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Round Stingray
(Urolophus sp.)
Starting at $69.99
…protection. Caution should be taken when netting it, or when it is not visible and maintenance is performed in the aquarium.The Round Stingray prefers cooler water temperatures and should only be kept by an experienced hobbyist. A 180 gallon aquarium with at least a two foot width from front to back…
ReeFlo Hybrid Pumps
Starting at $247.23
…between two models Low wattage draw Cooler due to built-in heat sink fins Quieter due to heavy-duty core support More durable due to copper in the windingsGold Barracuda/Hammerhead Hybrid PumpFeatures: Convertible between two models Low wattage draw Cooler due to high efficiency Baldor® motor…
Chill Solutions CSXC-1 Aquarium Chiller
Starting at $219.99
*Compact thermoelectric water chiller for aquariums up to 30 gallons*Reduces aquarium water temperature without using refrigerants*High-tech internal sensor maintains set aquarium water temperatureKeep water temperature stable in nano aquariums susceptible to dangerous overheating. Chill Solutions…
Margarita Snail (Build Your Own Kit) - 5 Pack
(Margarites pupillus)
Starting at $6
…aquarium provided it is well established and has an ample algae source for the Margarita Snail to feed upon. For best care, they should be kept at cooler water temperatures with other peaceful tankmates. However, most Margarita Snails can adjust to an aquarium with a water temperature as high as 78…
Abalone, Aquacultured
(Haliotis sp.)
Starting at $19.99
…their diet with dried seaweed, blanched lettuce, spinach, or spirulina sheets/tablets.Unlike its wild counterparts, aquacultured Abalone prefers cooler water temperatures. Care also needs to be taken if attempting to remove an Abalone from rockwork or aquarium glass, as it can attach its foot very…
Zebra Catalina Goby
(Lythrypnus zebra)
Starting at $26.99
…if housed together in a small tank. An aquarium of 30 gallons or larger is usually suitable.The Catalina Goby is a temperate species that prefers cooler water temperatures between 68 and 75 degrees.In the wild, the Zebra Catalina Goby eats small pieces of fish and plant material. In the aquarium, it…
5ft x 5ft Hardy Cooler Climate Pack
(Miscellaneous species)
Starting at $59.99
…and hardiness. Packs are grouped by zone and recommended exposure areas around your water garden. All plants arrive bare root.The 5ft x 5ft Hardy Cooler Climate Pack contains 6 plant varieties suited to zones 4-11. Package Contents Quantity Package Contents Quantity Sioux Lily 1 Horsetail Rush…
Hikari Wheat-Germ Food
Starting at $10.79
…koi and pond fish during cooler water temperatures*Choose floating or sinking pellets to accommodate fishes' feeding preference*Fortified diet with stabilized Vitamin C to promote fish resistance to stressWheat germ koi food formulated for superior nutrition during cooler water temperatures. Highly…
Cobalt Aquatics C-Ray 200 LED Aquarium Light Fixture
Starting at $799.99
…provides wavelengths in the far left of the spectrum.Active, thermostatically controlled adaptive fans and copper heatsinks keep the C-Ray running cooler and quieter than other lights. With app-driven Wi-Fi control out of the box, exclusive wide field quartz optical lenses, compact design and a…
Tropic Sunset
(Nymphaea tropic sunset)
Starting at $29.99
…early frosts. The green, heavily blotched purple leaves are large (easily reach 18 inches) and nearly round with rounded notches and wavy edges. In cooler weather, these leaves turn brilliant red and orange.The Tropic Sunset spreads 6 to 12 feet and is recommended to be in 6 to 18 inches of water,…
Sioux Lily
(Nymphaea 'Denver')
Starting at $23.99
Developed in 1908 by Joseph B.L. Marliac, the Sioux Lily is a hardy water lily, meaning that it can withstand cooler temperatures. These plants will grow horizontally across their potting container. Plant spreads 3 to 5 feet.The Sioux lily is an excellent bloomer and the flowers stay open very late…
Saki-Hikari Professional Multi-Season Koi Diet
Starting at $61.49
…contains beneficial cultures to support koi nutrition. Saki-Hikari Multi-Season Diet provides steady nutrition for growth and coloration even in cooler water temperatures. Medium size pellets. 50°F+Feeding Instructions: Carefully feed the amount your fish will completely consume within a few minutes…
Haller's Stingray
(Urobatis halleri)
Starting at $199.99
…Caution should be taken when netting it, or when it is not visible and maintenance is performed in the aquarium. The Haller's Stingray prefers cooler water temperatures and should only be kept by an experienced hobbyist. It requires a 180-gallon aquarium with water temperatures between 68 and…
Western Blue Devil
(Paraplesiops meleagris)
Starting at $599.99
…spots. The anal and dorsal fins are very long, giving this fish a dramatic look. This is a rare find from Australia, and should be maintained in a cooler aquarium. The Western Blue Devil is not commonly kept in a reef-style aquarium, but it is reported to be safe with corals and anemones, however,…
Garibaldi Damsel
(Hypsypops rubicunda)
Starting at $129.99
…lived fish, with a lifespan of up to 25 years. This fish requires an aquarium of at least 180 gallons with plenty of live rock for territories, and cooler water temperatures. They are extremely aggressive towards their own kind, and only one of this species should be kept in the same aquarium.The…