerobic Frame flaps down over top of bag and press clip over "H" track located on center of flaps.Rinse Bio-Bag under cool…
Lee's AQ2 Aquarium Divider System
Starting at $5.74
…gravel to create a solid partition. Pry open one of the Clips. Hook the curved end over the frame of the aquarium and insert the straight end of the Clip into the hole in the top of the Rail. Push down as far as it will go to secure the Clip. Repeat on the opposite side. Installation TipFor larger…
Fluval Pressurized 95 g CO2 Kit - For aquariums up to 50 Gallons
Starting at $39.99
…of carbon dioxide for optimal health and greenery.The Fluval 95 g CO2 Disposable Cartridges are available in a pack of three.Kit Includes:High-Quality Regulator ValveSupport BaseHigh-Quality Ceramic CO2 Diffuser which produces the finest of bubblesBubble CounterCheck ValveHose & Anti-Kink Hose Clip
San Francisco Bay Brand Seaweed Salad
Starting at $4.99
…and fiber. Offer nutritious Seaweed Salad as treats or to supplement herbivore diet. Simply cut and place inside your aquarium with the vegetable clip to encourage natural grazing behavior. Seaweed Salad contains neither fillers nor additives and offers an important food source for herbivorous and…
Ocean Nutrition Marine Seaweed Selects
Starting at $5.99
…than foods derived from "land-based" vegetables, like lettuce. Rip off any size piece from the convenient sheets, and attach them to a vegetable clip or rubber band it to a rock to let your fish graze in a natural fashion. Each pack contains 10 large (6" x 7.4") and 10 small (2.2" x 7.4") sheets.…
Lee's Ultra Gravel Vacs
Starting at $4.99
*Self-starting gravel vacs for small and desktop aquariums*Deep clean aquarium gravel beds with greater convenience*Included clip secures hose to bucket for easy aquarium maintenanceKeep small designer aquariums and fish bowls looking their best. Lee's Ultra Gravel Vacs are the ultra easy and super…
IceCap Reef-Cam Underwater HD Camera
Starting at $199.99
…mounting arm, Wi-Fi hub, power supply, X2 silicone camera jackets, cleaning cloth, Wi-Fi mounting hook-and-look fastener, and suction cup cable clip. Technical Specifications Display Resolution (HD) 1280 x 720P Effective Megapixels 0.9 Camera Dimensions 1…
Coralife BioCube Aquarium System Accessories
Starting at $5.99
…and remove light Lens Cover. Carefully push back LED Bar clip and lift. Then pull LED Bar Contact End away from LED Contact to remove To replace, inset LED Bar Contact End into LED Contact. Push down on LED Bar Clip End to allow LED Bar Clip to click the LED Bar into place. Note: Make sure the LED…
Two Little Fishies KW Reactor 300 Complete Kit
Starting at $73.44
…diameter flexible vinyl tubing, 1 lb Two Little Fishies Kalkwasser Calcium Hydroxide Supplement, Marineland Maxi-Jet PRO 1200 Water Pumps, (2) Herbie Clip "G", and a Two Little Fishies NanoMag. Technical Data Capacity Use with up to a maximum of 1/2 cup calcium hydroxide powder…
Rod's Food Seaweed Blend Fish Food
Starting at $8
…raw leafy purple seaweed each with a different nutritional profile. Rip off any size piece from the convenient sheets, and attach them to a Vegi Clip or rubber band it to live rock to let your fish graze in a natural fashion. Rod's Food Seaweed Blend Fish Food is the perfect companion food to Rod's…