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Bicolor Blenny
(Ecsenius bicolor)
Starting at $12.49
…scattered rocks for perching and hiding. These fishes are normally peaceful tank members, but have been known to pick at other blennies, smaller gobies and dartfish. They normally make a good addition to reef aquariums, but use caution in smaller set ups, or with smaller fleshy corals, as they have…
Elegance Coral
(Catalaphyllia jardinei)
Starting at $69.99
…Elegance Coral is moderate to maintain in the reef aquarium and makes an excellent choice for the beginner to expert hobbyist. Provide ample space in the aquarium between it and other neighboring corals as it will expand to twice its usual size during the day and will sting other corals in close…
Australian Delicate Acropora Coral - Aquacultured, ORA®
(Acropora sp.)
Starting at $32.99
…Acropora Coral prefers a high light level combined with strong intermittent water current within the aquarium. For continued good health, it will require the addition of supplemental calcium, strontium, and other trace elements to the water. These aquacultured corals are fragmented from corals that…
Beginner Soft Coral Pack - Maricultured
(Various sp.)
Starting at $169.99
…Beginner Soft Coral Pack - Maricultured is an assortment of carefully selected hardy Maricultured soft corals that are ideally suited for the beginner to the advanced reef aquarist. These corals offer a diversity of color and make the perfect addition as one of the first groups of corals added to a…
V2O Foods Coral Food Mix Frozen Aquarium Food
Starting at $4.24
… A complete and nutritious diet for all corals & other filter feeders * Convenient food offering for healthy, thriving aquarium inhabitants Special zooplankton and phytoplankton blend delivers diverse nutrition in convenient cubes. V2O Foods Coral Food Mix Frozen Aquarium Food contains…
Cadmium Pocillopora Coral, Aquacultured
(Pocillopora damicornis)
Starting at $20.99
…aquarium lit by metal halides, Pocillopora Corals should be kept in a mid to low position, and under other lighting they should be kept in a mid to high position. To bring out the most intense coloration of this coral, we recommend metal halide lighting. For continued good health, they will require…
V2O Cyclops Frozen Fish Food
Starting at $3.59
*Tiny Cyclops offer BIG feeding satisfaction for small marine aquarium inhabitants*Ideal for filter-feeding invertebrates, soft corals, hard corals, and juvenile or small fish*A nutritionally superior alternative to baby brine shrimp*Naturally nutritious meals in easy-to-feed cubes or a convenient…
Raspberry Eye Robokaki Coral, Aquacultured
(Mycedium robokaki)
Starting at $41.99
…Robokaki Coral is easy to care for, requiring moderate aquarium water movement combined with moderate lighting conditions achieved by T-5s, powerful LEDs or the more intense metal halides. It is important to leave space between the Raspberry Eye Robokaki Coral and neighboring corals in mixed reef…
Ponape Birdsnest Coral, Aquacultured ORA®
(Seriatopora sp.)
Starting at $37.99
…care should be taken in the placement of the coral in order to protect it from physical damage. They will thrive in a variety of lighting conditions, ranging from power compacts, T-5s, powerful LEDs and up to the more intense metal halides. Birdsnest Corals satisfy the majority of their nutritional…
Setosa Montipora Coral, Aquacultured ORA®
(Montipora setosa)
Starting at $35.99
Corals satisfy the majority of their nutritional requirements by means of photosynthetic, symbiotic zooxanthellae algae hosted within its body. While it may not require additional food to maintain its health in the reef aquarium, the Setosa Coral will feed on micro-plankton or foods designed for
Meteor Shower Cyphastrea Coral, Aquacultured
(Cyphastrea sp.)
Starting at $23.99
…to care for, requiring moderate to strong aquarium water movement combined with moderate lighting conditions achieved by T-5s, powerful LEDs or the more intense metal halides. It is important to leave ample space between the Aquacultured Meteor Shower Cyphastrea Coral and neighboring corals in mixed…
PhycoPure Zooxanthellae
(Assorted species)
Starting at $18.99
…assembled for use as an aid for marine reef aquarium corals and clams. Aquarists have reported great results ranging from coral recovery from stress events to enhanced overall coral and clam coloration.Zooxanthellae are the symbiotic microalgae that live in the tissue of numerous corals and clams.…
AlgaGen PhycoPure Reef Blend
(Assorted species)
Starting at $11.39
…specifically assembled for use as a supplement for marine reef aquarium filter feeders and to sustain copepod populations. Aquarists have reported great results feeding PhycoPure Reef Blend to clams, species-specific corals (gorgonians, brain corals, mushroom corals, leathers, montipora, and…
V2O Foods Artic E-Z Pods
Starting at $21.39
*Natural and nutritious zooplankton for fish and corals *Ingredients include orange/red copepods for flavor and color *Harvested copepods from the Arctic Ocean Feed marine tropical fish and corals, as well as the smaller freshwater aquarium fish and shrimp, cold water marine copepods from the Arctic…
V2O Rotifers Blister Cubes
Starting at $3.59
*Tiny zooplankton for corals and invertebrates *Gut-loaded with phytoplankton*Clean and natural product Fresh frozen rotifers are the perfect minute zooplankton for filter-feeding invertebrates including corals, gorgonians, zooanthids and sponges, and more. Used widely in the aquaculture industry,…