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Dragon Stone

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CaribSea® Exotica Dragon Stone Freshwater Rock
Starting at $56.25
…with CaribSea® Exotica Dragon Stone Freshwater Rock aquarium decor. Specially selected from around the world, these dramatic, organically shaped stones are the perfect backdrop for the most spectacular freshwater aquascapes. Dragon Stone (also known as Ohko Stone) is named such for its unique…
Marineland Silk Plant "C" Multi-Packs
Starting at $8.99
"stone" anchor that looks gorgeous and stays put in your aquarium substrate. Simply push plant base into your aquarium gravel for drift-free placement. Plant sizes are approximate. Multi-Pack Contents C4 7" Mermaid Weed, 8" Adventitious Ozelot, 10" Amazon Sword, 14" Dragon Flame C3 7" Dragon