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Cool Water

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Colony Polyp, Fire & Ice
(Zoanthus sp.)
Starting at $59.99
The Fire & Ice Colony Polyp is an inspired study of opposites working in aesthetic harmony. The attention-grabbing combination of cool and warm coloration makes the Fire & Ice Colony Polyp instantly recognizable. This wonderfully-colored zoanthid specimen represents the extreme popularity of unusual…
Golden White Cloud
(Tanichthys albonubes)
Starting at $2.79
…Minnows gives you a burst of radiant yellow color to the upper and middle levels of your aquarium.The Golden White Cloud spawns over plants in cool water. After hatching, about 36 hours after spawning, the fry should be fed small live foods such as newly hatched brine shrimp.Golden White Clouds are…
Walkers Panchax Killifish
(Fundulopanchax walkeri)
Starting at $24.99
…bands edged with blood red bands. The cool green and blue coloration of the body creates a cheerful contrast that is striking and flashy. These captivating characteristics combined with the fact that the Walkers Panchax Killifish can adapt to a variety of water conditions makes this Killifish a…
Orange King Humbert Canna
(Canna king humbert)
Starting at $8.49
…of 36". Pot in 5-gallon containers and set in water 6 inches over crowns in sun to part shade. Remove from the pond in the autumn and maintain as tropical houseplants until spring. Rhizomes can also be housed free of soil, dried, and stored in a cool, dark area as is done with land canna. Zones…
API POND Cool Water Food - Koi & Goldfish
Starting at $15.99
…carbohydrates*Essential nutrition during periods of cool pond water temperatures*Low-waste formulation also supports vibrant koi coloration & growthInnovative cool water formulation maximizes nutrient absorption while minimizing waste. API POND Cool Water Food, a proprietary formula, provides koi…
Blackwater Cool Water Formula Food for Koi & Goldfish
Starting at $19.99
…pond water temperatures stay below 60°F. Added vitamins and minerals boost nutrition to help condition koi during transitional periods of cool water temperatures. 39-59°F+Offer Blackwater Cool Water Formula in the spring to prevent egg-bound females. Great seasonal diet when pond water temperatures…
TetraPond Water Garden Pond Pumps
Starting at $59.99
water garden running throughout the pond season. Tetra Pond Water Garden Pond Pumps feature reliable magnetic drive technology for continuous energy-efficient performance. Thermal cutoff switch temporarily switches off pump in event of overheating - automatically restarts after the pumps have cooled
Fan-Cooled Nano Cube Aquariums
Starting at $219.99
…gph for water circulation. 24 gallon Nano Cube Deluxe includes 290 gph pump.Double Fan Cooled CanopyHeavy-duty ABS canopy can be flipped back and held in place for easy access for cleaning and feeding. Specifically designed for extra heat output with 4 vents and 2 built-in cooling fans to dissipate…
AquaEuro USA Max-Chill Titanium Aquarium Chillers
Starting at $1129.95
*Powerful water cooling system for freshwater & saltwater aquariums*Quickly lowers and maintains desired aquarium water temperature*Quality aquarium chiller with titanium heat exchanger & easy digital control at a great hobby-friendly valueEnjoy more water cooling power for your money with these…
Microbe-Lift® Wheat Germ Cold Weather Fish Food
Starting at $89.95
…your pond fish Microbe-Lift Wheat Germ Cold Weather Fish Food during cooler weather to help keep them healthy and happy all season long. When pond water temperatures drop, fish require a highly digestible cool-water diet. Microbe-Lift Cold Weather fish food contains lesser amounts of protein and…
Sicce Voyager Nano Circulation and Stream Pump
Starting at $36.54
…system requiring effective water movement.Sicce Voyager Nano Circulation and Stream Pump features a self-cleaning, lubricated impeller system designed to ensure reliable continuous operation and reduce pump maintenance. Clever self-cleaning system also ensures cool and silent operation.…
Aqueon Flexible LED Bubble Wands
Starting at $11.99
…Periodically check airline tubing to make sure no water, debris or condensation has settled in. If there are any obstructions, remove airline tubing, soak in 50-50 vinegar-water solution for 10 minutes, Rinse thoroughly with room temperature water and allow to air dry completely. Reattach airline…
Nano Cube 28-gallon CF-QUAD
Starting at $4.24
…nocturnal behaviors.Advanced FeaturesIntegrated Cooling System: The secret to the cool running top is the artistic canopy that also serves as a key factor in heat dissipation. All canopies are made from heat retardant ABS plastic. The 2 cooling fans automatically turn on/off with the main CF-QUAD…
Nano Cube 28-gallon CF-QUAD w/Stand
Starting at $319.99
…nocturnal behaviors.Advanced Features Integrated Cooling System: The secret to the cool running top is the artistic canopy that also serves as a key factor in heat dissipation. All canopies are made from heat retardant ABS plastic. The 2 cooling fans automatically turn on/off with the main CF-QUAD…
HALO Basic M80 Marine LED Aquarium Light Fixture
Starting at $209.36
…venting holes with the compressed air can same as you would for a computer.If the LED lens is contaminated with water or dust, unplug the power of the light unit, wait for the lens to cool down, and then swab the lens gently with a clean and soft cloth or wet lens tissue. Alcohol should NOT be…