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Divers Den

5 products
Heteroxenia Polyp, Aquacultured
(Heteroxenia sp.)
Starting at $24.99
…success aquaculturing Heteroxenia that we're pleased to offer this fascinating pulsing xeniid Heteroxenia Polyp for the first time outside of Diver's Den®! Don't miss your chance to procure and nurture this significant species in your home aquarium."Pulse Corals" in the family Xeniidae are colonial…
Red Tail Flasher Wrasse
(Paracheilinus rubricaudalis)
Starting at $99.99
…newest member of the genus Paracheilinus to be imported from Fiji and Vanuatu. We are fortunate to offer you this occasional fish outside of Diver's Den and on a more regular basis. The Red Tailed Flasher Wrasse has a wide red patch with a single line on its dorsal fin. Males have reddish stripes…
Tongan Black Foxface
(Siganus niger)
Starting at $199.99
…first time ever! You've read about this exciting new algae grazer from Tonga, heard rumors about, maybe even seen it come and go within hours on Diver's Den. . . now's your chance to be the first in your reef club to feature the Tongan Black Foxface in your showcase aquarium!Differing from the Fiji…
Bartlett's Anthias
(Pseudanthias bartlettorum)
Starting at $34.99
…gender, so we have available for sale what is currently harvested. Enthusiasts who wish to purchase a male and several females, please visit the Diver's Den section for harems of these fish as well as other Anthias species. Approximate Purchase Size: Small 1" to 1-1/2", Medium 1-1/2" to 2", Large…
Tanaka's Pygmy Wrasse
(Wetmorella tanakai)
Starting at $69.99
Available for the first time outside Diver's Den®, Tanaka's Pygmy Wrasse, or the Tanaka Possum Wrasse, delivers entrancing coloration made even more mystifying by its secretive nature. This cautious rock dweller boasts a stunning sunset reddish-orange body accented with four thin white bands, plus…