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Compatibility Chart

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Neptune Systems AquaController Apex Classic Kit w/AquaDisplay/Temp Probe/EB8/ pH Probe
Starting at $549.95
Compatibility All AquaController 3 accessories work with the AquaController Apex. One major design consideration was to maintain backwards compatibility to protect existing customer's investment in AquaController compatible equipment. I/O port expansion backwards compatible with PX 1000. Compatible
Neptune Systems AquaController Apex AFS Auto Feeding System
Starting at $99.95
…+) to control how much food is released on each drum rotation.Initial ConnectionsBefore connecting your AFS to your system ensure you are on a compatible firmware level. The AFS requires firmware of at least 4.30_BA13. You can determine the firmware version your controller is running by looking at…
Coralife 10,000°K
Starting at $16.99
…lamp. Ideal for saltwater, reef, and freshwater aquariums. 10000°K. Watts Length Diameter 15 18" T-8 17 24" T-8 25 36" T-8 32 48" T-8 Color Spectrum Chart Emits sparkling, blue-white light with high-intensity lumen output to simulate marine conditions under midday tropical sun.
Coralife Actinic Blue Lamps
Starting at $13.99
…For use with saltwater and coral reef aquariums. Watts Length Diameter 15 18" T-8 17 24" T-8 25 36" T-8 32 48" T-8 Color Spectrum Chart Actinic light peaking at 420nm. Strong emissions in the blue region of the spectrum simulate the softer shades of dusk, dawn and the blue hue of…
Coralife 50/50 Lamps
Starting at $14.99
…you have the room in your fixture for an extra bulb, install the blue separately so it can be changed more often, if necessary. Color Spectrum Chart Emits actinic blue light, essential for photosynthetic corals, combined with 6000°K daylight to produce a light that enhance color and clarity.
Neptune Systems AquaController Apex Jr w/AquaDisplay/Temp Probe
Starting at $239.95
…Comparison Chart to find out which Neptune Systems AquaController Apex unit is right for you!Built-in Ethernet Integrated Ethernet port Most advanced web server available Interactive graphing application in the web server Interfaces with AquaNotes iPhone application Compatible with all major…