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Sarasa Comet
(Carassius auratus)
Starting at $5.99
…Though it may resemble ornamental carp, the Sarasa Comet lacks the barbels in the mouth area, the markings at the base of the scales, and the size. The Sarasa Comet adds unique beauty to any large backyard water garden oasis. The Sarasa Comet is originally from China and over the years it has been…
Koi and Pond Fish Pack
(Carassius auratus)
Starting at $249.99
…character and color for a truly enjoyable display. The Koi and Pond Fish Pack contains the following four varieties of pond fish: Shubunkin, Sarasa Comet, Assorted Butterfly Koi, and Assorted Domestic Koi.As members of the carp family, fish included in the Koi and Pond Fish Pack are generally quite…
Marine Betta
(Calloplesiops altivelis)
Starting at $99.99
The Marine Betta, sometimes referred to as the Comet, is found in rocky crevasses, at depths up to 45 meters. It is a hardy and disease-resistant fish. A predator by nature, it assumes a "head down" position, with its false "eye spot" near the tail resembling the head of a moray eel.The Marine Betta…
Hikari Sinking Goldfish Excel
Starting at $5.99
*Sinking pellet food for ornamental aquarium goldfish over 3 cm (1.2")*Highly digestible to offer rapid growth and desirable goldfish form*Contains spirulina and other vegetable matter most goldfish cravePremium select ingredients formulated for easy digestion ensure proper nutrient utilization.…
Drs. Foster & Smith Goldfish & Pond Flakes for Goldfish, Koi, and other Ornamental Pond Fish
Starting at $2.24
*Nutritionally balanced daily diet flake food for all goldfish & pond fish*Supports fancy goldfish growth, color, & health housed in aquariums*USA Made to ensure optimal quality - will not cloud aquarium waterSuperior ingredients support consistent growth, color, and the well-being of fancy…
NutriDiet Goldfish Flakes
Starting at $3.75
*Nutritionally balanced premium diet for ornamental aquarium goldfish*Contain highest quality ingredients to ensure quality goldfish nutrition*Added garlic, chlorella, & Vitamin C support goldfish health & immunityEnjoy healthy ornamental goldfish with nutrition specially formulated for goldfish.…
Linckia Sea Star, Blue
(Linckia laevigata)
Starting at $19.99
…beautiful focal point. Its bright blue body may sometimes be embellished with red or purplish spots. The Blue Linckia Sea Star is also known as the Comet Sea Star, Blue Sea Star, or Blue Starfish. In the wild, the Blue Linckia Sea Star is found in the sunny areas of the reef and reef fringe,…