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Drip Tube

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Innovative Marine Aqua Gadget AccuDrip Acclimator
Starting at $9.99
…longer rigid tubing end into the flexible tube. Hang rigid tube on edge of aquarium and place other end of line into your bucket. Close the rolling clamp and a simple squeeze of the siphon/drip chamber will create a siphon. Slowly roll the clamp to open position until your desired drip rate is…
Lee's Flexible Standard Airline Tubing
Starting at $19.49
…quality aquarium tubing perfect for your aeration needs. Clear airline tubing is virtually invisible in the aquarium and fits aquarium air pumps with standard fittings (3/16" ID). Markings at every foot allow easy measurement. Great for airstones, bubble wands, or for use in drip acclimation. Bulk…
Drs. Foster & Smith Fish Acclimation Kit
Starting at $7.99
…rigid tubing will sit over the trim of most glass aquariums. Use the enclosed valve to regulate flow from the aquarium into the bucket. Begin a siphon by sucking on the end of the airline tubing you'll be placing into the bucket. When water begins flowing through the tubing, adjust the drip by…
Toms Aquarium Aqua Lifter Vacuum Dosing Pump Holder
Starting at $0.99
…keep tube length to a minimum.-->Aqua Lifter Holder with Adjustable Tank BracketHolder Set Up Position Aqua Lifter onto Holder and insert Holder Tab into the Aqua Lifter Tab Clip. Place Aqua Lifter Holder onto tank frame and gently compress Tank Bracket to desired position. Insert airline tubing
Aquatic Micro Ball Valves
Starting at $10.2
tubing. Use Two Little Fishies Micro Ball Valves to adjust airflow into aquarium devices such as airstones, filters, protein skimmers, ornaments, and more. Also great for low-pressure liquid feed lines for metering pumps, fish display holding cubicles, fertilizing systems, calcium reactors, and drip
Air Control Kits from Two Little Fishies
Starting at $5.72
…3/16" ID standard airline tubing for air-controlled aquarium devices like airstones, filters, protein skimmers, ornaments, and more. Two Little Fishies Airline Fittings are also great for connecting liquid feed lines for metering pumps, fertilizing systems, and drip irrigation of water gardens…
Kent Marine Turbo-Calcium
Starting at $6.49
…fresh water (preferably reverse osmosis or de-ionized water) in a separate clean container. Shake/stir mixture vigorously. It is recommended to use a drip system since dosing should be on a continual basis and at the same rate to replace the amount of water lost to evaporation.Different reef systems…
Marineland Maxi-Jet PRO Water Pumps
Starting at $1.74
…and then attach Tube into Tube Router to secure it in place. Slide the Suction Cup Mount onto the bottom of the pump. Place pump in desired location.Start your Pump (All pump models and Setup Options) Always use Suction Cups to stabilize the pump. Plug pump in. Note: make a Drip Loop for safety.…
Marineland Magniflow Canister Filters
Starting at $135.99
…hoses to Intake and Outlet tubes. Place Snapper Clamps around hose and tubes at fittings. Tighten Snapper Clamps.Start UpPress the Quick Prime Button multiple times until water starts to flow into canister and back up towards the aquarium.Plug in the filter.NOTE: Create a Drip Loop for safety.NOTE:…
Aqueon QuietFlow® Air Pump
Starting at $9.49
…of the unit, then secure tubing onto built-in tubing Braces, and the connect the other end of the airline tubing to décor. (Please note: For the 60G and 100G units, TWO separated airline tubes should be attached. Simply repeat the step above.)Be sure that he cord makes a "drip loop" to prevent water…
Linckia Sea Star, Purple
(Linckia teres)
Starting at $59.99
…Sea Star, is a deep 'fuzzy' purple and has long cylindrical arms. This unique sea star can be differentiated from its relatives by its bright yellow tube feet and fuzzy appearance on close inspection. This sea star is one of the most popular with reef enthusiasts and thrives when maintained in good…
Tetra GloFish LED Bubbling Air Stone with Color-Enhancing Lights
Starting at $9.99
…and bright. The bubbling feature also improves the circulation and oxygenation of the water. Air pump, airline tubing, and check valve are sold separately. Dimensions1/2" H x 2 1/2" L x 4" WDirectionsDon't forget a check valve to prevent back siphoning, and always make a drip loop for safety.
Marineland Emperor BIO-Wheel Powerfilters
Starting at $39.99
…Intake Tube is not properly seated, filter will not operate.Add Water and Replace CoverPour aquarium water into the Filter Box until it spills into the aquarium. NEVER allow the Emperor System to operate without water at any time. Replace Filter Cover. Start your Emperor SystemCreating a drip loop,…
Marineland Color-Changing LED Bubble Ring
Starting at $15.99
…Airline Tubing to an Air Pump (sold separately). Use a Check Valve (sold separately) to prevent back siphoning. Connect Power Cord to Transformer. Position and anchor LED Bubble Ring by covering Flaps with gravel. Plug Transformer and Air Pump into electrical outlet.Note: Make a drip loop for…
Marineland Color-Changing LED Bubble Wand
Starting at $29.99
…pump, check valve and airline tubing (each sold separately) for complete accent light and bubble effects.Directions for use Attach airline tubing (sold separately) to Air Inlet on the LED Bubble Wand. Make sure Airstone is securely in place. Connect Airline Tubing to an Air Pump (sold separately).…