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Eheim CompactON Water Pumps
Starting at $19.99
…aquarium, these petite pumps work silently (2100 and 3000 models even feature a ceramic bearing). Eheim CompactON Water Pumps models 2100-5000 can also be modified for use outside of aquarium water. Eheim CompactON Water Pumps come in 5 sizes and provide flow rates from 45 to 793 gallons per hour.…
Eheim Water System Installation Sets
Starting at $32.79
…term aquarium useGreat intake and return for canister and wet/dry filters.12/16 mm sets accommodate 1/2" tubing or Eheim metrictubing. 16/22 mm sets fit 5/8" tubing or Eheim metric tubing. Installation Set 1 is an intake strainer for safe and complete circulation of deep aquariums. Approximately…
Eheim ECCO Canister Filters
Starting at $109.99
Eheim ecco Pro Dimensions Aquarium Size(up to) Max gph Power Consumption Model 2232 8" dia x 11.7" high 35 gallons 132 gph 9W Model 2234 8" dia x 13.9" high 60 gallons 158 gph 9W Model 2236 8" dia x 16.3" high 80 gallons 198 gph 13W Eheim ecco (Eheim
Eheim Skim350 Surface Skimmer
Starting at $34.99
…penetration. Eheim Skim350 Surface Skimmer is designed to remove unsightly and hard-to-remove film that develops on the surface of aquarium water. Energy-efficient and compact surface-skimming internal filter suction-mounts inside your aquarium and operates on only 5 watts of power. Eheim Skim350…
Eheim Jager Thermostat Heater
Starting at $4.99
* Electronic aquarium heater with advanced new feature * Fully submersible aquarium heater with dry-run protection * Recalibrate heater to ensure ideal aquarium water temperatures High-tech electronic aquarium heater you can recalibrate for ultimate temperature control. Jager Thermostat Heater…
Eheim Double Tap Connector
Starting at $13.99
* Quick disconnect valves for Eheim aquarium canister filters * Handy valves allow convenient canister filter maintenance * Install on inlet and outlet tubing for fast disconnect of filter tubing Quick disconnect valves for convenient maintenance of Eheim Canister Filters. These easy-to-install…
Eheim Accessories
Starting at $2.49
--->Pre-Filter ModuleTraps coarse particles before they reach the filter to extend interval between canister filter media maintenance. Round, dual chamber prefilter draws in and traps debris from all sides for gentle, yet efficient filtration. Install Pre-Filter Module in place of existing intake…
Eheim feedingSTATION
Starting at $7.42
Eheim automatic feeders for enhanced aquarium benefitsInnovative feeding platform boasts multiple uses to minimize food waste and maintain aquarium water quality. Eheim feedingSTATION functions as a standalone unit or works in conjunction with the Eheim "Feed-Air" Digital Automatic Feeder and Eheim
Eheim Classic Canister Series
Starting at $127.49
…the following media: Eheim Substrat Pro - a large surface area biomedia and Eheim Mech - to disperse the water and trap large debris. Includes tubing. 1 year warranty. Additional Double Tap Connectors available. Eheim Plus2213-37 Eheim Plus2215-37 Eheim Plus2217-37--> Tank Size…
Eheim Tubing
Starting at $3.99
*Genuine Eheim brand flexible tubing for Eheim external canister filters*Kink-free tubing for safe hose connection & worry-free filter operation*Replace old, worn aquarium tubing to ensure best filter performanceSignature dark green Eheim tubing available in 4 sizes and 3 lengths for convenient…
Eheim MultiBox Aquarium Maintenance Station
Starting at $14.84
…versatile workstation during routine aquarium maintenance. Eheim MultiBox Aquarium Maintenance Station provides a simple and practical solution to keep aquarium tools and supplies organized yet close-at-hand while you work. Simply hang the Eheim MultiBox right on the aquarium rim or on your cabinet…
Seachem Matrix High Capacity Biofiltration Media
Starting at $6.88
…needed without damaging the filter. Matrix is compatible with all types of wet or wet-dry filters.Surface Area of Matrix, Eheim Substrat Pro, and JBL MicroMecTwo competitors, Eheim (Substrat Pro) and JBL (MicroMec) have advertised their own biological filter media (in both cases, sintered glass) and…
Replacement Foam Pre-Filter
Starting at $6.49
Pre-filter sponge placed over the inlet strainer of Eheim Wet/Dry Filter System Models 2227 and 2229. Provides additional mechanical and biological filtration. Measures 5" x 1-3/4" diameter. 2-pack. Manufacturer #2615270.
Eheim TWINfeeder
Starting at $59.99
* Programmable automatic fish feeder with greater feeding options * Twin chambers hold two different types of fish foods * Easy way to provide a varied and nutritional diet for aquarium fish Intelligent, automatic fish feeder increases feeding options. Programmable feeder provides the best…
Eheim Replacement Filter Pads
Starting at $11.19
* Replacement filter pads for Eheim Professional Series canister filters * Provide outstanding mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration * These filter pads maintain optimum Eheim filter performance Specially designed Eheim filter pads provide outstanding mechanical, chemical, and biological…