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Neptune Systems Next Generation Apex WiFi Aquarium Controller System
Starting at $799.95
…& control aquarium parameters with mobile devices*Convenient system updates eliminate cumbersome firmware updatesHigh-tech aquarium monitoring and control system boasts built-in WiFi for greater set up ease and enhanced performance. Neptune Systems Next Generation Apex WiFi Aquarium Controller
Milwaukee Instruments Professional pH Controller
Starting at $124.99
…breaking your budget. Milwaukee Instruments Professional pH Controller offers a reliable and affordable way to streamline CO2 injection. Easy-to-use electronic pH controller continuously measures pH levels AND features a controllable outlet the activates your CO2 system when pH levels deviate from…
Neptune Systems AquaController Apex Classic Kit w/AquaDisplay/Temp Probe/EB8/ pH Probe
Starting at $549.95
…Aquarium controller Over 16 times more code space & 5X faster than competitive controllers, which guarantees future expandability 1 year's worth of data logs can be stored internallyNew Enhanced Control Functionality Day of week functionality Sub minute control added on EnergyBar controlled devices…
Maxspect Connect Integrated Controller
Starting at $49.99
*Wifi Control for Maxspect products*Allows you to connext and control any Maxspect Syna-G caompatible product*Wireless range of 30'This simple yet powerful controller allows you to connect and control a full array of Maxspect Syna-G compatible products. One controller is all you need to stay…
Kessil® H-Series Spectral Controller
Starting at $109
…systemEquipped with a vivid LCD display and touch control, the H-Series Spectral Controller is designed to simplify and automate your growing system when using the Kessil H-Series lights. With multiple program modes, this intuitive and easy-to-use controller focuses on producing rapid growth of…
Azoo Micro Temp Controller
Starting at $24.99
…aquarium heater controller * Digital controller for aquarium heaters up to 800W max * Monitor and regulate aquarium heater operation with ease High-tech aquarium temperature controller boasts easy, one-button operation. Azoo Micro Temp Controller simplifies accurate temperature control for safe…
Kessil® A-Series Spectral Controller
Starting at $98
…to control Kessil LEDs*Adjust light spectrum, intensity, & schedule and acclimation modeExpand control options for convenient and enhanced operation of Kessil Tuna Sun and Kessil Tuna Blue aquarium LED lights (models A160 & A360). Kessil A-Series Spectral Controller puts effortless light control at…
Pinpoint PH Controller
Starting at $189.99
…featured electronic controllers with aquarium use probes*Automate pH dependant electrical aquarium devices*Rugged aquarium controllers feature easy read LCD screenFor continuous, precise control of ozone injection in your aquarium. Each American Marine Pinpoint Controller lets you easily set upper…
Auto Top Off Controller
Starting at $79.99
…A.T.O. Controller automatically stops power to your top off pump in the event that your reservoir is low on water. The safety feature prevents pumps from running dry and failing. Product FeaturesAutomatically replenishes water to sump or tank due to evaporation.Complete with Level Controller, (2)…
Kessil® Type 1 Control Cable for Neptune System Apex Controller
Starting at $20
…lights can be controlled manually or by a single, external 0-10V Controller.Starting a ChainConnect two or more lights with the Kessil Unit Link Cable. Control MethodsThere are two ways to control a chain of lights:With an External Controller.Without External Controller (Tuning Controls on the first…
LOOP Controller featuring Bluetooth Technology
Starting at $99.99
Wirelessly control your LED lights, wave pumps, DC pumps and other accessories via your mobile device with the easy-to-use LOOP Controller featuring Bluetooth Technology. It's simple to set up; just plug your LOOP compatible devices into the controller and open the LOOP app on your mobile device and…
ISTA CO2 Controller (Vertical Type)
Starting at $119.99
…from cylinder to aquarium CO2 system*Connect to timer or controller for automated aquarium CO2 injectionStainless steel electromagnetic regulator and solenoid valve allows simple and convenient aquarium CO2 injection. ISTA CO2 Controller (Vertical Type) boasts ease of installation and dispensation…
Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Stat Temperature Controller
Starting at $69.65
…with ±0.5°F accuracy! Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Stat Aquarium Heater Controller features a precision electronic thermostat that takes control of heater operation. Easy-to-set, one-touch system allows simple yet accurate temperature control. LED displays both set temperature and aquarium temperature…
Hydor SmartWave Pump Controller Kits
Starting at $119.99
* Kit of Hydor SmartWave controller and Koralia circulation pumps * Streamline product selection for custom aquarium water circulation * Enjoy savings AND convenient control of aquarium water movement Hydor SmartWave Pump Controller KitsImportance of Water Movement in…
Hydor Koralia SmartWave Pump Controller
Starting at $48.99
* Easy-to-use pump controller creates natural currents in aquariums * Connect circulation pumps and select one of 2 available programs * Synchronous program for currents typical of barrier reefs and Alternate for tides Importance of Water Movement in AquariumsMany aquarists…