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API C02 Booster
Starting at $9.99
…essential element used by aquarium plants for photosynthesis. API CO2 Booster supplies a concentrated source of carbon in two forms: CO2 as well as simple organic carbon compounds. CO2 Booster may be used alone or with a CO2 system. CO2 Booster is safe for use with freshwater fish and will not alter…
CO2 Indicator
Starting at $1.24
*Continuous in-tank CO2 indicator for freshwater-planted aquariums*Simple colorimetric results display aquarium carbon dioxide levels*Indicates aquarium CO2 levels for 3 weeks before needing reapplicationConstantly monitor carbon dioxide levels in live-planted aquariums with ease. Azoo CO2 Indicator…
Two Little Fishies KW Reactor 300 Pump Only Kit
Starting at $55.6
…uses excess calcium hydroxide to assure saturation is achieved. *For amounts over 1/2 cup per 2 weeks, split the amount and add it once per week.8. CO2 in the FreshwaterCO2 dissolved in the fresh water pumped into the Reactor converts the CaOH2 into calcium carbonate that accumulates and must be…
Ludwigia - Broad
(Ludwigia repens)
Starting at $3.19
…the plant, and plant the stem into the substrate. Be sure to remove the leaves from the last node on the bottom of the stem to insure proper root growth.The Ludwigia repens benefits from regular addtions of CO2, iron rich fertilizers, and trace elements.Approximate Shipping Size: Bare Root. 6" to 8"
CO2 Pressure Regulator w/Solenoid
Starting at $79.99
…pressure regulator for aquarium CO2 supplementation*Displays and regulates CO2 flow from canister to aquarium CO2 system*Ready to install without further adjustment for simple aquarium useRegulate CO2 flow to aquarium CO2 systems without breaking your budget. Azoo CO2 Pressure Regulator w/Solenoid…
Cryptocoryne undulata 'Red' - Tropica® 1-2-Grow!
(Cryptocoryne undulata)
Starting at $44.99
…responds to fertilization and CO2 supplementation resulting in luxurious growth.Tropica® 1 2 Grow! Crypotocoryne undulata will do best when provided full spectrum (5000°K-7000°K) lighting of high intensity. Ideal growing conditions with high light conditions, CO2 supplementation, and balanced…
Cardinal Plant
(Lobelia cardinalis "Dwarf")
Starting at $3.99
…with scarlet red undersides. Provide Lobelia cardinalis "Dwarf" moderate to high lighting to prevent wilting and to promote compact, lush growth. CO2 injection is highly recommended for success, along with plenty of micronutrient dosing. This unique stem plant grows upward at a moderate pace,…
Fluval Pressurized CO2 Kit
Starting at $2.74
…To ensure proper performance of the system, it is recommended to use only Fluval replacement CO2 Cartridges. To replace CO2 Cartridge, follow steps 1, 2, 11 and 12 of the above installation instructions and make sure to release remaining C02 inside diffuser reservoir before refilling with CO2.
Fluval Pressurized 95 g CO2 Kit - For aquariums up to 50 Gallons
Starting at $39.99
…95 g CO2 Kit - For aquariums up to 50 Gallons. Kits come complete with all the necessary tools, and the disposable cartridge system is perfect for large planted aquariums. It sets up in just minutes and ensures a consistent stream of carbon dioxide for optimal health and greenery.The Fluval 95 g CO2
Fluval Pressurized 45 g CO2 Kit - for Aquariums up to 30 Gallons
Starting at $19.99
…lush, vibrant plant growth*Provides ideal CO2 supplementation *Ensures that the most important nutrient is available to plantsThe Fluval Pressurized 45 g CO2 Kit makes stunning planted aquarium setups accessible to all hobbyists! Fluval Pressurized CO2 Kit is the budget-friendly and easy-setup…
ISTA Professional C02 Supply Set - 1L
Starting at $69.99
…C02. Corrosion proof aluminum CO2 cylinders are approved by Technical Inspection Association (TUV) safety standards.Included in ISTA Professional C02 Supply Set: 1 CO2 Cylinder (1L) 1 Support Base for CO2 Cylinder1 CO2 Regulator with 6ft ower cord1 CO2 Bubble Counter1 CO2 Diffuser 1 3/16 ID Standard…
Drs. Foster & Smith Semi-Automatic CO2 System
Starting at $199.99
CO2 bottle not included.Drs. Foster and Smith Semi-Automatic CO2 System (#14712) includes CO2 Pressure Regulator with solenoid, Timer, ISTA Mini Ceramic Cone CO2 Diffuser, Bubble Counter, and 20 feet of Silicone Tubing.Drs. Foster and Smith Semi-Automatic CO2 System (#98142) includes ISTA CO2
Drs. Foster & Smith Deluxe Fully-Automatic CO2 System
Starting at $599.99
…for efficient CO2 injection. Drs. Foster and Smith Fully-Automatic CO2 System helps fully automate CO2 injection for planted freshwater aquariums up to 500 gallons. Include pH controller with pH Probe constantly monitors pH and automatically turns CO2 on and off to provide perfect CO2 levels for…
CO2 Reactor 1000
Starting at $68.99
*Professional CO2 reactor for use with freshwater planted aquariums*Efficiently diffuses CO2 into aquarium water for lush plant growth*Included Bactoballs ensures efficient CO2 delivery into your aquariumThe Aqua Medic CO2 Reactor 1000 is specifically developed for CO2 fertilization in freshwater…
Rotala rotundifolia - Tropica® 1-2-Grow!
(Rotala rotundifolia)
Starting at $44.99
…responds to fertilization and CO2 supplementation resulting in luxurious growth.Tropica® 1 2 Grow! Rotala rotundifolia does well when provided full spectrum (5000°K-7000°K) lighting of low intensity. Ideal growing conditions with higher light conditions, CO2 supplementation, and balanced…