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Axilspot Hogfish
(Bodianus axillaris)
Starting at $19.99
Captivatingly colorful and loaded with personality, the Axilspot Hogfish is also referred to as the Panda Hogfish, or Polkadot wrasse. Juveniles are brown to black in coloration with nine white spots. As the Axilspot Hogfish matures, three stunning false eyes will adorn the contrasting coloration…
Ruby Reef HydroPlexTM
Starting at $7.49
…at dip strength, HydroPlex neutralizes most bacteria, fungi, yeast, molds and microalgae within 5 to 10 minutes.Therefore, HydroPlex dips should always be used to control transmission and propagation of parasites and microbes on new arrivals including fish, crustaceans and snails. Dip experiments…
Reef Dip
Starting at $12.11
…separate dip container. 250 ml makes 50 gallons. Directions for UseUse only in a dip container and not in the aquarium. Remove 4 L (1 gallon) of water from the source aquarium to a container suitable for dipping. Add 5 mL (1 capful) of Reef Dip and mix. Place coral specimen in dip for 5 10 minutes,…
Instant Ocean Hydrometer
Starting at $9.49
…0.001.Instructions:Before use, condition hydrometer by soaking it in saltwater for 24 hours.Step 1 - Slowly fill the Instant Ocean Hydrometer by dipping bottom corner fill port below water surface until water flows up and over inner weir. Step 2 - Dislodge air bubbles by gently tapping hydrometer or…
Brightwell Aquatics Lugol's
Starting at $6.69
…used to create a dip for corals Extremely powerful solution for advanced iodine supplementation. Replenishes iodine, a minor element important to corals, crustaceans, macro-algae, fish, and other marine inhabitants. Brightwell Aquatics Lugol's can also be used to create a dip for corals and their…
Starting at $9.99
…antibacterial treatment for corals & saltwater aquarium fish*Rapidly repairs damaged aquarium fish fins, ulcers, & open wounds*Use as a coral dip to remove parasitic flatworms from aquarium coralsConcentrated botanical extract of Melaleuca Tea Tree treats coral AND saltwater fish bacterial…
Tetra EasyStrips Aquarium Test Strips
Starting at $8.99
…to test vital aquarium water parameters*Maintain aquarium water quality through simple routine testsTesting aquarium water quality is as easy as "Dip and Read!" Tetra EasyStrips Aquarium Test Strips prove accurate testing doesn't have to be time-consuming or difficult. Medical and scientific quality…
Methylene Blue
Starting at $2.99
…with Kordon's NovAqua Plus when used as a preventive, especially newly hatched fry. For use as a dip, prepare a separate tank, add 5 teaspoon per 3 gallons of water (this produces 50 ppm methylene blue). Dip fish for no more than 10 seconds.Caution:Methylene blue is toxic to plants and is harmful to…
Lugol's Solution
Starting at $9.99
…source of iodide great for coral reef aquariums*Provides a key nutrient for marine aquarium invertebrates AND fishes*Use Lugol's Solution as an iodide dip for hard or soft aquarium coralsLugol's Solution is a bio-available iodine supplement for reef-type marine aquariums. Provides a strong source of…
DrTim's Aquatics First Defense Aquarium Stress Relief & Immune Support
Starting at $14.99
…water conditioner helps fish and corals cope with stress during water changes, bagging & shipping, new additions, disease treatments, fragging, dipping, and other environmental changes.First Defense also neutralizes chlorine and chloramine, buffers against pH changes and detoxifies heavy metals. Use…
Tamsco Aquarium Tweezers
Starting at $5.19
…two lengths as well as angled tip models with serrated or PVC dipped tips. Serrated tip tweezers provide extra grip for a secure grasp on just about anything. Angled tip tweezers maneuver well around hard-to-reach corners and PVC dipped tweezers offers a delicate touch when handling sensitive plants…
Hanna Instruments Testers
Starting at $36.84
*No more mixing solutions, or waiting - simply dip these waterproof testers in the water*Easy-to-read test results in seconds*Quickly measure pH and temperature; or test conductivity, total dissolved solids, and temperatureThe pHep® 4 measures pH and temperature. Thanks to a stability indicator and…
Coralife Mini Aqualight T-5 Dual Lamp Fixture replacement Lamps
Starting at $6.99
…your new Oceanic BioCube 14 or 29: Open or remove the hood from the BioCube and locate the Horizontal Drip Tray in the second filter chamber. Remove Dip Tray to access Bio Balls in middle filter chamber. Empty Bio Balls from filter chamber to create the refugium. Replace Horizontal Drip Tray. Once…
Pinpoint Calcium Monitor
Starting at $114.99
…displays calcium levels in ppm * Convenient calcium testing for reef hobbyists High-tech, digital calcium monitor simplifies routine testing. Just dip calibrated probe in water sample for quick and accurate measurement. No more mixing messy chemicals or waiting for results. Powered by a standard…
Seachem One Year Combo Alert
Starting at $14.56
…sensor for two aquarium parameters*Continuously monitors aquarium pH & ammonia levels for a year!*Effortless aquarium monitoring - no strips to dip or chemicals to mixEnjoy effortless pH and ammonia monitoring for peace of mind at about a dollar a month! Seachem One Year Combo Alert offers an…