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Doitsu Koi

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Doitsu High Quality Koi, Japan Strain
(Cyprinus carpio)
Starting at $15.99
…the Doitsu Koi from fully scaled Japanese Koi. For this reason, the Doitsu Koi is sometimes called the Mirror-scale Koi. Originally imported to Japan from Germany, the Doitsu Koi went through centuries of selective breeding and is now available in an impressive array of color patterns.The Doitsu Koi
Doitsu Kujaku High Quality Koi, Japan Strain
(Cyprinus carpio)
Starting at $109.99
Koi and the Doitsu Koi. The dark, net-like marking and the red/orange and white coloration of the Kujaku Koi is accentuated by the distinct arrangement of mirror-like scales of the Doitsu Koi. As a result, the Doitsu Kujaku Koi is bold in color and contrasting in scale pattern.The Doitsu Kujaku Koi